‘As a horror story, it’s exciting. As a parable, it’s terrifying.’ (Empire Magazine)

And so, dear listener, I stood. At the eleventh hour On the eleventh day. In the uni-coffee bar. Next to the library. I do not know if I was the only one. It did go quiet. When I stood. But the canteen staff continued to serve. So that was alright then. It became noisy again. After two minutes I sat down.

I stood not to remember anyone but out of respect for those who have a reason to remember. But not the politicians who are squeezing everything they can out of wars and the dying and the dead.

I am old, Father Time, and I do not remember as many anniversaries being commemorated. And I doubt the political sincerity.

So on Monday, e contacted me. She had a problem. Could I help?

So on Tuesday, I wondered over to the residence of her and c. I was to babysit RJ and AJ who were already wrapped up in pyjamas with a set routine prior to going to bed. It all went well. I like CBBC. I find it very intellectual. I now see Dick and Dom in a new light. 🙂

They were only to be thirty minutes late in settling down with me. They seemed to have drifted to sleep. Reading Alice in Wonderland on speed…sorry……at speed helped even with oblique references to the drug, the set, the setting. I used acid, in a good mood and the Arches as an example. They looked at me with that withering glance my son throws me down the phone. I walked thru to the front room. Two minutes later AJ walked thru. Mentally, I thought. ’Oh Shit.’ He spoke. ‘jt, You forgot to shut the door’ and he went back to bed. I shut the door and breathed audibly.

I’m thinking of setting up an agency – ‘Mother’s Little Helper’ – with the strapline;

‘Do you need a helping hand? Let me give you one,’

(No. Skippy. It’s not.)

And recently, the rainforestriverman, whose longevity gives him access to the High Council, raised a number of questions about various matters. His concerns were discussed under the Auspices of the Ancient Scallop Stone. A decision was made that the only plan of action would be to contact the Vampire Slayer, currently resident in Milan. She spoke and her answer will be conveyed to the rainforestriverman and then made public. 😀

Right, back to the world of the straight and straightforward. Actually when I do that I’m lost.

Let’s go back to the uni-library and the student sitting across me speaking on the phone in something Spanish(is). The only thing I could make out (I have two ears) was ‘Jack Daniels’….ah the world language that is bevvy.

And finally, the last radio programme I ever worked on was about four years ago [thanks for the never ending supply of coffee and have you ever worn purple since?]. It was an investigation into why men with prostate cancer don’t talk about it (except, obvs for the men and their wives that took part in the prog). It was co-produced with the smashing people at http://www.demusproductions.com/ and they are Scotland’s top indie broadcast production company.

They have a smashing prog going out on Sunday night or on iPlayer. It’s about the old Peterhead Prison and its replacement by HM Grampian and is on BBC 2 Scotland at 9pm. I have seen a rough preview and it’s good – not just cos I was brought up in the shadow of the prison but it highlights how that North East corner of Scotland has been exploited over the years cos of its remoteness. 😦

I am old, Father Time, but I remember how the voices that stood up against the sell-out to the oil capitalists of the seventies were silenced by those who were bought off by the big oil companies and compliant local business people. And the fact that the local people were so used to giving in to Lords and Masters cos, after all, they knew best.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge but I’ve not being proving it recently. 😦

Johnt850, the answer to every mum’s dreams….

So I was talking to a couple of the current Post Grads and we were discussing the subject of cravings for things like alcohol and the only time, these days when I feel like a drink, is when I see a decent whisky being poured in a TV ad and we’re coming up to Christmas so there’s millions of them.

At the Zombie Rave, I felt no inclination to drink alcohol but part of my enjoyment came from the fact that others had taken alcohol and used it as a social lubricant. I did not feel challenged or threatened. I’d a great time. The drug? – alcohol; the setting? – a bar in M & D’s Theme Park; and the (mind)set? There to have a good time with marvellous people. I just go with the flow. 😀 😉 😀

I used to work in broadcast with a great guy called Jimmie Macgregor, We used to play this track a lot but a number of people seem to have just recently found it. It’s the Australian Eric Bogle and it’s an anti-war and anti-politician song called ‘And The band Played Waltzing Matilda’


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