If you could read my mind, love, What a tale my thoughts could tell, Just like an old-time movie, ‘Bout a ghost from a wishin’ well (Gordon Lightfoot)

I have a book called ‘How to be a Ghost’ It was a Christmas gift from e. I wonder where it is.

And so, dear listener, you could be standing in the middle of George Street, Paisley, looking west and you could ask someone ‘where does this road go?’ and they’ll probably answer, ‘to the Phoenix Retail Park’, whereas some of us know that it actually goes all the way to Canada. That’s ‘big sky thinking’ for you. 🙂

It’s like asking many questions of the menu of life and choosing a baked potato and tuna.

Or when line dancing you choose to snort…….sorry, I was about to get recreational past-times mixed up there……oooops……..

For a short while I deejayed in Rothesay – many years ago. When nobody was up on the floor, ‘Sunday Beautiful Sunday’ got them up on the floor…the Slosh. I last performed that with zombies and at Zoe’s birthday party.

Avici, eat your heart out. 😀

And all that after fifty-five minutes with J my favourite philosopher (and I apologise for dangling my bracelet bits in the soup).

Moving swiftly on.

But before I go too far, can I say that this week’s Freudian Slip of the Month goes to me when I said to a co-worker, ‘ASDA, where I live.’…….

Altho’ I think that Peter Alliss advising the world that Open Champion Zak Johnson’s wife would probably spend his £1 million pound plus earnings on a new kitchen was grosser. And it was it necessary to suggest that young amateur Paul Dunne preferred older women cos his mum was standing beside him and Alliss suggested it might be his girlfriend?

No it’s been a sad week for organisations for whom I have a great deal of respect particularly at a time when they’re both under attack; but dear BBC why didn’t you show all the final day of the Open (particularly when Andy Murray seems to have the ability to clear the schedules at a moment’s notice)? And dear Labour Party (remember that I had a tear in my this year when I had to put my X somewhere else on that ballot paper) voting down the Welfare Changes Bill would have been a worthwhile gesture –a rallying call.

The arm will never fully recover cos I’ll forget to do the exercises….but I am happily squeezing my carrot as part of my routine and will soon start doing that in public (Skippy, have a word with me please, should I ever talk about doing it on an omnibus)…..

And for those of you who know what I am talking about I have recovered from being hit in the face by a giant inflated, inflatable penis by a member of a hen party outside the legendary Shanghai Shuffle in Bath Street. I may have deliberately omitted to tell some people because at times I can be quite old-fashioned; and at other times amazingly innovative; and at yet others I’d completely forgotten it had happened. 🙂

And a big thank you to my old friend, Sanjeev Kohli, of whom I always had high hopes when he presented Ghetto Blasting (and I wonder what he’s doing now) for pointing out that when we tell people to put their best foot forward are we implying that they have three legs?

And I didn’t go to the pre-season friendly against Rotherham. I’m not a big fan of these. My favest was a wee pre-season tournament about four (?) years ago when we played host to Airdrie (Death to the Diamonds!), Liverpool (a youth team with some (now) well known names) and Celtic (a bunch of haddies including Tony Watt and Josh Thompson).

Still it was good to see the Celtic fans taking the pre-season practice aspect of it seriously. They let off flares. Peter Lawwell seemed to say nothing.

And finally, I am back at work and doing overtime and bringing some money in to keep the ever expanding collection of CDs well, expanding, and the editing work is good and happening. New spectacles don’t pay for themselves and if you’ve seen me since and not said anything, then you’re forgiven. Maybe you’ll notice this Summer. 🙂

Cya, still wearing that badge and happily keeping it simple.

Johnt850, happily confused as well 🙂

So this blog is supposed to talk of cancer and drink’n’drugs and often I wonder if people listen or if my tales of decent academic research are ignored as the ravings of a frustrated raver. So it was interesting to hear of Durham’s plan to de-criminalise possession of cannabis for personal use. I mean why give someone a criminal record just cos they smoke a plant that makes them feel good?

Anyway the much-maligned and often stereotyping BBC set up a wee live discussion on its news channel. Two things happened that made me smile and put another incense stick in the incense holder.

One of the guests was, of course, Professor David Nutt and the other was a guy from Bristol called Stephen Whose Surname I Did Not Catch who was introduced as a former cannabis addict yet, when he had to refer to himself, talked of himself as a former cannabis user.

And despite the best efforts of the presenter, Clive Myrie, his two guests kept coming back to the effects of the most dangerous drug of them all – alcohol. Will we ever learn?

Read nothing into this. Just enjoy. It’s a lovely wee video. It’s a banging tune. It’s Avici. And aplogies if there’s an ad.

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