I’m one of those people that you have to keep your eye on or I’ll wander off into the woods and forget to come back (Jack White)

And so dear listener, you will be delighted to hear that I am in a much better mood than last week. 🙂 Various reasons but one of them was this textual conversation that I had with a (for obvious reasons) anonymous female friend. We were arranging something and she told me that her and her husband were at a friend’s and after that they were going to bed.

Stunned, I started at the Blackberry screen. Within seconds my screen screamed at me; ‘b & q, b & q…we’re going to b & q………’ Sometimes you just gotta love predictive texting. 😀

And the birthday treat I treated myself to on my birthday has arrived. A wee bit of getting used to them and then all (?) will be revealed.

And my arm’s better and my wrist can manipulate more. The student physio is good and was supervised quite closely by Calum who recognised me from somewhere……’Yes,’ said I, ‘I’m the git (typo but I’m leaving it) who cold turkeyed and had to learn to walk again with physios at Gartnavel and then you got me.’ (Y’see I can’t put it behind me but I can admire a well filled gantry in the Canal Station Bar in Paisley but not want to try it)……Anyway I am almost at the stage where I can drop the wristband I wear (unless I decide to train kestrels or am talking to management or am looking for sympathy) and most of the movement is back but I was still having trouble drying my hair so I got my hair cut by Sandra whose husband uses a wheelchair and was awarded an MBE recently for services to sport and charity. 🙂

But she lives in a part of Bearsden which has a speed limit of 20 mph, speed bumps and now has those concrete blocks which give priority to people coming in the opposite direction and have strange white lines so when I was recently looking for a place to park outside somebody’s house and paused on those double white lines, I was shouted at by a Bearsden resident. I didn’t accept the bait but it turns out he has three cars, two of which are parked on the road.

And I know where he lives. 🙂

And an unexpected birthday card sure puts a smile on your face. 😀 😀 😀

And I may attempt a bus journey. For some reason associated with my age I have a card with a picture on it which entitles me to free bus travel. I have never used it for all sorts of reasons – one of which is that to use a bus out of Summerston, I’d have to take my car to the nearest bus stop – so they’ve moved the bus terminus and bus stop nearer me…….. I have no excuse but am every grateful.

I did try a wee while back when I was supposed to be going to a training session on Food Handling and Storage (important in a residential setting like the one in which I work) but I had been dreading seeing pictures of meat anyway (let alone meat gone off) and as I got closer to the bus stop I got boakier and turned back – a wee bit like my last non-sober year as a college tutor but those were hangovers.

Mmmmm, ….the 19 bus looks a good prospect (Sorry but that sounds like a bus perv in the old days of Clatty Pat’s)…speaking of which…….in the week when Anna Burnside of the Record tells us that sexism is dead I am appalled by the number of female friends (and some male) who have drooled over pictures of Norwegian policemen in their lycra cycling shorts. Still, that does mean I no longer have to worry about watching Debbie does Dallas behind closed doors. Sorry. That should read ‘Debbie does Dallas’ behind closed doors – otherwise you’d not be able to see what Debbie does to Dallas.

And finally I was really moved by the survivors’ stories of 7/7 ten years ago. An amazing mix of ages, faiths, sexes and backgrounds who did more to convince me of the good that a diverse group of people can achieve than any amount of cyber marketing from Britain First/Scottish Defence League can ever persuade me otherwise.

Cya, still wearing that badge nd defo keeping it simple………

Johnt850, a well-known Northern Powerhouse.

And I think I’m probably expected to say something about the budget – the legislation which bans triplets…….which sees Ian Duncan Smith jumping for joy at the introduction of a National Living Wage which is less than the recommended one which Hearts FC pay but is 30 pence more than the SNP promised by 2020.

The so-called IDS apparently used to stand in that same position in the Commons under the previous government but would lean on Dame Anne Begg’s wheel chair (Torcuil Crichton Daily Record, 9th July 2015 and as Torcuil is also a man who wears brown shoes with a dark suit it must be true).

Housing benefit for under-21s is to be scrapped. Many of the folk I work with are under 21 and are homeless for a range of reasons, including having been in care all their lives and/or various forms of abuse.

And, altho’ not technically a public sector worker, I have a strange feeling that my pay rises are now limited to one per cent per year for the next four years……

And Working Tax Credits made a big difference to my life when moving from Incapacity Benefit to self-employment.

Anyway, less of the doom and gloom……just over a year ago I had the pleasure of seeing an acoustic Steve Earle play at the Kelvingrove Bandstand…..this is he in a slightly different context but with Sharon Shannon.

Yes, there’s a reason………..

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