I’m never gonna look back, Woah, never gonna give it up. No, please don’t wake me now…This is gonna be the best day of my life (American Authors)

And so dear listener, I am beginning to get academic hunger pangs. The World has been warned. 😀

It was bound to happen. My Karma, my Higher Power, my God, my Energy, my Whatever has been in touch muchly recently. Let me follow it through. (I did once address a prayer to someone else’s Higher Power and it worked and I kept my share of the bargain)

But it had to happen. 😛

Last Monday I was out at UWS (Hamilton) for a prostate cancer focus group to help the PhD work of Gemma who knew me from Paisley but I didn’t know her (I don’t think I was the shrinking violet I sometimes portray myself); I was also talking to a Criminal Justice student who I knew from a suicide intervention course; and then I bumped into uni-Jo who is strutting her funky stuff out there.

The focus group was good and I was reminded of the fun times when I was being sandblasted about five and a bit years ago. And that was the big mistake I made on radio a few weeks ago when I described radiotherapy as ‘being zapped by a nuclear zapping thing’. I should have said ‘being sandblasted by a nuclear sandblasting thing’.

Tuesday I was out at UWS (Hamilton) to meet up with the good Dr W to discuss inter al (as we say in the academic world) her ideas for celebrating the biggest event ever in my life this year – the one in July; not the other one later in the year……..can someone please explain to me – what is a reverse bungee jump? 😦

So I met Dr W and I met Gemma from the day before and I did the gentlemanly thing and stood back and listened to a jolly interesting discussion before going for coffee. So interesting thoughts beginning to be thought.

Wednesday? Well I’ll come back to Wednesday in a minute and the voyage through time that it was…..

Thursday night I was working night shift and the worker who handed over to me had done the same drink’n’drugs course as me but one year previously; again the conversation was an interesting one. So I’m going out to see a man next week and I want to do some reading before then……mmmmm.

Aye, Wednesday…..in Chryston or was it Muirhead? No. Me neither. But the company was brilliant and it’s been a
long time since I’ve sat at a kitchen table in a kitchen with people passing through and chatting. The getting there was also interesting. Let’s leave aside the fact that I ended up on the M80 driving away from where I was meant to be (on the A80). All I did was leave the motorway; do a strange reversing manoeuvre at a filter bit and managed to get heading back and took it from there.

(Uni-Sharon and Buttons…….I could never master that strange filter turn out of Johnstone on to the M8 back to Glasgow. On at least two occasions I drove beyond it and then u-turned in the correct direction. That may have been illegal)

Anyway, the travelling back in time….older listeners will remember a time when you drove through Stepps, and you passed the Crowwood House Hotel on the left and you then knew that you were about to leave the civilisation of Glasgow and head north. The reason? It was the last set of traffic lights before you reached the next set of lights in, say, Perth……and then there was a Little Chef just outside Cumbernauld that made an early start worthwhile.

I told you it was a journey through time. 🙂

And finally, at the start of the week hospital food was a source of discussion on various TV and radio programmes and the almost-consensus was that it was not good. Going back to last week’s blog of gratitude, see that time I ended up in Gartnavel having cold-turkeyed, I have never, ever been so well fed (well I have but this is relative). I was offered three meals a day with a choice plus a cup of tea and a biscuit in the afternoon……well impressed and well fed……I wasn’t too sure when I had last done the lumpy stuff.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? No. It’s been replaced for a few weeks by one that says ‘YES’ in Partick Thistle colours…….and I’m not the only one. Thanks blogmeister. 😉

Johnt850, who’s never been a big fan of Fearne Cotton on radio. No. No reason.

So, this week, I’ve been in touch, or am about to get in touch with, a number of men who have various cancers in various stages……..one of them confirmed this week altho’ he had said nothing to no-one about it….except to me cos he’d heard me on radio and had realised now was the time to do something about something that was worrying him and he did……And cancers were discovered…….Sometimes my positivity can seem a bit shitty in other people’s eyes…….but I make no apology for it.

And you may have noticed that BBC Radio One had its latest Big Weekend here in Glasgow, well, this weekend……when the Glasgow School of Art went up in flames but maybe not as bad as was first expected. Time will tell. 🙂

Well anyway, the amazing Zane Lowe played an amazing set in the amazing George Square on Friday night. This amazing track gained him massif respect when he played it.


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