It can take all of three hours and then it comes down to the final ten seconds (Eve Muirhead)

Curling. She’s talking about curling. And in a week when, dear listener, everyone in England-shire seemed to believe that we all know how throw a carefully hewn (sp) piece of round stone, carefully quarried out of the island of Ailsa Craig and nowhere else, can I just say that I have never ever curled nor tossed a caber, danced on sword sticks nor chased after haggi and that the first time I ever wore the kilt was last year (twice) to my son’s wedding and my own MSc Graduation? 😉

You may tak’ my land but you’ll ne’er tak’ my bonspiel and that goes for all of us who live in Brigadoon.

(Summerston now has its annual Highland Games. Seriously. Just behind the Ardgowan Tenents’ Hall. It makes use of the spare ground where they knocked the high rises down. Naw. I’ve never been. It’s in August.)

And I would like to thank David Bowie for his contribution to the great Independence debate but has he ever played a cold, wet November night in Somerset Park, Ayr? I think not. 😦

And there was another fascinating contribution to the Independence debate from E Anne Stuart of Milton of Campsie in her letter to the Record of Daily when she finished it with, ‘I consider myself Scottish but 42 per cent of my DNA markers are the same as the Saami people known as the Laplanders. We all descend from one woman who lived in east central Africa so there is no place for racism in the 21st century.’ Why is more not made of this information? And who was this woman?

But a big well done to all those who did so well in the Winter Olympics – whatever it was they did. I was going to have a go at the snowboarding commentators and the language they use but David Attenborough (Attenburgh for Scottish listeners) on curling did it so much better;

Ah, ‘thrusting your nuts down earlier’. It’s oor new national sport. 😀

But we(e) Scots are tremendously friendly. I was at a training day on Challenging Behaviour the other day and three of us (me, Raymond and Liz) decided to go for some exercise at lunchtime. So we walked across the road to Gregg’s. I bought a ploughman’s lunch and a ploughman next to me bought mine.

As I walked to leave the shop, people started shouting at me; ‘John. You’ve left your change.’ And so I had. ‘But how,’ Liz said, ‘did all those people know your name? Are you that well-known?’ I nodded sagely but Raymond pointed to my name badge which I was still wearing. 😉

The training session was good; there’s been a lot of challenging behaviour recently but there’s been some real good things happening as well. But that’s confidentiality for you.

But I did meet a woman who got a job that I had applied for some time back. Many, many years’ experience in mental health.

And speaking of training sessions (you can always tell when I add a sentence), a big ‘well done’ to the boys of Partick Thistle who took on the men of Aberdeen and beat them 3 – 1. At one point we were dead worried about losing our lead but ‘naw’ it all came good in the end. Claire Baulding, you should have been there. No. No real reason. Crowds aren’t as big as they were at the start of the season, that’s all. 😦

And finally, all around me, people are taking annual leave. It’s difficult for me to do that without losing income but I’m going to go for it. I’m not doing the vol work for a couple of weeks and I’m not sure ‘bout the homeless shifts for the same time. There is some editing work but I can do that at any time of day or night and in any state of dress/undress but some of you may well get messages from me or, hey, some of you could always message me about meeting or going places…..or???

Cya, (keep)ing it fun and still wearing that badge? More in hope than expectation.

Johnt850 but there’s nothing wrong with hope.

And so, some of you will have noticed that inflation is down and that includes the price of alcohol and that must terrify the A & E staffs who are all over our TV screens at the moment and all the other emergency services. And whilst, deaths from alcohol may be coming down, that just means fewer people aren’t dying – a gain a real pat on the back for the emergency services – of whom I have seen a lot recently.

Alcohol has been getting relatively cheaper over the years compared to anything else – cos of all the promotions and stuff like that. If anyone doubts that, contact me and I will pass on well evidenced studies. It seems at times that the only people who don’t accept that are the people who make and sell the stuff.

And, if you are a responsible drinker then you will make certain changes in your lifestyle the way you do when petrol, bread and coffee go up in price. You won’t even notice those changes until a TV or radio interviewer comes up to you in the street. A pricing policy that works would be good.

And don’t get me started on legal highs. Not this week. That’s something else we can discuss another day.

Here, by way of levity, is my fave song of the week, this month. Young person guidance advised. Some bad language on the T-shirts. 🙂

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