The grumpier you get, the more assholes you will meet (Banksy)

And if you look for imperfection, bias and prejudice you will find it; but you will miss, by far, the positive bigger picture (t850, 2014)……but we can talk about the various perceptions of the BBC later. 😉

First, Usain Bolt.

I believe he did say disparaging things about the Commonwealth Games. Why?

First, I have worked (BBC) with Angus MacLeod, the Scottish Editor of the Times and believe him to be an honourable man and an old-fashioned journalist. Several years ago, when I worked in Public Relations and he worked for the Sunday Mail, he once accused me of ratfuc*ing him over a story where the company I represented had gone to court to get an Interim Interdict to prevent the Mail running with a story we didn’t want them to publish… old fashioned journalist.

Secondly, Bolt was bored! This is a man who is used to flying in shortly before a well-paid Diamond League gig on first class travel and living in first class accommodation with Sir Richard Branson by his side and his every need met. Instead he was asked to hang around the Athletes’ Village in Dalmarnock for several days before he ran 100 metres two or three times in a relay on the last days. Of course he was frigging bored. Wouldn’t you have been? 😦

A shout of ‘Awesome’ across a crowded netball audience is not a denial. He just wanted to get on with it and should have been left alone to do so.

And I have read absolutely nothing into the fact that Virgin Media are major sponsors of the Games.

Incidentally I heard one interview with two athletes about the attractions of the Village. They did not mention the copious amounts of booze on-site – in particular being consumed by those athletes who had finished their sports but had to hang around for the plane home. Instead these two athletes, including Jen McIntosh who had only just arrived after her spectacular performances in Barry Buddon (the place)said that one of the highlights of the Village was the hairdressing salon.

Is it any wonder Bolt was bored?

Elsewhere I was reliably informed by the volunteer team at Fortress Kelvingrove Bowlng that one of their biggest problems was educating their somewhat elderly audiences in the arts of the Portaloo – this was not a T in the Park audience – whereas over at Cathkin Braes the volunteers had to watch they didn’t snigger too much when people were saying to their partners, ‘No. I’ve never been here before’ at what is one of Glasgow’s top areas for ‘dogging’ – isn’t it, councillor?

And the BBC has come in for a lot of slagging. Yes. They have said England a lot cos they’re doing well but I have heard Wales, Ireland and Trinidad and Tobago (for example) mentioned a lot as well; and they did a lovely wee feature on a young girl boxer from a group of islands so obscure that they’re not even in Wikipedia; and whilst you may think that there’s a lot of English commentators commentating, I’m sure would love to hear your suggestions for alternatives. 🙂

And, yes, they did get it wrong when they switched from Scotland winning at the bowls to the English hockey team but they did apologise. I must have missed the social media highlighting the apology.

But I despair for a Scottish society that cannot see an obvious joke. We live in a world where if it’s anything more subtle than a knob gag (e.g.a nymphomaniac blonde, an Irish priest or an elderly couple having sexual misunderstandings) it has to have lol (as Carmen would say) at the end of it.

Last Sunday, before I went to work, I watched four hours of brilliant marathon coverage from Steve Cram and Brendan Foster with Paula Radcliffe doing some of the tekkie stuff (there is an art to picking up water from a watering station); I saw a slightly wet Glasgow looking superb with lots of spectators encouraging the athletes on; and I saw two spectacular finishes.

At one point, as they were running through a smashing Glasgow park, much loved by various Popes and Susan Boyle, someone, for a laugh, put up the caption ‘Bella Houston Park’. I laffed; social media went into meltdown…….I then despaired. 😦

But then I saw Kirsty Wark’s piece on the cultural and artistic and comic and musical renaissance of Glasgow; and I remembered the conversation I had with an English couple who wanted to go see the Riverside Museum but were persuaded by me to stay and watch the massif Flotilla; and Dan Wallace’s hangover on BBC Breakfast News; and those marvellous wee drones that scuttled all over the Hampden pitch to pick up the javelins; and those marvellous hi-vis jacketed people in Central Station down Argyle Street way who helped me go against the crowds cos I was worried about someone being claustrophobic on a train; and the crowds down at the free stuff being presented by BBC Radio Scotland at Pacific Quay or its Commonwealth Voices from its East End studios……and I thought – stuff social media and stuff the men in suits……Glasgow is big enough on its own to drown out those minds who ignore the bigger, more open picture, in order to follow their agenda.

It’s a city which welcomed the curry and made it its own; where its people were experts on cycling long before the London Olympics; where Primark has been a treasure trove for many, many Commonwealth athletes; and where the Kohli brothers from Bishopbriggs told the world how disgusting a deep-fried chicken tikka pizza really is. 😀

Cya (keep)ing it fun, and still wearing that badge? Yes, but now slightly worried that many are voting Yes for negative reasons cos we can’t all be positive minded Glaswegians getting out there.

Johnt850, very, very disappointed for someone very, very special.

And finally (let’s throw the format out of the window once in a while) I was going to mention a funeral I was at which was detail-for-detail a dry run for my own. But I won’t. However, I will need another piece of music for the middle of my Closing Ceremony…….something to think about whilst I await the end of the Games. Looking for a ‘good time’ once the Games end? I’m handy. Try me. No. No reason. 🙂

And table tennis will never be the same again. This is Singapore v Nigeria;


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