Don’t you find, some of the time There is always someone on your mind ……. (Jamie T)

And, yes, that is the lyric I decided not to use last week. Or some of it.

And so dear listener, having spent the last few days after my Lisbonese adventure catching up with friends and family (that’s me read the Digger for this week), it’s time to catch up with so much else. At breakneck speed. 🙂

So I’d dental work done and tried to eat beans after it. Don’t!……:(

I’ve been seeing a herbalist (what’s that Skippy?)….. I’ve been consulting a herbalist for a small bladder problem which is the only residual after my cancer and alcohol issues of long ago. For the first time ever the NHS has let me down and herbs it is. Except – and I’d never thought of this – she can’t give me a tincture. So, no Laudanum then.

So I’ve been given a herbal tea which, in its natural form (not in a bag) looks like something that wouldn’t look out of place in an Amsterdam grinder. And a pill (well, more than one) which tastes like emulsion paint and it’s here I begin to wonder – at what point in the Dark Years did I try emulsion paint?

And this week’s Rant of the Month. It is a matter of weeks since my car was serviced and my mouth had a check-up and two fillings replaced. This week my car heater stopped working (even when I drive it over bumps and sleeping policeman in Strathclyde Park) and I’ve lost two more fillings. Had I list of things to tick off I would be less than happy. As it is I use post-its and I’ve been raking through the bins. And the driver’s door is still erratic.

And big thanks to e and Kenny the Shed Pimp who are acting as Project Managers in the refurbishment of t850 Towers. This house is no longer mine….it seems and for the best of reasons. I have, for the first time ever, a dining table – assembled by a financial controller and new CD storage units assembled by a joiner. But I came home the other night to find a new front door in my living room and God Knows how the couch got in that place but I put it back.

The saddest thing of all this is that every time someone comes to do something to the house, no matter how small, I insist on showing them the shelves I put up. Many years ago. 🙂

And I ate in Frankie and Benny’s the other day. In the Fort, Easterhouse, altho’ I have no idea why it’s called the Fort. I like it because it’s open to the elements and it seems more like High Street shopping rather than the Silverburns and Braeheads of this world. And Nicola Sturgeon was in there immediately before us.

And why’s it taking so long for postcards to get back from Lisbon?

And it was nice to get involved in fbook conversations with Zoe the Zombie (interesting stuff about Doctor Who) and with the blogmeister about how depression is represented in Gaming. It could be helpful in providing something to share in real-life work……even nicer when someone thanked us for sharing it on fbook..

Aye, depression. I have not followed the tabloid ins and outs of Andreas Lubitz who murdered 149 people by deliberately crashing an aeroplane into the mountains. Much of what has been said seems to centre round various diagnoses carried out several years ago but if we don’t allow people to move on, then no-one ever will. For every Lubitz there’s a t850 who, when I returned to work at the then Glasgow Metropolitan College, was cried ‘scum’ by line managers who also said alcoholics (as I termed myself then) were bound to lapse and couldn’t be trusted.

Well I think I’m reasonably well liked by folk; have not had an alcoholic drink for over eight years; and along with a colleague am responsible on a nightly basis for looking after 25 homeless people…..altho’ if anybody gets aggressive and threatening, I can call in the police.

There is nothing more alluring than three policewomen in hi-vis jackets and truncheons erect ready to kick down a door. No. No reason. 🙂

And finally, it was a difficult shift on Tuesday night; it was a smashing one on Friday.

Johnt850. Am I tough enough? Hell,….. well not all the time, and maybe that’s the fishing problem. I can’t do ‘not nice’. And that’s a big problem in life. 😦

And as regular listeners know, friendships are important to me. They’ve not only helped me in my various recoveries but have pushed me to take on so many challenges – the two people mentioned earlier are prime examples in that I’ve known the blogmeister since just before my cold turkey and Zoe is a zombie who I’ve only known (kinda) since October but who took such a brilliant pic of me as a zombie and it’s up there next to my son graduating and me with my Master’s. And I’d coffee with the rainforestriverman this week.

I always love the blogmeister’s story of, just before the cold turkey, I said to the class he was in, that I wasn’t feeling well. I would go outside for a few minutes and he never saw me again for about six months; not until I attended the End of Year Exhibition at the College. Zoe, please keep me posted on that.

So, I’m worried about someone who’s been brilliant for me and I’ve been in touch but all I can do now is to back off and see what happens. A slight tear in  the eyes, a cry of Chinese accountants and a closing track.

This is Little Eva and the Locomotion. It even makes you happy when you’re feeling low.  I’ll get the moves right yet.

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