It is the Chinese Year of the Horse – a time of energy and renewal (Me)

And so, dear listener, it’s been a difficult week. I, literally, have found it very difficult to keep in touch with the days. It is not old age setting in; I am, after all, only 42 and will remain so for the rest of my life. 🙂

I have, at times, not known what day it is and that I blame on my socks. And events.

Let me explain. Night shifts at the projects where I work (paid) with some people who have recently experienced homelessness are obviously overnight but…say you go in on Saturday 1st Feb at 8 pm you are obvs there until the next morning, Sun, 2nd Feb. However, everything you write down remains in the log as 1st Feb even when it’s 7.45 am on the 2nd and you’re about to go home. Do that over two nights with a lot of sleep on the day in between and you begin to catch my drift.

Add into that the fact that, until this week, the other (vol) work that I do down in a drug rehab project in Dunbartonshire was on a Friday but for a range of reasons it was suggested that Thursday might suit me as a wee bit of a change. So I went down on Thursday, only for it to be suggested that Wednesday might suit better. So Wednesdays it is, but a regular time has still to be confirmed.

And speaking of time, (see what I did there?) my fabulous Casio watch (and one day I will learn to swim properly so that I can test it down to 50 metres) was unable to deal with the Leap Year of two years ago and the displayed date – but not the day- is the one in front. 😦

And a lot of the editing I do ( ) has a lot of Chinese students (my spam mail is almost entirely Mandarin) who actually contact me from China. Early mornings.

But, and it’s a big butt, what usually helps is that my coloured-toes-and-heels socks from M & S have the days of the week on them. That usually keeps me in touch with reality. However the big toe has gone in some of them and when I went to M & S to get new socks on, em, eh, whatever day, I discovered they no longer sold them. So I just got some ordinary coloured-toes-and-heels socks from there. I also get underwear from there but they don’t sell what I wear in the stores. I have to buy it online.

So I am a bit all over the place. I am restless; I am not settled. Not getting that job was disappointing and I will keep looking. But this has become a time for reflection and taking stock. Not in a heavy way. 2013 was a good year and there has been a slight dip. So I need suggestions; I need pushing; I need to get out more.

This is not a ‘feeling-sorry-for-myself’ moment but a request for suggestions about meeting up with people – ranging from the millions of people I know to any other suggestions for a blind-date (the last one was not a disaster; events conspired) – to going with folk to an event to being a roadie again. 🙂 I am open. To offers. No. Really.

Are there educational or potential work opportunities that I’m missing? There was to have been a master’s night out this week but it got cancelled; it will happen soon time again. All offers/thought/ideas considered. Do it thru this blog – see bit at bottom for comments; do it by text; by facebook message; by facebook public comment or arrange to meet to suggest ideas. I’d even consider getting my hair cut short if the person making that suggestion were to come with me to Sandra my hairdresser.

I have no water-cooler on a daily basis to share these things. I am very open-minded (and read nothing into that that you wouldn’t think yourself). The ball is in your court where the chips now lie. In fact, you may know/bump into people I knew in the period BCT (Before Cold Turkey) or ACT (you can work that one out yourself). Tell them I’m here and asking after them…….It could be uny, college, BBC or anywhere in Glasgow, West Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire, North Ayrshire, North Lanarkshire or Germany (sorry, a wee memory just trickled by) but not Malta. No. No reason.

(and I’ll tell you more about how the Vampire Slayer is doing soon time but she seems fine. Skippy seems to get the messages)

And finally, my masterful mate Kerry, raised a very interesting point recently and that is the number of the Lollipop People who do their lollipopping at Green Man traffic lights. Why? If a child is too young to understand what these traffic lights mean in terms of crossing the road, then they’re too young to be out on their own; and if an adult plus child needs help in crossing the road at these lights, then the adult shouldn’t be anywhere near traffic. As Kerry says, they used be heroes and icons…….

Cya (keep)ing it fun and still wearing that badge? Yes. Some things stay permanent.

Johnt850, away to do a lot of thinking – maybe even a weekend retreat?

This is my fellow Paisley Graduate (honorary), Paulo Nutini, with a not quite exclusive from his soon-to-be-out album and of course Radio 1’s Big Weekend is coming to Glasgow this May….there are hyperlinks to be linked into;


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