I could be so good for you, I’m gonna help ya, Love you like you want me too, I’ll do anything for you, I’ll be so good for you (Minder)

And so dear listener, word came down from the Milanese catwalks via the Four Horsemen of the Seventh Apocalypse as they ascended the hill that is Kelvindale en route to the fleshpots of the Ardgowan Tenants’ Hall – the Vampire Slayer had spoken. And what were her wise words?

Go With The Flow. 😀

So let’s see if this week has seen any flowing and whether or not I went with it.

Monday; I decided to go into the attic and take Christmas stuff down. I want to see what C’mas cards I have left from last year. I have stepladder which isn’t quite clicking into place but it’ll be fine. Tree comes down; cards and wrapping paper come down; and I’m just going back into attic for baubles when the ladder goes down. Luckily I had anticipated problem and had my hands on the edge of the open attic door as opposed to my hands being full of baubles. I held on and then dropped down the two feet or so to safety.

More Tom’n’Jerry than falling off Everest but an interesting start to the week. 🙂

And my PC was playing up. Those of you who know that the Master (in Doctor Who) has now become the Mistress will not be surprised to know that she has shifted shape into my printer but there was some kinda problem with Microsoft Word which I seemed to tell people was a Google problem. I seem to have deleted every shortcut I ever had and am having to remember passwords all of which have something in common. I won’t say what in case a Russian website is watching.

Simon at Resolve fixed it for me from a distance which is always interesting to watch. I’m not sure if I’m being charged. I did offer as a quid pro quo kinda thing to help him out with anyone he knows suffering seizures and fits from Legal Highs. He said he’d get back to me…..

And my lack of manliness showed itself on Tuesday when Dr W and I went looking for a car in Glasgow’s East End. For why? Not saying but she knows what she’s doing (A real Arfur Daley and I was her Terry McCann). I just kicked the tyres, tbh, but she’s well at home under the bonnet but I can always be relied on to have tissues when a dipstick needs wiped. And I walked back thru Glasgow’s East End seeing signs of a re-generation that comes more from the people themselves rather than the Commonwealth Games….. 🙂

And e and I met up on Thursday and we were supposed to be breaking bread in the Hanoi Bike Shop and then do some retro shopping just off Byres Road but the bike shop was closed so went to the place I know as Yummy Mummies and then did some middle class window shopping. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas as I’m beginning to get ideas and I have my rota for the next wee while (Christmas and New Year night shifts. I will be in touch with people)

[and one of us is upwardly mobile and the other ain’t]

(Is this okay, all of those who want it straightforward? I’m thinking about what I’m writing which is really weird – however soon time it’s the special Christmas editions of the prog so that’ll be nice)

And I was in the uni-café next to the library when I watched a young lady eat a roll and (links) sausage with tomato sauce – I sat and stared at the roll and not the young lady but eventually she finished it and my Pescatarian chums breathed easily. 🙂 And she looked at me quizzically 😦

And finally, I’m making progress with my draft PhD application; I seem to have got involved in some form of rugby/concussion research at the invitation of former Internationalist John Ross Beattie; my grand-daughter, who I do mention from time to time, is doing well – and I may refer to her occasionally as gd (No. No reason.); and the Zombies are looking ahead to next year. Be afraid; be very afraid

Cya (keep)ing it fun and still wearing that badge? Yes and it’s the special Christmas edition

Johnt850, currently more a guide to the UWS than a roadie at the moment

So let’s have a wee rant but not a big rant.

There is delight within prostate cancer circles that an eighty year old actor who plays a seventy-seven year old character in the popular soap Eastenders has been diagnosed as having prostate cancer. I have not seen the programmes so I will make no comment. I will repeat the fact that my alter ego, as I used to refer to myself, was diagnosed with bad prostate cancer in his very early fifties but I made it work for me 🙂

I suspect that those who devised the storyline thought it was restricted to very very old men. A wee while ago a character in River City developed signs of alcohol dependency and that was so well developed as the weeks progressed. However she went to AA and was apologising to people within weeks…….this is not to knock AA but when I out it to a then Script Editor at River City that there were organisations other than AA, she had to express ignorance.

Maybe too many charities are relying on mega-telethons and celebs telling poor people to give money rather than getting the message across………especially to those who make such popular soaps.

So let’s cheer ourselves up. I played this earlier on Facebook and would like to thank Dr Paul, the world’s greatest Pub Quizmaster [see w it’s a week of superlatives]. All I will say is that it won the praise of many zombies and gave me an idea for at least one Chrissie pressie: 🙂



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