Being brave is being afraid but carrying on and doing what you believe is the right thing to do (anon)

And I still feel that we are now commemorating the beginning of World War One because current day politicians see it as a way to gain some form of credibility and you’re not a true Brit/Scot if you dare suggest it’s a bad idea……and then I hear words like those I’ve just quoted. But we remember the fallen of all wars in November. We always have done………

Ho and hum.

And so dear listener, this blog is a wee bit of a tidy up after the fun and Games of the last few weeks and I don’t believe (unlike a BBC high heid yin) that the nation’s interest is now on the Edinburgh Festival. How can the Ladyboys of Bangkok and the latest comedic talent in the Pleasance ever compete with the bravery of Jo Pavey and Lyndsay Sharp and the ‘get-it-right-up-youness’ of Tattie the Bowler and the amazing post-match interview with Charlie (‘ants with the sound of lions’) Flynn who thanked his mum for doing the washing and was looking forward to celebrating with some Buckie….. 😉

RainforestRiverMan, the English may not need translation for the words but the sentiments were Newarthill and beyond… can stop me parking in my usual place cos of a cycle race where even the police were applauding but you’ll never take my freedom. 🙂

But I think I annoyed a few people who told me that a statue of Clyde the Thistle (the mascot carefully named after Glasgow’s two top ‘non-aligned’ teams, albeit that Clyde never actually played in Glasgow but just outside its boundary) had been stolen. Could they give a description? Did they have any recent photos? I was looked at.

Listen, if we have to report people missing (after two days) those are the questions we’re asked……Seemed reasonable to me.

And I enjoyed a large part of the Closing Ceremony – not the speeches nor the massif advert for the Gold Coast but I did like the caption that said Kylie would be on soon – including Kylie herself. (At what point did she change from black basque and high black boots to virginal white dress? Could it have been when I was discussing the finer points of the Wessexes title when they are in Scotland cos they don’t seem to have one altho’ I am now reliably informed that he becomes the Duke of Edinburgh when he dies). The existing Duke, that is, not the one that will be the new Duke cos that’d be daft…passing on titles to dead people when you’re still creating them for Karen Brady and Stuart Rose.

And a wee warning to some folk…….now that school holidays and the Games are over, I’m coming to knock on doors. You never know Becky Garret, North London correspondent and thanks for clearing up the mystery even if I missed the explanation months ago. :-$

And congratulations are also due to all the nation’s children who done good in the exams this week. And their parents….okay, their mums. Why, let me just pick a couple of names at random from this list supplied to me by the SQA. Oh look, it’s the good Dr W (well done to elder son and the phone was switched off cos I’d been involved a wee bit in a facebook conversation earlier) and uni-Sharon (well done to elder daughter and that bodes real well for the future)

And there was a wee bit of criticism of me last week when I’d a go at a certain type of joke (knob gags as they’re known in the business) in the belief that some of the stuff in here is of a lewd nature…..No. I do innuendo. In fact, I remember my favourite female school teacher once tried to come up with an example of an innuendo but couldn’t so I gave her one……

No. I want to draw the nation’s attention to the lewd and libidinous programme that now inhabits BBC 1 – the Great British Bake Off with the male sleazeball Hollywood……Lord Reith wouldn’t have tolerated him.

Nor would he have tolerated the fragrant Sue Perkins and lines like ‘you have two hours to pop Mary’s cherry…………cake in the oven.’ Disgusting.

And finally, I’m aware that this blog has not said much recently about things like cancer and alcohol and drugs, some of which was part of its original remit. Things like confidentiality relating to the people I work with is a major part of the reason but I’ve got a big hospital appointment coming up and various other things are happening, so all that will return……next week

Cya, (keep)ing it fun and still wearing that badge? I keep giving away the Yes badge I have in Partick Thistle colours but to deserving causes.

Johnt850, whose bum is still recovering from the concrete benches at Kelvingrove Bandstand the other night.

And why was I there? Why, to see the marvellous Steve Earle who has been featured in the music slot in this show many a time. And I’d like to thank my friend, e for coming with me. It must have been ‘See an old man safely across the road day’ that day. And I’m pleased to say she seemed to enjoy Steve….I’ll draw a veil over the support act….and who was that girl in the yellow dress with occasional leather jacket…and, hey, I knew where Block 6 really was and all that kinda post-gig stuff…. 😉

But Steve was good and played for one and three-quarter hours with a mixture of songs finishing with Copperhead Road and a couple of other favourites but this was his finale number. He’s due in Tel Aviv as we speak and he introduced this song very gently but under current circumstances it’s very apposite. As he described it we used to have civil war in Northern Ireland and now we’re close to peace……it’s about listening to the other side and admitting they have some good points. We can’t even do that in the Referendum Debate!

This is Jerusalem by Steve Earle, a very different song from the Faux-English national anthem to which no-one knew the words recently. They know Flower of Scotland in Newarthill but that’s a song of conflict.

This ain’t. Listen and believe.


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