It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll. I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul (W.E. Henley but suggested by Craig Williams)

And so dear listener, a friend of mine (Fenton of that ilk and I’m tempted to play THAT YouTube video) asked if I would do a wee prostate cancer presentation to some young female student young female nurses at her college in East Kilbride. There was something about the offer I couldn’t refuse. 😉

The first time had been cancelled cos of my recent throat virus but was re-arranged for this Tuesday just past. I thought it’s an important part of the young female student nurses’ education. So I drove out with instructions on how to get there printed out like I usually do. 🙂

First problem.

I was going through more roundabouts than were on the instructions. I stopped at a bus stop and spoke to a lovely silver-haired lady. She gave me instructions that would take me thru the town centre where, it turned out, she was going. I offered her a lift.

She said, ‘Just drop me at the roundabout.’ I said, ‘Is there a bus stop or lay-by there?’ She said, ‘Naw, but if you put on your hazards and let me jump out quickly, we’ll be fine.’ 😀

We were. But the Range Rover was close.

I have now bought a new Sat Nav. I had one before but lost it. 😦

Second problem.

I arrived at the roundabout for the Students’ Entrance (for this presentation with young female student nurses Skippy and I are being very careful with any possible innuendo) at the same time as the two fire engines. So I went round again. And parked. Illegally but far enuff in to let the Gas Board van past. Something seemed not right, I inkled. And it wasn’t. Some informal chatting with men and women in Hi-Vis jackets seemed to suggest that. I think it was their merry shout of ‘Get that f*cking car out of there!’ that confirmed it. So I went.

Later Fenton of that ilk called. Using a borrowed phone, wearing a borrowed jacket and having borrowed a fiver to get home. Premature evacuation it was not; it was a real gas leak.

So I tried again on Friday and I got there. Successfully and spoke to a smashing bunch of young female (as is their tutor) nursing students and they spoke during the presentation but the highpoint was when I was saying anything was possible after  recovery and I obvs highlighted things like my very small part in Outbreak Zombie last October

Yes, they’d been there; yes, they were frightened; and, yes, they would be going back with their scaredy cat mates 😀  .

And then I went for lunch with one of my lecturers from a slightly more successful era at UWS (Paisley) and we went to a Chinese Café in Paisley Centre which is very like the Savoy Centre in Glasgow but is in Paisley unlike the Savoy centre which is in Glasgow but should perhaps be in Savoy. 🙂

Maybe, just maybe, I had believed PhD hype and made things a tad too hard for myself by looking for something when I already had the answer to it. This one I’m letting go but not anything else this year. SERIOUS STERN FACE ICON

But in the meantime, good luck to all those marking exams, essays and assignments; as well as to all those sitting them.

And can I also say congrats to e and c on their seventh wedding anniversary. I didn’t make the wedding – humanist and at Strathblane Country House Hotel where Son Brian and KT had their reception and I’m told it was A Beautiful Service – cos I had just finished eight weeks of daily radiotherapy and was knackered, but serious congrats and thanks for all the help with the house – and more shopping to come.

And finally, like many I was confused by the symbolism of the Scot Nat MPs wearing a white rose which looked to me like an English Tea Rose. Some thought it was based on Hugh MacDiarmid’s poem of that name (‘White Rose’ not ‘English Tea Rose’); Christopher Murray Grieve’s best poem, as far as I am concerned, was ‘A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle’.  Could they not have sneaked a bottle or two in and had a wee drink in the Chamber?

The wild Scots rose was also a symbol of the Jacobite movement when the Stuarts tried to reclaim their monarchical crown by moving on London, stopping at Derby and returning home to get slaughtered at Culloden. Gotta make sure your symbolism cannot be misinterpreted, haven’t you?

Or maybe they were all going to a wedding. 🙂

Cya, still wearing that badge and defo going for it. I am running out of excuses.

Johnt850, in a house with no workmen………. 😀

So I have signed the petition to save (as it were) the Arches. I was not a regular clubber there but have attended arts events which were a bit subsidised by the clubbing. It is difficult to argue when a 17 year old girl dies and it’s said to be ‘drug-related’ but Security is good there and drugs offenders are reported.

(I remember once being given a strange look by the Head of Security there once but that may have been down to who I was with)

In a week when a man dies, apparently after taking a legal high, and the Queen says she plans to stamp out, singled-handedly, legal highs in England, surely there is a greater than ever case for legalising and exerting some control over what goes in substances. The controls existing in Breaking Bad are not replicated in British street factories or on British streets.

Would you buy your alcohol from some unknown stranger in the street with a dodgy label on the bottle just cos it’s cheap? It’s time for a sensible approach and not seven year sentences.

This is David Guetta but don’t take it too literally. I’m very rarely late – for example.

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