It’s disappointing when our Player of the Year does that kind of thing’ (Gordon Taylor of the English PFA abut Luis Suarez)

Scarcely, the sternest of international tellings-off, is it?

And so, dear listener, the other night I ventured out to the cinema. Not to one of the major blockbusters that are around during the summer, nor some arty-farty arthouse movie in Serbo-Croat with subtitles, but to the stirring tale of Tim and Tam.

Okay, you’ve not heard of it; and it’s not yet been reviewed in the List; but it was a world premiere; and I did get a free drink out of it (double orange juice); and it was written by a good friend of mine (#soulboydaveybee); and produced by a well known name in Scottish cinema (Eddie Harrison); and starred two well known actors (Colin McCreadie and Calum Cuthbertson); and was only seven minutes long. 🙂

But it was really good. It’s a simple tale (without giving anything away) of two children’s TV entertainers who could have made the big time but didn’t and now play the student circuit telling rude and risqué jokes with a mixture of what might have been and why.

Right. Plug over. It was only one free drink but it was in Cineworld and it was in a roped off area and then shown in Screen 14, Level 5. No red carpet but my name was on a clipboard. I was a V.I.P. For a while. 😀 😀 😀

This is being broadcast from a different computer from usual. And it shows.

Elsewhere, e, AJ and RJ (and C) are back from holidays and three of us went down to the Riverside Museum.  Pesky filter lanes. Who needs them anyway?

Anyway, whilst it’s a good place to go, my eyes were drawn to m/v Causeway – a dredger – which was moving back and fore. Maybe nothing to most people. But I used to do that for a living. Watch boats in harbours. Not dredge. Many years ago. I worked in harbours. I miss harbours. Maybe this coming commemoration week I’ll give myself a wee pressie of a trip to a harbour. 😉

And following up a couple of stories from recent weeks, several people pointed out the story about a hotel in America which was haunted by ghosts of clowns: obviously the place where killer clowns go to die. Not tomorrow. But to die (read that in an Australian accent and it works as a gag) but what was really uncanny was…well remember that Becky, the Miss Marples of North London, had suggested a job as a ghost on the Ghost Train with Carter’s Steam Fair might be suitable for me? Well I happen to have a wee book called how to be a ghost by a couple of Glasgow writers called Neil Slorance and Campbell Miller. How did I know it would be good? It came recommended by Patrick Swayze.

And whilst I’m in this kind critic mode, can I recommend a beautiful piece of television called From Scotland With Love which may no longer be on iPlayer but was last week on BBC 2 Scotland. It’s seventy-five minutes of archive with soundtrack by the lovely King Creosote. It is well worth finding if you have any interest in Scotland – the nation – without any political point of view being expressed.

And finally, I’m fat. Seriously. For reasons I may explain next week after the ceremony to commemorate my birth sixty years ago (what some people call a birthday)I tried on a pair of trousers (waist size 30) and they were too tight at the top. They would not close. Denims lie. Trousers don’t. I do not like waist size 32……..war will be declared soon. After this coming week.  I will keep you posted. 😦

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Actually I keep giving it away but I have others.

Johnt850, still forty-two as he writes this.

At the moment I know a few people with cancer and a friend also very recently passed away. This is not through Prostate Cancer UK but people I know.

The superbly talented Caroline Ahern is facing cancer for the third time. She spoke to a group of people recently.

‘My brother and I were born with cancer of the eyes, the retina. My mum told us only special people get cancer. I must be very special because I have had it in my lungs and bladder as well.’

She was paying tribute to Macmillan cancer nurses. My dealings with them were few for my own cancer but they were more present for mum. Indeed it was a Macmillan nurse who arranged for the hospice care for the last few days. I can never pay too much tribute to the doctors and nurses and soooo many others who help sooo many people through these times but it was another aspect of the newspaper report that caught my eye.

‘Aherne talked about the importance of humour when dealing with cancer and joked at the end of her speech that she was pleased that ‘her wig had stayed on’’

 And you wonder why my hair is the length it is? It’s because I can, dear listener, because I can.

 My tribute to Booby Womack….


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