Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone (Jim Fiebig)

And so dear listener, having trailed it for so long, it finally happened; I commemorated having been born sixty years ago on Wednesday. Why not a celebration? ‘Cos every day is a celebration as far as I’m concerned. 🙂

No. I don’t feel any different. And, yes. I have applied for a bus pass (National Entitlement Card) but I do not understand why people of a certain age should be entitled to such a thing. I’m picking hairs. (Is that an appropriate thing to say? I’d rather pick hairs than nits)

But yes. Wednesday was a good day. And, yes, I did have ice cream for lunch thanks to AJ and RJ (and their mum was there as well) in Nardini’s in Byres Road. I was particularly impressed by just under two years’ old RJ’s lying spread-eagled on her front at the entrance to the café and the way that people managed to step over her. Parents of very young children will know that moment when a tantrum cannot be addressed and you hope and pray for the forbearance of all the people around you and hope that they were once parents of very young children and know that moment when……and so on and so on….. 😉

And then came the evening – which, to be honest, always happens towards the end of the day anyway.

And I’d like to thank my sister (x for no publicity) for making the meal possible. 🙂

I’d also like to thank the Vampire Slayer for recommending the privet dining room (such a nicer typo than getting the word ‘private’ accurate). The VS is currently in Milan and I look forward to her next recommendation. 🙂

It was a place called the restaurant, the bar, the grill and should not be confused with any other grill on the same floor of Prince’s Square; (two people did but I found them). 😉

I liked the way they catered for my friend, the good Dr W, and her vegan needs…….even to the pudding; I liked the way Kenny (husband of uni-Sharon) who, when told that Dr W had once been a railguard, very courteously said; ‘that was a long time ago’; I liked the service which recognised that it was an occasion and more than just a meal and the waiter who got to recognise my nodding head; and I liked the fact that the two service users, who I encountered at the low level of Central Station, did not carry out their threats to follow me to wherever I was going; I liked getting a bottle of special ginger beer and will save it for a special occasion; I liked the Banksy print; and I liked the fact that when the conversations got to ex-wives I managed to say nothing (‘cos she was sitting opposite me). 😀

And I got dead good pressies – many of which have still to be properly investigated. I would appear to have been enrolled in a life coaching course which intrigues me and will be studied in greater depth this week as will the Peckham’s cookery course. 🙂

And there was a wee bit of ‘meet the author’ as well but more of that on another occasion.

I enjoyed the day and I do hope everyone else involved in the day did so as well. (And if your pressie or card was not mentioned, it was appreciated) 😀

And there may be more to follow including one designed to raise money for charity as I plunge screaming. In fact there may be another occasion when I plunge screaming in a couple of weeks’ time. (Jo?) I will probably not park in the Gay Cottagers Car Park this time.

What else in the world?

Oh, yes. Did anyone else spot Adrian Chiles doing his pre-match discussions from the Copacabana beach wearing socks as well as sandals? That and the fact that he is so safe that he feels he has to caveat any contentious opinions from any members of the panel – or Martin O’Neill to be honest. I’ve never been impressed.

And finally can someone explain to BBC TV promo people that the World’s top athletes are NOT coming to Glasgow?

It’s the Commonwealth Games – not a world championship. Sorry but I do hope the volunteers have a great time and I know a few of them and I’m sure they will but can you name me any participants than some of the top athletes and not your own specialist sport? I just remember 1986 when I worked at the Games in Edinburgh and maybe that spoiled/soured me. Maybe more of that nearer the time. It’ll be fun but it’s not world-shattering……and I think the volunteering will be brill but not the road closures.

St Lucia has won a total of two bronzes since they joined the Commonwealth in 1979. They will do so much better this year. Go St Lucia!

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? I have so many more to choose from. It’s nice.

Johnt850, still worried by my waist size.

So why am I doing these things – maybe attempting a PhD and some severe physical stuff still to come?

Is it to prove that life begins at 60?

No. It’s to prove the power of recovery……..I think there does come a time when you’ve recovered (in my case from having a severe alcohol problem and bad cancer) and you want to show the world what can be achieved. I missed out on a lot of good times in my late forties and fifties ‘cos of the drink and the cancer. There’s so much left that I want to enjoy. Even if it does mean I plunge screaming.

Here’s a selfie of me on Wednesday morning. Honest.


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