The campaign continues; the dream shall never die (A Salmond)

And so dear listener, I had planned to play it dead clever, kinda Pat Kane-like, and use Partick Thistle’s result against St Mirren as a metaphor for Thursday night. And then I thought – why? Our wounds are open and there* to be healed almost like trying to qualify for the World Cup. 😦

*I do mean ‘there’ and not ‘they’re’

I remember once when Scotland were playing England in some football tourney and I was producing an Off The Ball special and Son Brian came in (the biased, corrupt and horrible BBC was dead good for weekends with your son if you were estranged). And he was wearing full Scots footie gear and my senior producer looked at him and said, ‘So he’s taken on the mantle of despair from you, then, jt?’

I watched the count at work. I’m told that Sky coverage was better than BBC’s coverage but I do have a sense of loyalty, which was not necessarily a good thing to have on social media. I had no idea how many people hated the makers of CBBC programmes, Sportsound and the Hogmanay Show – even describing them as c*nts. Well, he wasn’t too specific about who he reviled so much. 😛

I don’t think the BBC was biased. I did feel at times it was incompetent but so too is its London management and the flooding of Scotland with all these resources was too much, too many and too late. All I wanted was evidence of the bias. I got little and what I got I was able to handle with a couple of exceptions – but I have no idea why a BBC demo was not covered on the BBC website altho’ it was covered on BBC TV…….get a life, M*****f****r !!!!!…….that is not what a laptop in the back bedroom was designed for. 😉

But if there were any bias against the Yes Campaign, don’t you think they would have complained? Especially when their Chief Exec is/was a man called Blair Jenkins, a former Head of News and Current Affairs at both the BBC and STV. If anybody knows election/broadcast law and the need to run a stopwatch, then he most certainly does.

But it was a delight to see so many people – many of them new to politics – getting involved but you’ve got to get out there as well as sharing websites and if you do share a site, then check it first – frightening how often that wasn’t done. And I want to pay a tribute to two folk I know who exemplified the combo of social media and actually getting out there and working for the cause. Maureen from down West Dunbartonshire way and Fiona G from Motherwell, both of whom worked their socks off…….as it were (it’s a metaphor, Fiona G 🙂 xx).

There’s a lovely pic of Maureen on her bike with a YES t-shirt and it looks as if she’s looking for folk to pile on the back of the bike to get them to vote (do you do ear-rings?) and Fiona G….. when I first met you down in Clydebank a wee while back, I could sense your energy, but bloody hell, I was knackered just reading all the things you did (happy wedding next year xx)

Forty-five per cent of the votes cast were for independence – not SNPism……… and I do hope that my party of choice (the Labour Party in Scotland) bucks its ideas up. The question of the campaign was the BBC’s James Cook to Joanne Lamont

and that shows how distant some politicians are from reality…they must learn. A friend of mine joined the SNP on Friday…….it’s worth thinking about.

And the horribleness of the Daily Mail highlighting the differences in age between Alex Salmond and his 17 years older wife, Moira, and the age difference between Nicola and her man, Peter, and enlisting some Scottish rugby players to say that their childlessness was why they didn’t care about future generations… stank.

I had a couple of run-ins (journalistically) with Eck many years ago but I admire much of what he has achieved. Any free-thinking person must do.

So what did I do? Not a lot. I had conversations with some people in various places about tactics and strategy and I used Facebook and I gave people badges. I used to be politically very active (I was a member of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, for example and reasonably active in Trades Union activities) but in recent years, I have tended to concentrate on causes.

And talking about people and their problems……Sunday’s abseil down the Titan Crane was my first attempt at fundraising and it looks as if the Team Leader, the good Dr W, and I have raised nearly £700 (including Gift Aid)…..which is damn good. 😀 😀 😀

Thanks to everyone……….

oh, and I was fairly active in 1979 so if I am 42 then I must have been a negative age……but maybe that year laid the foundation stone of destiny which led to the forty-five per cent voting Yes, and will be more meaningful for Scotland than any previous ’45.

Cya, (keep)ing it fun and still wearing that badge? Soon time I will go back to the original badge – the one that says Sex God – but I’ll keep wearing the one that says Yes….are the two in any way connected?

Johnt850, looking for ‘passing fancy’ in a Mary Berry baking book and failing miserably but I’ll work on it…..(metaphor for life alert!)

And in the week when the good Dr W started a new job, this is for her (Don’t even begin to ask) and my thanks to BBC Al, the blog’s bad taste pal and Gary McD, tipster to the stars, for finding it 🙂


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