I don’t have a wife or kids and I’m not scared…..I’d rather die standing than live on my knees (Stephane Charbonnier the editor of Charlie Hebdo)

And so dear listener, I don’t often talk about my job on the basis that much of it relates to people in unfortunate circumstances. I work in a project offering supported and temporary accommodation to homeless people and it is based in Glasgow city centre. On Friday, the fire alarm went and all the procedures were correctly carried out and everything was okay but it did lead to me being out in the middle of Sauchiehall Street at the Nice’n’Sleazy end wearing a yellow Hi-Vis jacket signalling to a Fire Brigade appliance or two. Some people might have been embarrassed but moi….? The ego had landed. 🙂

Je suis Charlie.

And there are changes afoot chez moi. And I’d like to thank RJ (2) for escorting me around IKEAE and sofa shops in Braehead, Her mum, e, was there too. My last venture to the home of the Swedish meatball was not a good one, but this was good. I move in next week. And the Pret-a-Manger was good as well. Big changes may be about to happen and later in the year it may become the Adventures of Kenny the Shed Pimp…watch this space, especially in the bathroom……I’m quite excited but then I don’t get out much. Care in the community has still to reach Summerston.

Tu es Charlie.

And I’ve been doing some shopping of my own. My granddaughter gets baptismed later this month, so I have bought something for that event. Should I be worried when a co-worker at the project laughs at what I bought and says, ‘but she’s a girl’? Pfft (with hands held out in a stereotypical French kinda way). I did worry about writing anything about gd’s pressie but I don’t think she’s reading the blog just yet. However she is a bit of a prodigy (but not a firestarter……..) 😉

Il/elle est Charlie

And me and the good Dr W have bought a present for a young lady aged 17 turning 18 soon. No need to look away, Zoe. I buy lots of pressies for young women that age. (Skippy, I’m not too happy with that sentence…….can we work on it before broadcast? Merci) Actually the original idea came from Dr W and in that faithful roadie kinda way, I did the legwork. Down Byres Road. And, W you do trust me when it comes to buying cards and paper, don’t you? 🙂

Nous sommes Charlie.

And one of the raisons-d’etre for this blog was to highlight certain aspects of alcohol and cancer. So can I say well done to a man I know who, hopefully, has successfully come through breast cancer surgery; a woman I know who had certain health concerns, went to the doctor and ended up going for a scan, worried about cancer, but there is none; and someone else I was talking to who is ten years without a drink. These are not uncommon stories. 😀

Vous etes Charlie

And If I’m allowed one slightly humorous aspect of the tragedies in France to which I am not referring it is the fact that the neighbour of one of the terrorists said, ‘I never thought he was an extremist – but he had grown a beard recently.’ On that basis we should be checking out half the footballers in the SPFL, n’est-pas?

Ils/elles sont Charlie

And finally, one of those Facebook challenges is going the rounds and in this one you are expected to put up your original profile pic and looking thru my pics, (you’re right, Jenny H), it’s interesting just how important my hair is to me and the second pic I put up was a screen grab by one Thomas Alexander of an STV prog a few years ago called The Hour – the good one – at tea-time which some of us liked cos Michelle McManus during the food prep always asked for another piece of cheese in the dish or during the wine tasting, actually finished her glass. 🙂

Instead of a piece of music finishing the show I’ve managed to find the footage from the show a wee while back…….by all means look at the hair, but please ignore the fleece and the shirt……..I think my wardrobe needs updated as well and I mean the inside rather than the outside……

Cya, still wearing that badge nd defo going for it

Johnt850 who had to hand the Hi Vis jacket back.

I was going to write something about us in this country not believing as much in free speech as we think we do (how often did you hear a YES person or a NO conceding that the other person had a valid point?) or that Katie Hopkins is not so much a racist but more professionally and profitably deliberately offensive or that……but I’m not going to….

I have a Banksy desk calendar; I know someone whose dog is called Banksy; and there’s a large Banksy downstairs (it’s okay Son Brian and the lovely KT, I know it’s not an original). A few years ago I went to a Banksy exhibition in his home town of Bristol and on the way in I met a man of West Indian descent who was rolling the largest spliff I have ever seen (an eleven skinner I would have guessed had I known anything about these things) and my favourite exhibit was a model of a rabbit sitting in front of a mirror trying out various cosmetics.

I obviously disagree that a picture is worth a thousand words Mr/Miss/Mrs Banksy, but I’d love to chat it over with you……..and I don’t see us falling out.

Salut Charlie.

And here’s me and Robert de Niro and Nelson Mandela but there may be a wee advert that precedes us…



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