Mad sounds in your ears make you get up and dance. They make you get up. Yeah, they make you get up (The Arctic Monkeys)

And so dear listener, I want to start this week’s blog with a rant against a tosser called Cammy Mather (‘tosser’ as in the fact he used to toss an oval shaped ball about for Scotland some time back. Maybe he was a flanker…….)

Some of you may have noticed that the Scotland rugby team were trounced by England last week. I watched it altho’ I know nothing about the game.

According to Mather, one of the reasons Scotland got beat was that too much money was spent on pre-match entertainment but he continued with a dig against me and many of my mates. The quote from the Daily Record (11th Feb) was as follows;

‘Rugby fans are an educated bunch and are not taken in by that nonsense. It might be fine for the Tartan Army at Hampden but it’s not right for Murrayfield.’

Listen, Cammy son, I will match my Masters, two Post Grads (different subjects) and my original Arts degree against 99 per cent of Murrayfield any day. Yes, it’s a wee while since I’ve been to Hampden but the last time I was there was in the company of my Chartered Accountant son who watches both disciplines…….and the guys I go to Firhill with encompass a wide range of professions and trades.

Jeez. What a snob.

Maybe Scotland lost ‘cos they were crap. See that bit where somebody throws the ball in from the side bit and you’re allowed to lift a man to catch it (eh?)…Scotland never won any! And in a game presumably where you are taught to catch the ball when it’s thrown to you..why did Scottish players drop it so often?  😦

And then there’s this nonsense where you have a temporary coach in a room out of Space Control Houston watching the game on computer (or at least that’s what it looks like)……why the hell is he not down there on the touchline shouting abuse…sorry encouragement…at his players? 😦

Cammy, boy, you have a lot of learning to do…….and don’t patronise your fellow Scots.

This cold is doing my head in but I do feel better now. No. No reason. No. Really. 🙂

It was a hard shift the other night. And I am reluctant to take LemSip. There is a reason why it says ‘do not exceed four sachets in twenty-four hours’. (I think one sentence is in the wrong para there…..mmmm…Skippy……)

And I’ve just banged my knee….Ow!

And I have a kidney scan on Monday afternoon. In the Southern General. Should I take my own CDs or rely on them having a decent supply? When I was in hospital after the Cold Turkey I had two brain scans and I had several for the cancer……some of the music in the cancer scans was good cos you were scanned for up to an hour. 😦

So I’ve seen some good television and some bad television this week (Danny Boyle’s Babylon was sooooo disappointing). By chance I caught, for the second week in a row, the second half of a kinda doc called The Restaurant Man. It’s brill and is about a guy who genuinely wants to help people open restaurants. It is not Ramsey shouty-shouty or Oliver matey-matey.  It is a man who genuinely wants to help people who have no idea what they’re doing…like they don’t taste the meals their chef suggests before they go on the menu……!

And this week it was followed by a police drama called Line of Duty. Lots of deaths but see the scene where the policewoman is left to eat her sandwiches on her own……that was a tearjerker. Trust me. 🙂

And finally, this week’s Surname of the Month is Ayr United’s Operations Manager. She is called Tracy McTrusty. I would. Trust her, that is.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? I came close to buying a simple black suit out of M & S the other day but I would need to see how the badge suits

Johnt850, with a very, very busy week ahead. Looking forward to a week on Tuesday. No. Nothing. That’s its attraction.

So my day of the week when I work down Dunbartonshire way has changed (temporarily?) to a Wednesday. It has a kinda knock-on effect on other aspects of my life but that is life, isn’t it?

So I lapsed. Not drinkingly lapsed but I ate meat. Someone had made up some sandwiches and choice was limited but my thanks was grateful. It’s allowed. It was ham.

The project I work with down there is involved in some painting work in a community centre in the area and so it was that I found myself emulsioning a toilet with ‘Billy’, someone I’d not met before.

He said, ‘You a volunteer then?’

‘What makes you think that?’

‘You just don’t look like an addict.’

‘Well let’s just say I used to dress differently.’

He smiled and a very pleasant day’s painting followed on………

There are many roads to recovery and just as many ways of sharing.

 Missie K shared this band with me the other day;


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