Release the Sheep! (Gabby Logan – but I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that)

And so dear listener, earlier this week, I attended the latest in my last ever cancer (just to be sure) consultations but the consultants seem to have now read each other’s notes and, whilst they are people who tend to be consulted about different things, they all agree on one thing – keep taking the PSA blood test. 🙂

And yet, after I signed off from Moira my addiction worker, I heard nothing….no follow up. No. No dark and sinister conclusion – just a different view of things returning. 🙂

I’ll move myself on.

Can I, in a week which saw Sarah Harding ‘die’ on Coronation Street, say how glad I was that Kimberley Wyatt won Celebrity Masterchef. (This, btw, is a programme which, when I watch it, forces me to go into the kitchen and get a packet of crisps which could explain why I am soooooo fat) There is nothing natural in Rylan’s world, and he knows it. He is a master of Twenty-First Century Celebrity TV and he does it soooo well. But Kimberley cooks.

Many, many years ago I had a day off from the BBC…as in a ‘being sick’ day. Daytime TV was not as well developed in those days. We had no interest in buying and selling antiques; in surprising people by doing up their houses without asking them what they really wanted; or in watching rich bores looking at possible new houses at the licence fee payers’ existence.

I watched Teletubbies and went in to work (a word we used casually to describe being at the BBC and getting paid for it) the next day. 😉

‘Wow,’ I said. ‘Have you seen the size of the rabbits in Teletubbies?’ To which, as one, they replied, ‘What were you on yesterday?’ A question, which, in later years……..

I’ll move myself on.

Incidentally the catchy catchphrase as the headline comes from ITV’s Celebrity One Man and His Dog (sorry, Flockstars) which started this week just past as did their great British Bake-Off (with meat) competition – this from a company that runs wall to wall Jeremy Vine on a Saturday and still people complain about the BBC.

And finally, I didn’t make it to the first game of the season against Hamilton and I need to check the seating arrangements for the game against Celtic next week – try and avoid the smoke bombs.

New listeners and philosophers might be interested to know that I don’t go to every game for all sorts of reasons but people like Steve, Bean, Stewart, Stuart, Craig, Eric, Craig (again), John-Paul, Rab, Alan and #soulboyDaviebee (sp?) all played an amazing part in my recovery when I decided I needed out on a Saturday afternoon, but I don’t talk much about what happens. After all what happens at away matches stays between me, them and Kingsley. 😉

Anyway, there’s a lot of editing coming in (it’s seasonal) and is available through and that is taking up much paid time at the moment but I’ve also taken on a new role at my work which, as some people know, is the Blue Triangle Housing Association (I am basically a night-time project worker in supported accommodation for the homeless which has its moments).

It’s BT’s Fortieth Anniversary this year and there will be a big event (invited guests) in Oran Mor at the top of Byres Road (olde BBC rehearsal rooms in ye ancient days) in October. I am the Creative Writing Coach for the event which will involve getting in pieces of writing from Service Users (SUs) in all the projects all over Scotland, selecting some for the day and, hopefully, getting them to read it out. And I’m really looking forward to it. 😀

Cya, still wearing that badge and considering how best to keep it simple

Johnt850, in like a rocket and out like a feather. No. I have no idea what I’m talking about but apparently it’s a well-known cliché.

So, a bunch of right wing fanatics led by the evil and so-called IDS are so concerned about obese people, alcoholics and drug addicts (tabloid shorthand) claiming benefits that they are planning to stop those benefits unless they go get treatment (without specifying what that treatment should be). The so-called IDS you may remember, from previous blogs, did not realise that attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings was voluntary and, eh, anonymous.

I am ambivalent. I have, however, met people in the past who were able to tell Social Security/Benefits Agency people that these things were an incurable disease and all they could do was to go to AA (and similar meetings) to keep these addictions under control and managed to get whatever form of sickness benefit was going at the time. (I have also met people who give the word ‘illness’ (or similar) their own particular twist and have used the Twelve Steps to full advantage and work and pay taxes)

Now (maybe for the wrong reasons) we will start to examine this out-dated concept of using the ‘illness’ aspect and see it as problem that can be dealt with by lifestyle and behavioural changes – a view that’s only been around since the sixties but it does mean taking responsibility and how rarely do we do that these days?

And on that sane and sensible note, one of the many media sources on my facebook (possibly Dangerous Minds) showed some amazing artwork from Lewis Carroll’s original thoughts about Alice and I remember an exhibition at the Science Centre where you turned on and tuned into Alice and the house at right angles to itself where I was able to plank safely.

This is White Rabbit by the amazing Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane at Woodstock

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