To accomplish great things we must not only act but dream; not only plan but also believe (Friends of Queen Margaret Drive)

And so dear listener last week’s blog about my damaged (left) arm and Charles Kennedy’s Memorial Service raised a few questions which I shall attempt to answer before going and doing fifty press ups with my right arm only. 🙂

First, thanks to Janice from somewhere in the West of Scotland who asked why I was able to tie brown shoe laces but not black ones? Well, Janice, the black-laced shoes were very fine shoe laces whereas the brown ones were a wee bit thicker. I do have formal black slip on shoes but they go back to an era when I used to dance the night away with Audrey Hepburn and that would only bring back memories. 😦

And I was taken slightly to task by e (of whom more later) for my checking my Blackberry before the Procession round the quadrangle had even finished. But, hey, the fragrant Nicola left even before the Procession…….affairs of state maybe or missing her favourite soap?

And I am serious when I say that I am judging my recovery by being able to dry my hair properly. It involves stretching and moving my left hand – and the fingers thereof – to make sure the curly bits get fingered properly (Skippy?) and therefore get dried properly.

Maybe if I’d chosen a more manly example such as fly-fishing or, or, or or……..any other example gratefully received.

Anyway I’m seeing a physio soontime……it’s student day at the clinic so I’m getting a student. 🙂 Basically I crashed my left side onto stone slabs and crushed my arm…..with whiplash effect to the neck. Aye. Think sitting sideways and crashing into a wall……

But I was not short of reading matter. My thanks go to Jenny H (and her pal Kim) for their semenal (sp?) work on the Challenges for Housing Policy in Scotland (and well done for making the Herald); and to Fenton of that Ilk for her work on the experiences of methadone users in a modified therapeutic community (a lot of interesting questions raised about recovery particularly where the Twelve Step Programme is involved). The boy McPhee looks promising as well.

But I am sooooooo out of condition. I don’t think I’ve recovered properly from the throat virus and some other stuff. Walking is the answer – and I was here eight or so years ago when I built up from ten minutes in the graveyard across the road to eleven miles (or so) in two hours around the canals and rivers in the area. My thanks to e and RJ and Holly the Labradoodle for getting me out to Garscube Science Park where Partick Thistle train, watched over by Kingsley the new mascot. It’s a smashing walk – minutes from my front door. Probably the same from my back door when I think about it. I have a reasonably sized semi.

You can walk through what remains of Garscube House (and you can also see the back garden of my ex’s house) which was owned by Sir Archibald who, when he died, had a wine cellar valued at £1,043 (in 1846!!!!!). I had a dozen bottles of Rioja and two cans of lager in the house when I ‘cold-turkeyed’.

Good walking tho’ and I am available (mums) for any such chores during the Summer Holidays…..once I can dry my hair properly.

And finally, the Queen is keen to protect ‘hard working families’ against all psychoactive (mind altering) substances other than alcohol, tobacco and coffee, suggesting that she believes it’s the substance that causes the problem. What most people who work or research in the substance use field will say is it’s ‘the drug, the (mind)set and the setting.’

So let’s look at the case of ‘boozed up nut’ Andrew Tosh from Dundee who was ‘banged up’ for nine months for (amongst other things) sexually assaulting a stewardess. The drug? Legally available alcohol. The setting? A boozy holiday lounge in an airport. The mindset? Total wanker.

Cya, still wearing that badge (and it’s a new one thanks to friend Rosie) and defo going for it (once my left arm’s fixed)

Johnt850, sleeping better now I know Kingsley’s looking after me.

So I was going to spend this bit discussing the Social Media launch of and how good it was to see proper websites such as Bella Caledonia and Wings Over Scotland represented – sites which use journalistic skills and values to source their stories. I get just a touch annoyed when I see photos or extracts from websites retweeted or shared without any detail of where or when events happened.

I saw one photo recently shared on fbook which was captioned as children in Sri Lanka suffering from poverty and then it went on to say that this site’s aim was to relieve poverty in Africa. And I’m fed up seeing pics of the referendum count and claims of malpractice. Even the referendum supporting Wings Over Scotland managed to dispel that particular notion and having been a counter, journalist and political observer at counts, I know how tight the security is..

And then I read of Nobel Laureate Sir Tim Hunt pilloried for poor jokes about female scientists falling in love with you and crying when criticised. Y’see the person who tweeted that bit did not bother with the rest of the speech in which he apologised for his ‘off-the-cuff’ humour and gave an inspiring talk to encourage women to do science ‘despite monsters like me.’

Him losing his job was down to the power of Social Media – or more pertinently – its abuse. Please read carefully – whether it’s onscreen or hard copy in your hand. As a broadcast journalist I was always told to be aware of the power of words and pictures. Oh, and read the whole paper – not just the first three lines.

Some dreams will never die and sometimes the nice guy wins. This is a lovely vid….Walk The Moon with Shut Up and Dance. I’m not sure if I’ve lost the ad……


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