So come back Woody Guthrie, Come back to us now. Tear your eyes from paradise and rise again somehow, If you run into Jesus maybe he can help you out. Come back Woody Guthrie to us now (Steve Earle)

And so it’s that time of year again when the strumpets are flourished and Skippy puts on her best dress with the ever shrinking hemline and reminds everyone she was once a contender for Miss Western Australian Kangaroo of the Year until the hedonistic delights of Summerston beckoned. 😉

It’s the Blog Personality of the Year Awards…well established and well respected and well deserved all of them…….new listeners should be aware that unlike, say, recent comedy awards going to unfunny people and BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards going to sportspeople with no personality, these are all highly weird and have no real rhyme or reason to them other than my whim. A wee bit like the blog itself which is written in about thirty minutes echoing my mood of that moment….so let’s rock. And maybe roll. And have a spliffing good time.

(The blog should never ever be seen as being about anyone else other than me and not as a device to reach anyone. Usual Terms and Conditions do apply)

So, let’s go straight to the Lifetime Achievement Award. I won this once. I have known this person for five years, although there are times when it seems longer (read what you will into that) but amongst all her enthusiasms, there has been one thing she has wanted more than almost anything (read what you will into that). This year, the Good Doctor W, returned to teaching law and what she described as ‘living the dream’. It’s hectic and busy but she’s happy and, I hear from a trusted source, is really good at. W is one of the most enthusiastic people I know and anytime I leave her company I leave it totally exhausted (No. Don’t bother reading anything into that.) An award thoroughly deserved. Well done W and here’s to more adventures. 🙂

The link to Team of the Year is seamless as W was the one who introduced me to Outbreak Zombie. I never, ever dreamt that I would want to dress up in weird makeup, strange clothing and utter strange noises and scare people. (Yes. I have done drag but it was a long time ago) but after the audition I wanted to. And I didn’t want to let Mark, Katie or Paula down…and then when I got to know them…people like Jade, ‘Chelle, Danielle, Charlie Bear, Robert, Graeme or Zoe. (And if I’ve missed anyone out, I’m sorry, but I have a word count). Instant bonding or was that the make up? Well done guys, and, speaking as a non-alcohol drinker, that was one helluva hangover I had the next day after the end of run party. Here’s to next year. 🙂

(I’ve also introduced a new category – Musical track of the Year – and it will be played at the end)

And now for the main event….

So much has happened this year; the birth of my grand-daughter (gd); seeing heroes Steve Earle and James Ellroy; getting a job; Zombieing; Going Ape; Abseiling down the Titan Crane; celebrating being born in 1954; babysitting for RJ and AJ; beginning the application process for a PhD; going to a seafood cookery course; trampolining; and waking up every morning which is a vastly under-rated pastime……and a lot of other stuff.

It has been a difficult job to choose and it took me ages to count the votes and then bin them……(Yes. I’ve seen the nonsense video about vote-rigging at Referendum counts, which was an insult to anyone who’s ever been involved in a count and showed complete ignorance of how counts are conducted in this country and I have been at many)

In Third Place (roll of drums similar to the one at the start of New Rose by the Damned)……is getting a job. In addition to the essay editing for students – – I am now an established and paid part-time project worker (nightshifts) with a charity which offers supported accommodation for the homeless. And I get things like paid leave and Time Off In Lieu and all sorts of stuff like that and I enjoy the job. I was sitting in a car with you’ll never guess who and she said, ‘That’s it, jt, we’re both grown up. We have jobs’….and it’s a weird feeling but a nice one. And I enjoy doing what I do – difficult tho’ it is at times.

Second place also involves a very lovely lady, e, but does not involve either of her very young children. e very kindly accompanied me to see Steve Earle at the Kelvingrove Bandstand and must have wondered what she was letting herself in for. The opening act was poor; the seats were concrete; and the drink was expensive. And then Steve (solo) came on and she was instantly captivated by his personality and his opening remarks. Instead of the usual ‘Hello Glasgow’ his opening words were, ‘Would someone switch that fu*king smoke machine off? I can’t see a fuc*ing thing.’ Sheer poetry and a brilliant night and this was a contender for Musical Track of the Year.

but it didn’t win.

And now for the first place…….let the high-hats and cymbals have their perverted way. So weeks after the celebration of being born in 1954 (and thanks to my sis for organising the actual meal) we celebrated W’s being born not that long ago by going to Go Ape near Aberfoyle. This is zipwiring, tree traversing and climbing up rickety ladders and there was much trepidation on both sides but a realisation that, whereas eight years ago I’d been hooked up to intravenous drips and in a bed surrounded by bars, here we were hooked up to control lines in the very open air and all it needed was me to say Three, Two, One, Go and a leap of faith began and ended successfully – a metaphor for 2014 and hopefully one for 2015 as well. 🙂

So this year’s winner is Going Ape – for once the bookie’s favourite. Goodness only knows what’s ahead of me in 2015 but thankfully I am still alive to record it.

Cya, still wearing that badge and going for it.

Johnt850 and the bungee jumping didn’t look that bad.

And the winner of this year’s Musical Track of the Year? Zombie by Jamie T. (No. No relation)


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