In the second city of the Empire, Mother Glasgow watches all her weans, trying hard to feed her little starlings, Unconsciously she clips their little wings….And the tree And the fish And the bird And the bell? Let Glasgow Flourish (Michael Marra)

And so dear listener, the expected is not about to happen. I will not be cynical about the Commonwealth Games. Now that the suits no longer attempt to hog the limelight other than a patronising Alex Salmond (‘the girl from South Africa’ has a name – use it!)* I’m happy. It’s a time for celebration by the athletes, spectators and volunteers. 😀

Especially the nine scantily clad lady triathletes pedalling their way round Strathclyde Park on Friday morning television and being filmed from behind as they cycled past the Gay Cottagers’ Car Park but for some reason they never made it to M&D’s where the Reverse Bungee Jump exists. I’d had an hour’s sleep after my fifth night shift in seven days. I thought; ‘hallucinations don’t get much better than this’. 😀

*She is called Pumeza and she sang the ‘Freedom Come All Ye’. 😀

I mean the Queen’s been much more fun than Salmond. From smiling cheekily at the nice moment where her message would never be heard until Scott’s Porage Oats Man Chris Hoy stepped up to save the Empire (sorry) Commonwealth to photo-bombing Australian hockey players’ selfies; from staring daggers at a woman who had the temerity to turn up in a similar outfit to her at Tollcross Swimming Pool (and who left) through to taking a cargo of drink’n’drugs to an ‘empty’ in the Red Road Flats. 😀

(My lawyers have suggested I emphasise that one of those is not true but I do not have to specify which one it is) 😉

But what I don’t understand is why she had to send a secret message to herself that had to be carried all the way around the world so that Mark Beaumont could kid us on that the Commonwealth was still important and that where poverty did exist, boxing was a dead good way of alleviating it. I mean, why not e-mail it to herself? 😀

And I don’t think the Opening needed either Rod Stewart (and his lack of respect for the Celtic Boardroom) or Susan Boyle (who is not good in live situations) and maybe a little less Dunbar and Barrowman (altho’ Barrowman’s gay kiss was a smack in the face for the homophobic Commonwealth nations). 😀

People make Glasgow so why not trust them a wee bit more. They were the highlights; them and the Scottie Dogs. I watched it on iPlayer and would maybe have liked to see a wee bit more about Glasgow but maybe I missed it….. 😀

Mind you I would have liked to have seen a wee bit more from Scotland in the Edinburgh Castle fiesta last week but the producers didn’t feel the same. There was none, other than Fred Macauley and an appalling Ronnie Corbett who brought back memories of Hogmanay at Gleneagles all those years ago. Seriously, were both Hue and Cry and Deacon Blue too busy? 😀 That’s unusual.

Tremendous notion to raise funds for UNICEF and I’ll tell you more about my forthcoming attempt to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK next week – with or without training. 😦

And what a twit Tory Lord peer, Lord Plumb was when he spoke of the ‘international audience in Glasgow during the Conservative Games’. Former Celtic Chairman, John Reid, soon put him right. 😀

Would Sir Bob Kelly, one of Reid’s predecessors as Chairman even have allowed Rod Stewart in, given his profligacy in fathering children to a number of women not all of whom he married? 🙂

And this week’s OOOPs of the Month award goes to the Sri Lankan cycle team who pedalled down the M74 as part of their training. Apparently they got as far as the Motherwell exit – which has nothing to do with Motherwell being beaten by part-time Icelandic Stjarne (sp)…..out of Europe before the beginning of August. 😦 A true Motherwell exit….

And finally, I take no pride in accurately predicting that Mo Farah would not be there. After all I could not predict a stomach problem. However, I can see a man unhappy in life. He never really wanted to be a marathon runner; he was quite happy where he was. Someone, somewhere told him that was the way to fame and fortune. And he listened. Unfortunately. I feel sorry for him. :C

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? With pride, with pride.

Johnt850, not quite a convert; more in a pre-contemplation stage.

So I’ve been trying to let folk know this before the blog goes out but a combo of good weather and night shifts means I’ve not told everyone who needs to know…so apologies to some folk.

I now have a kinda proper job. Tbh, it’s me established as a pemanent part-time night shift worker with a housing association that provides supported accommodation for the homeless – not a hostel nor a shelter but a chance for people to get back on their feet with some help. I’ve been doing it on an ad hoc basis for some time.

Three years ago, I would not have thought that I’d be doing this. It was going to be drink’n’drug intervention but, altho’ I don’t believe in a God or Higher Power or Buddha or some form of Energy directing us in some way, I’m happy.

And then last Thursday at six o’clock in the morning, I did something that kinda broke the rules. And I’m glad I did. Even one hour and a cup of tea can make a huge difference even if…… Rules can be mended; it’s not so easy with people.

People make Glasgow…..not the ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ men in suits….that’s why Glasgow Smiles Better.

These are some songs about Glasgow from a time when we laughed at drunks in Glasgow. Feel free to join in.

You’ll be amazed how many of the words you know. 🙂


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