Keep the North Stand, red and yellow…Keep the North Stand, red and yellow

And so dear listener, the football season ended, not with a great Thistle victory, but an amazing display of choreographed stewarding as the end of the game drew nigh. On the final whistle, it was like being present at One Man and His Dog as they wheeled and pranced and drew attention to themselves. Unfortunately when the players came on to the pitch to say thanks to the fans, these highly trained custodians failed to stop one wee boy (or cretin as he is known) running on the pitch and the rest followed. Not us. Not this year.

(And I really did see a shepherd practising with four dogs but no sheep on the old putting green next to Kelvingrove Art Galleries the other day. Is it in the Commonwealth Games and how good are St Lucia?)

But the real football drama of the week took place on Wednesday. No. Not the most amazing come-back of all times against Hearts but on the road home. The designated driver was @soulboydaveybee and as he was about to turn into a heavy stream of traffic leaving Embra, his glasses fell apart and his sight went with them as well. 😦

Hero Alan grabbed the wheel and carried on turning it. The car was already heavily steamed up cos we had arrived back at the car soaking wet. And then we had the hassle of driving on our side of the road with all these cars driving in the opposite direction to us. We were the only ones going in the right direction. Weird.

Okay. I made that last bit up. But the rest is true……and well done Alan. 🙂

‘Liberte, egalite, fraternite and the North Stand’ (The French Revolution)

But well done the Thistle for a very entertaining season and I will continue to follow although next year I lose student discount on my season ticket. Almost a reason for doing a PhD. 😉

Moving randomly on, older listeners will remember the European butter mountain and oft wonder what happened to it. Well, the solution popped up on the Eurovision Song Contest the other night. Yes. This is an excuse for tasteless innuendo akin to all those pix of semi-naked firemen that pop up from time to time on Facebook but aren’t seen as sexist. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Polish entry;

They’re called Donatan and Cleo and are actually really good and very political so I can truthfully say that the butter churning is done in a post-modern ironic way.

‘The Rights of Man include the North Stand staying Red and Yellow’ (Thomas Paine)

Maybe I should explain. For the last season we have stood in the all-seated North Stand, miles away from the family atmosphere of the Jackie Husband Stand. We give loud and vociferous, if sometimes, rude-ish, support.

There is a rumour that the North Stand may be given over to away fans for the next season – a purely commercial decision. And an unpopular one. In the North Stand.

But one decision that does meet with approval is the return of the Kelvingrove Bandstand to the Glasgow music scene. Once upon a time, music festivals in Glasgow were sponsored and organised by Radio Clyde and I have many memories of days at the Bandstand.…..Steve Earle is playing and I have got two tickets to see him. What? No. Not yet. 😉

Other acts who going to be there over a few days are Teenage Fanclub, Squeeze and the Waterboys (quiet moment of reflection at their presence) in a venue which will hold 2,500 people. Gates open at 6 and home in time for cocoa….…I think not……

And finally, as some of you know, as well as the paid work in supported housing for the homeless, I do some vol stuff down Dumbarton way. The idea was to get some experience and keep up some of the skills I’ve learned in recent years. Well, I’m moving the vol work but still with the same org. I will be doing my vol stuff in a form of recovery house known as a therapeutic community. The idea, at its simplest, is that the residents/service users have a big say in the running of the house in terms of their links with fellow residents. It is a big task for all those involved and I’m thoroughly looking forward to being part of the team……

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Aye, I wonder what age it is now?

Johnt850, beginning to get used to the event that is the beginning of July.

I first discovered Steve Earle in 2003 during the beginnings of the Iraq War when I was still a BBC person.

I worked on a Saturday morning news programme and the decision was taken to send the fragrant Ken McDonald to New York to anchor the show from there. One of the items I tried to set up was an interview for Ken with Steve.

Steve was a well-known and prolific country singer who, along with the Dixie Chicks, had stood up against the war and as a result had been ostracised by his peers. But he stuck to his guns. In trying to get him on I listened to a lot of his music. We never got him on the prog but I became a convert to his music.

He’s also a recovered problem drinker.

I wasn’t sure what track to choose but fellow studently person, Nessa, decided for me. This is Copperhead Road. Enjoy.

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