‘It wasn’t the data they were interested in; it was the methodology’ (A South Georgian whaler from the twenties explaining why the Whaling Commission was so slow to respond to crisis in the whaling industry)

And so dear listener, the journey is almost over. The last two to three months have seen a lot of work done to t850 Towers and many of you have followed it faithfully. Indeed some of you will soon receive various notifications of variations of ‘if you’re ever in the area of Summerston, then my address is……’ and some may even get something more detailed…….but even if you’re not asked and you know you’re going to be in the area then get in touch. Seriously. I mean it. 😀

I prevaricate.

The bulk of the soft furnishing shopping has now been done. As I write this, all that is on the list that is still to be bought is a small rug for the front room (okay the only room) to cover up some stains on the carpet (long story), a biscuit tin (the old Cadbury Roses tin I used was showing signs of fungus but, hey, it worked) and a new electric toothbrush.

Tuesday it was. e and RJ were due over at 0830 to pick me up. e is not a designer as such – she is more a former fellow tutor who I first met at Glasgow College of …no, Glasgow Metro…no, Glasgow City……the big building in North Hanover Street which won architectural awards in the sixties and which gave you a great view of Tom Cruise and Dr W (No. No word) being chased by Zombies a few years back….how times change. 😉

I digress.

I got up at 0730 and went to my brand spanking new toilet (Skippy, I’m not sure about the use of the word ‘spanking’. After all the bathroom suite is no longer fifty shades of avocado) and toileted. I also shaved, showered and brushed my teeth.

I went downstairs. I could hear running water. I went back upstairs. The toilet cistern was not filling up and the water was running straight through. Now to a certain extent this was fine as anything I did would be eventually washed away but it was not good for the World’s dwindling water supplies and my nerves. I contacted Kenny the Shed Pimp who lives just up the road.

Ten minutes later he was here. ‘Maybe something is blocking it, jt’ and he shoved his hand into the cistern and it emerged…clutching one of those toilet blue things you put into the cistern cos you fool yourself into thinking that it’s cleaning it. It had caused the blockage and we threw it and the other ones out but Kenny’s hand was shocking blue. 😦

At this point e and RJ arrived. They had never met before (Kenny and e – not e and RJ) but they did not shake hands. Kenny made his excuses and left. Cursing.

So we drove to Braehead Shopping Centre – a town in its own right. And I broke my fast at Sainsbury’s. (Quick plug for Sainsbury’s. Like many places they do a non-meat breakfast but they also do a roll and non-meat sausage. Absolutely marvellous!!!!!!)

I had a croissant. We went to look at cushions and clocks but I was not to buy. Yet.

We went to IKEA (sp?) which I’m warming to. My first trip there a few years back with Study Buddie Fi was not good but it doesn’t seem as big now as it did then. I bought stuff. I looked at candles (I use candles a lot…and incense sticks…….they calm me) but e said, ‘you don’t need candles’ and a passing member of the public looked at me and said, ‘That’s you told’…… 😦

I began to understand the world a little bit better.

We went to Marks and Spencer’s. I bought stuff. I’m beginning to forget what.

We went back to Sainsbury’s where I bought stuff – primarily cushions – and e went to buy some food and RJ and I stood beside some books…….sat on the floor beside some books. Within seconds she had taken a sticker out of a sticker book so I bought it for her. 😀

(When we got back to her house – which she shares with her mum, dad and older brother – we discovered that some other stickers were missing. Well I hope the cretins who did that buy one of the jigsaws I gave recently to a charity shop from which I deliberately removed one piece)

We then went to the Self Scan where I started to buy the cushions and stuff. And the Self Scan Machine said, ‘there
is something unexpected in the Bagging Area.’ I couldn’t see the problem but the assistant noticed that RJ was climbing over the Bagging Area and cushions but was not registering. The assistant was very good and helped her off.

I carried on but there wasn’t enough space on the bagging area for all the cushions, etc so I lifted them off – without having paid for them. The assistant was very good and put them back on.

I paid and the assistant was very good. She called out; ‘Please come back again….. but preferably after two o’clock when my shift is over.’ Lol (as Carmen may well still say)

And finally, I went to Homebase on my own and bought a bright red bread bin. 🙂

Cya, still wearing that badge and defo going for it (well at the very least giving it a damn good try)

Johnt850 and I don’t have OCD. I just wash all new things before I use them. Not TVs or other electrical goods obviously.

So I had planned to say something about death cos I seemed to upset some people last week. So all I will say is this……

When you have been as substance dependent (addicted) as I was then you become very aware of the possibility of death. Eventually, you’re drinking, jagging, snorting or smoking to black out cos that’s when you have most control – nothing bothers you and you don’t even think about waking up.

And that’s why I very rarely think of ‘One Day at a Time’ but I do often say that;

‘Waking up Every Day is an Under-valued Experience.’

I just won’t say it in Braehead…..not for a wee while. Yet.

This is for e and RJ. Thanks for your help and patience. This is a happy song by the Smiths as chosen by my Facebook friends. It’s called…….well Morrissey tells you at the start.


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