Food banks aren’t part of the welfare state – they are an indication that our welfare state is failing (Mhairi Black)

And so, dear listener, despite my obvious anonymity, I am often stopped in the street and asked questions about the events and the people in this modest little radio show. Recently the burning question has been – where’s the Vampire Slayer?

(It’s also been noticed that another one time regular has also been missing and has not played as prominent a role as previously in encouraging me to things beyond my wildest dreams. Well, Skippy is fine and taking a well deserved rest)

Altho’ the burning question amongst Native American Indians in Paisley High Street, which is back to being open to cars at night, is, ‘do we wear plaits or pigtails?’

Back to the VS. 🙂

Having taken on and conquered the vampires of Scotland she sought fresh fields and went to Italy to pursue personal ambitions and to take on their vampires. Only she got bitten instead. By a young man. And is now engaged. And I am delighted. 😀

It’s been a wee while since we last met (Tinderbox in Prince’s Square) and there is a very slight age difference but I have always valued advice from the Torrance One, the Vampire Slayer, and, yes, ‘Some things are destined not to last for ever. Take the memories and go.’ No. No reason

Hope to see you when you come back to Scotland (on holiday?) and I meet your young man.

Oh and the other question I’m asked a lot is ‘whatever happened to hardbag?’.

It evolved it into UK hard house is the answer. This is an example;

Moving swiftly on but smiling.

Incidentally the quote at the top is from Partick Thistle supporting MP Mhairi Black and her smashing maiden speech was eulogised in many quarters but I do wonder if it was because she is seen by some as a ’20 year old lassie in amongst the grown-ups’ or as an MP, because if it was the latter I am slightly disappointed that a nationalist MP was unaware of the connections between part of her constituency and William Wallace. I mean it’s not as if Elderslie hides it……BUT before I am cyber natted, she was so much better than many of her SNP colleagues…..What (without googling) did you think of your MP’s maiden speech (Tommy Shepherd’s was also really good)……or haven’t they made it yet?

She is a very bright prospect but, please do not expect too much, too soon….remember the young William Hague?

Anyway let’s talk about something that really interests and excites me. 😉

Me. At least a wee catch up of some recent things like….

I’m finished with the psycho…sorry, physio…..I can now dry my hair properly and whilst to many it may seem I have an arrogant ego about my hair it is a movement that I was totes unable to carry out a few weeks ago…….whether my arm will ever straighten again is a wee bit in doubt but it’s scarcely noticeable.

And I went on a walk with Glasgow Central Walking Group, which is part of the Glasgow Meet Up website I’ve talked about before, and we went from the Squiggly Bridge to all the way around Glasgow Green. A very diverse group. I spoke to someone from Iran, two people from Poland and someone from Linthouse. Next time I go I may speak to some of the men. 🙂

And I saw my lawyer on Glasgow Green with a like-minded bunch of people but before I tell you what he was doing, I’ll maybe have a quiet word with him.

And in the course of general conversation I mentioned that I had gone back to university recently. So I was asked if I had a doctorate…biting back the tears I said ‘No. I had stopped at a Master’s.’ ‘That is very good.’ I smiled. I will go back. It was probably my new spectacles….my birthday pressie to myself.

And finally, I met up with the blogmeister. He now runs Glasgow University or something like that and I’m very slowly showing him the West End. Tuesday’s lesson was Vodka Wodka where we did a lot of people watching. Next time we’ll look at the men.

But he very kindly took my pic which is now upon fbook as my profile pic. I am so fat. Uni-Sharon, I may be having words…I need help. I was so distressed. I was going to offer people copies but I have so let myself go. 😦

Cya, still wearing that badge (altho’ I’ve lost one) and quite happily keeping it simple.

Johnt850, still smiling.

And I was going to talk a wee bit here about the voting in Parliament thing but only if you’re an English MP can you talk about England and so on and it was about them wanting to bring English fox hunting laws in line with our Scots laws where we allow eight dogs to root out a fox rather than the two in England (and I think I’ve got that right) and then I stopped in my tracks…we still have fox hunting in Scotland?

And the other night I was shown a video of a Scots hunt. Yes, foxes can be pests and there are reasons for their control but what I saw on the video was more ‘sport’ in some people’s eyes than control. I remain confused…..Thanks to Ann and Ruth for trying to steer me through the confusion.

I played Steve Earle last week. I’d never heard of him until the Second Gulf War when I was setting up a radio programme in New York for BBC Radio Scotland (I was in Glasgow) and Steve and some others were in process of being kicked off radio and TV for their anti-war views (there is no freedom of speech unless you accept that people have views with which you disagree) and I was trying to get them on the prog. I failed.

The others? They were the Dixie Chicks. This is they.

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