Paved with Murderers What It’s All About (Sinclair)

And so, dear listener, sometimes I worry what the theme will be for this week’s show (Yes. There is a theme. There is a balance to the show. And it is a far better piece of broadcasting than much that is transmitted on the BBC. I watched W1A and it was awful, self-indulgent and London-centric. How can you parody a culture that was sold to the BBC like some kind of efficacious compound from snake oil dealers who’d never made a programme in their lives?)

Take Two.

And so, dear listener, sometimes I worry what the theme will be for this week’s show. But it was handed to me on a plate earlier this week. As some of you know I was due to be interviewed for a couple of jobs but I have withdrawn my application from them for reasons I hope to explain in a few weeks’ time (altho’ some of you may get the kinda smoke signals that Native American Indians used to send when snake oil dealers were moving from town to town) so No, it’s not that. 😉

On Monday me, e, AJ and RJ were out for a walk. The sun was trying to break through so the Botanic Gardens beckoned. e , being a good mum, had carried foodstuffs for the weans. I, as family friend, was going to get the coffees from that very strange kiosk by the front gate which seems to assume that West Enders have very esoteric tastes e.g. venison and crocodile. At that point, AJ asked, very politely, if he could get an ice cream when we got there. 😀

‘No’, he was told, ‘It’s March and altho’ that may be when the Good Dr W comes out to play, ice cream makers don’t.’ (A lie told by parents and family friends the world over) Of course, at that point, another wee boy, ages with AJ came round the corner accompanied by adults, with a very large ice cream, which had ‘bought from the kiosk’ written all over it.

Except it didn’t but you know what I mean.

Yes. He did get one. With a large chocolate flake in it. 🙂

Incidentally, being an optimist, I was removing the cans of de-icer from my car yesterday, when I came across three kirby grips lying on the floor. Any thoughts or suggestions as to how they got there?

And a quick word on my Belling cooker – the one where I had problems with my knob. On the oven setting?

Well, I contacted the Belling people by the bog standard Helpline e-mail and they got back to me and are sending me a pack of five new knobs for free. So I said thanks. And they got back to me and said. ‘No problem. It’s what we’re here for.’ Wasn’t that nice? 🙂 And no, I’m not a big believer in contacting the Chief Executive from Word Go.

But I was in PC/Curry’s in Anniesland buying ink, when I noticed a man ask the price of a washing machine which was stripped bare with a large placard that said, ‘If you’ve ever wondered how a washing machine works, then look at this.’ If ever I’ve seen anything more ‘not for sale’ it was this. The young female assistant went over to him and said ‘I’ll look up the price of a similar model on our website’ at which point the man swore, looked skyward and walked out of the shop. I looked perplexed.

Apparently, or so I was told, this man is barred from receiving deliveries because he is rude and abusive towards delivery drivers. But, why? 😦

And finally, for a range of reasons, I’ve decided that this should be the Year of New Experiences (well six months or so now that I’ve decided). I’m looking for fresh ideas and things to and I’m keen to do them with someone (not necessarily the same person) Going to Jo’s university out Hamilton way was good and going to the posh-sounding park out Hamilton way with Dr W was also good but it doesn’t have to be out Hamilton way.

As yet, I’ve not booked any tickets for Aye Write…..Any thoughts? Any need for a companion? (It was at Aye Write a couple of years ago I saw Edwynn Collins give an amazing performance) And, I look forward to your thoughts rainforestriverman now that W1A is past for you. I hope you enjoyed that part of your life.

Or it could be something I’ve not done for a long time. (Don’t even think of going there. Or, hang on a second…..) Last week with the boys from Dumbarton I went for the first sauna and steam room session I’ve had for some time. The Meadows Leisure Centre in Dumbarton and it was good. One of the guys had had an interesting experience in Thailand – somehow the steam room gave it added authenticity. 😉

Cya (keep)ing it fun and still wearing that badge? You need to see it to know.

Johnt850, a little celebration within his own head

And I caught a strange programme on Channel ci (eh?) the other night. It was Martin Kemp and someone else looking at Glasgow gang culture and as well as the Billy Boys from the thirties, they looked at the events of a machete murder four years ago just along the road in Maryhill Park – which is currently being refurbished with the help of the Friends of Maryhill Park. The Currans and the Malavins fell out and the father Curran got killed. The case went to court and the perpetrators (Kemp’s description) went down for seventeen years or so. There was some fall out shortly after including a shotgun blast through a house window down the road and around the corner from where I live.

Summerston is an good area where I have lived for twenty odd years (no. no hyphen) and there have been other incidents and many gangland players have lived here until they move to Cumbernauld or Milngavie but I have never seen it look so bad as one small bit was portrayed. Much of the footage was shot at low level across puddles and mud and rubbish strewn across brown grass.

Mind you at least the footage was shot by programme makers. One thing W1A may have brought home to people was the BBC has very few programme makers these days. The stables need cleaned.

What? You thought the theme was ‘out of the mouths of babes….’I am Johnt850. I don’t do the obvious.

And this is Missie K’s suggestion. It’s Howling Bells and Low Happening;


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