I think it’s much better if you look to your own conscience before making a decision because then you’ll make better decisions

Wise words from Steve Earle and it makes me feel better about some of the decisions I’ve taken recently. No. No reason.

And so dear listener, the unfriending process has begun. Amongst other people, two relatively high profile West of Scotland Labour people are no longer on my list of fbook friends. And I did know them both. But I didn’t like their style on that Friday morning. But that’s enough about the Referendum. 😦

However, I may have to do a clean-up of Google as well. Who the hell are/were the Forces of Darkness for Yes? [But I’ll keep ‘vegan + Paisley’ at the moment]

No. Let’s play Catch-up just now. The last few weeks have seen a number of events in my life such as the birth of my first grand-child (who shall remain anonymous for a long time), the Referendum and the Titan Abseil with the good Dr W. But other things have happened and, indeed, not yet happened. So, let’s recap. (This might be quite a boring blog but it’s necessary. Okay?)

Mind you, one of the events of the week did take me back to Clydebank. It was a Service Users’ Forum where some Service Users and some workers from all over Scotland get together to discuss stuff of interest and for many it’s their first experience of such an event. But it was also a lot of fun. But the train and the walk to the Town Hall did give me a chance to have a look at the crane and it is helluva high up. So, for the last time for a long time, me and Dr W done good…and thanks for the cash. 🙂 🙂 🙂

But, I’ve started going to a Fitness Club in Paisley. It’s organised by folk who follow the Herbalife way of life but I’m just there as a friend of uni-Sharon. It seems to be mostly women…….were you aware of that uni-Sharon? And there is actually one rule to this Fitness Club……just push yourself a wee bit harder the next time…..and it’s run by a couple of pro-footballers who understand the fitness capabilities of a 42 year old like myself. It’s at the UWS (Paisley) sports grounds in the south of Paisley…….

And on the UWS front, no definite word on the PhD front….there will be soon, but I am an impetuous creature, and keen to get started PLUS I will also be doing an SVQ3 next year. Busty days. (I know. I decided to leave it in)……

And there is the money question and I will do a fair amount of shifts and editing just now ahead of next year, altho’ I had a slight windfall recently…..‘slight’…… I decided I wanted to blow some of it on something and for some reason, Amsterdam was suggested but the voting this time reflected a 50/50 split as to whether I should go there (two people but you’d guessed that hadn’t you?) In recent years I’ve been talking about going back to Barcelona (I was there for a day once) and maybe I should investigate that.

But I have lashed out and bought some new pots and pans and a new stockpot.

And I fancy Nicola Sturgeon. To be a good First Minister. Like many journalists of a certain age I was fair taken with her in her earlier days – leather jacketed and with a hairstyle that made her look like a young Suzi Quatro. And if you watch the library footage, you will see that she does the same flicky thing with her hair that I do…..

And finally, I have a new Blackberry Touchscreen phone and it had a difficult start. However, now I’ve found Rotation Lock (?) and stuck it in permanent portrait mode, I feel so much better. The birly thing was doing my head in. But why’s the weather in Fahrenheit and how many pictures of ladies’ bums have I inadvertently taken cos I press the wrong buttons when I swipe. 🙂

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Aye, cos folk still believe in it.

Johnt850, just a wee bit bored this week and I think it showed and I think a couple of people noticed. Sorry.

And for good reasons, there’s not been too much of the drink’n’drugs’n’cancer’n’sex’rock’n’roll stuff that this blog is kinda about. So can I wish everyone taking part in something called Sober October, the best of luck…..

And one final word about the Referendum………maybe we lack heroes……actually we do….we know too much about people……maybe they did exist once, but not now. Here’s Steve Earle singing about Woody Guthrie.


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