Three, Two, One, Go! (Me at the top of a 400 metre zipwire)

And so dear listener, I wrote this in rather uncomfortable circumstances the other night, because on Friday afternoon I had a tube inserted in my penis and one up my bum…….but that’s S & M in Summerston for you. Now, where’s that gaffa tape? No. I’ve mentioned it before that I have a slightly overactive bladder – a wee bit like its owner this week. 🙂

It’s not too bad but I would like it fixed. There’s a meeting with the Medical Team on 16th September – two days after I take the leap of faith that is abseiling down the Titan Crane in Clydebank to raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK and two days before we take the leap of faith that is voting for Independence for Scotland. I will keep you posted.

No, I said last week that, after the Commonwealth Games, things would settle down again and that the messages about cancer and bevvy would return and a wee bit bout my own lifestyle would kick in. But what has really knocked me out this week has been three people who learned/know my story and who have told me how impressed they are about the way I’ve ‘turned round’ my life. I feel ill at ease with that but very grateful.:)

Yes, I have done well but I have had so much help but you don’t want to hear about that – you want to hear about some other things I’ve done – including the Fitness Club I may well be attending regularly on Monday nights. It was an idea by uni-Sharon that I should attend but silly me forgot to put on fitness clothes so I did a long walk with some of them. I will return properly clothed and this time I will avoid the left hand filter into Causewayside (sp) Street cos that took me on a long journey out of my way but it was a voyage of memory. The woman I used to be married to – my accountant – used to live out that way and her family and the memories that came back when I saw Charleston Bowling Club…..not necessarily good ones….but there you go.

But my first week as a permanent part-time nightshift worker (get thee behind me Ambition!) went well and I will speak a wee bit more about it but subject to all the rules of confidentiality…..

But I hear you cry, how did you celebrate the Good Dr W’s birthday? Not with a nice meal and a walk…like we once did in Embra at the BookFest time….oh no…we went Ape. Go Ape. In Aberfoyle.

It’s a world above the Trossachs full of zipwires, traverses across the country from tree to tree, ladders that you couldn’t get two feet into at one time and two Tarzan jumps – one of which saw my life flashing before my eyes – or it would have done had I not been so careful staying alive.

And it is also possible that there may from time to time be occasions when I want to say something quietly to Dr W and I will put it into square brackets so you don’t need to read it.

[Do you know you left my bathroom light on? It was burning for the five hours or so I was out the house]

It was really good and you were well shown what to do and you repeated the mantra green to green; hook up the blue, hook up the red and jump…..We kinda teamed up with two mums and their offspring, Libby and Marcus but one of the mums, Brigit, was terrified but she completed the course and well deserved the hug I gave her at the end…..everyone was helping everyone else. 😀

[I don’t think black’s a strange colour for the kitchen]

But I have to pay a major thanks to Dr W (who the world knows is an amazing friend) for saving my life – or that’s how it felt anyway. There’s a thing called the Tarzan Leap and the idea is you kinda zipwire from a tree into a large cargo net, bounce off once and then the momentum will bring you back in at a more controllable speed. I was tired and I made a grab on the first run in so it was flapping, as was I, at 50 mph. I was scared. Seriously. You forget you’re hooked up. I couldn’t find where to put my feet and hands. Then, Dr W saved the day. What a loud voice she has. W helped me traverse across slowly but to safety and before I could catch my breath she was off on the next one….

That was the kinda frightening moment I had expected more of…..phew.

[but how did your ear-ring get in there anyway?] 😉

And so I have the confidence to abseil (W’s birthday pressie to me) because I will get tuition as we did on Wednesday and I will take my place at the top of the 164 foot high crane and I will say ‘Three two one Go’ and I will jump in a rather controlled manner to raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK. Here’s the Justgiving site;

And finally, there’s not a lot else to say… was a brilliant day. 😀

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yes and it stayed on.

Johnt850, who’d never been compared to a Bollywood hero until this week. 🙂

Mork and Mindy and Robin Williams’s message to Orion at the end of each show were brilliant (as was another TV series called ALF)……Robin did his, as he did most things, with a lot of impro. My major memory of him was an appearance on Graham Norton’s show one night. Graham offers his guests a glass of wine (or at least used to). He offered one to Robin who turned it down and said, ‘why are you offering me that when you know?’

Norton was embarrassed but that was a reflection, to me, of a society where alcohol is the norm but when you do get involved in mainstream life ‘out there’ then it’s often assumed you drink cos you seem normal…or as normal as you can several hundred feet above the Trossachs as you come into land……maybe I have turned my life around. But let’s not get too cocky, jt……..not after those tests anyway.

It was a great day. Please don’t read anything into this week’s choice of music but there’s a couple of lines (as it were) that are amazingly appropriate. Happy birthday Dr W but next year Greggs and a seat in the Botanic Gardens. Not.

And watch out for the amazing Doctor John in this


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