Fear of death follow’s fear of life. A man who lives life fully is prepared to die at any time (Mark Twain)

And so, dear observant and regular reader, you will have noticed the absence of the good Dr W in recent months. She hibernates; it’s March so we arranged to meet. At a park with a posh name just south of Hamilton on the railway line to Larkhall – a station so new that the person selling me a ticket at Glasgow Queen Street had never heard of it and we slowly worked it out by going C-H-A-T and then we found it. 🙂

So the plan was that I would be picked up by Dr W outside the station and drive the 50 metres or so to the park.

Her first words on meeting me?

Sorry, jt, but the dog’s been sick in the backseat of the car. Sorry about the smell….

And so we walked. And talked. About much. Including the spread of the poison that is legal sugar. Chatellerault Country Park is smashing. And there are some amazing views from there. If you like urban landscapes. Which I do.

It’s one of the things I like about Mugdock Country Park to the North of Glasgow. You emerge from a bit of country-type walking and see the whole of the city emerge in front of you.

It has a nice tea-room. C-H-A-T. Where I lapsed. I had pea’n’ham soup. There is not a person of a certain generation who is not turned on by the following advert;

Y’see. I once met an actress (actually I have met several but those are stories for other days. Or nights) who claimed to be that female character in that advert and the other one. Which I couldn’t find. Did I check to see if she was telling the truth? No, Skippy, no really. Why not?

Good question. Which deserves a good answer.

Many, many years ago I stayed in ‘digs’ for a few weeks in Silvertrees near Irvine. The man of the house was well retired and told me that he used to be reserve goal-keeper for Aston Villa. And one year they were playing in the FA Cup Final. And the first team goalie got injured. On the day of the game. And ‘Jim’ stepped in and was a valiant loser.

And long before the days of easy internet connection, there was a thing called the Rothman’s Football Yearbook and I foolishly looked it up to check. He did not play in the FA Cup Final that day and I do wish I hadn’t checked. 😦

Anyway Dr W and I discussed a lot of things and I’m beginning to make some decisions about the things that have been on my mind recently.

But it’s been one of those weeks when I’ve met up with a lot of smashing women and much has been discussed. But I’d like to say to my ex-wife that size isn’t everything. The size of TV I have is perfectly adequate for the amount of TV I watch. Little.

And I’m having problems with a knob. On the cooker. The oven one has broken so I can’t find the off-setting for the oven. I can’t find the receipt/guarantee thing but I have a sneaking suspicion that I didn’t take out a warranty; it was about two years ago; and I have no proof of purchase. 😦

And finally, the opening words were used by the RMT Union to pay tribute to Bob Crow. And we lost Tony Benn as well this week but the press and the public have been saying so many more nice words about Tony than about Bob.

Why? Cos he was now a ‘cuddly socialist’. (Peter Hain 2014).

Bob Crow cared for his family and his Union members. He came from a time when most bank managers cared more about their customers than their bonuses or that Education Ministers (eg David Law) cared more about their constituents than fiddling their expenses rather than admit they were gay.

Bob Crow was a good guy.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Shit! I forgot. It was on the other jacket.

Johnt850, considering a major event for a major event happening later this year – 2nd July to be precise. I’ll be okay.

So in a couple of weeks’ time, I’ll be going on an ASSIST course – it’s basically how to recognise the signs of a potential suicide and what to do if those signs are of concern. It’s over two days and I’m doing it wearing my non-paid hat. It’s a wee bit like the Naloxone training I’ve done where I have access to a loaded syringe (I carry one in my car) in case I come across someone who has overdosed.

Some things I learn I hope I never use, but one thing that must always remain constant is being aware and making myself available as needed (That may be two things). A friend of mine has bad cancer but whilst others around him are worried, he is getting on with things and campaigning for a cause to which I am opposed.

Often we don’t listen to people but say what we think is the right thing to say. That’s why it’s been so brill to meet up with these smashing women this week- all at times when we’ve been able to sit down and talk….’face-to-face’. Thanks.

Some of you will know that I am about two face two major events later in the year…one of which may involve teaching a very young person to appreciate the importance of funk. This will be the first lesson. It’s Groove Armada. I saw them once but where? :S

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