There are no favourites in my office. I treat them all with the same general inconsideration (President Lyndon Baines Johnson)

And so dear listener, I didn’t get the job I’d applied for; that I felt was destined for me; and that I’d researched so well. I felt I did a great presentation (maybe a touch too theatrical at times) but it was not to be. I allowed myself to wallow for all of two hours and then I applied for another one. 🙂

This one that I’ve applied for, I am convinced, is destined for me; that I will research properly again; and I will do a smashing presentation. I just happen to be enthusiastic about recovery.

It’s life but not as we know it; which is a line which originally came from ‘Thunderbirds – The Movie’ on the Expedition to Mars – and not ‘Star Trek’ as many believe. :p

Or as Jake Bugg almost puts it – ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’

But I was down in West Dunbartonshire, as I often am on Friday mornings, and I had a very enjoyable and dry Burns lunch…….(don’t get me started on the apostrophe…..) with, for me and another worker, veggie haggis……it’s not quite the same but, like a lot of veggie alternatives, a wee bit of seasoning and it tastes smashing.

(I know I doodle with a dating site but I could never have a relationship with an apostrophe – they are sooooo possessive)*

Speaking of possession, I once did have an idea for a novel about a floating vessel (say a cruise ship) populated solely by a horde of killer bees (or cannibal rats) But now that’s actually happening;

I’m sure every idea-less novelist will be seizing it. 😦

On the other hand, Jeffery Archer, who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting twice, is a damn fine and excellent fellow with lots of jolly original ideas. 🙂

(Skippy! Wtf have you been lacing my ASDA isotonic drink with?)

(*stolen from Private Eye)

But I notice that Edward Snowden is going to be amongst the candidates for the Rectorship of Glasgow Universities……..Oh, the happy days when we got Arthur Montford elected to that position. My hair was long in those days. No. Really long. (Wee variation there on the ‘No. No really.’ line)

And I had need to go see Dr Fi (a medical doctor and not to be confused with any other Fi) the other day. What is nice ‘bout her (‘mongst many other things) is the way I was greeted with ‘How did the graduation go?’ So we chatted about that (I only had need to wipe my eyes once) and then we cut to the chase………she is booking me in for a renal scan……I will keep you posted. 😉

And finally, I had another car incident this week. Okay……yet another car incident…….I was driving home from a night shift in Clydebank. And it was dark at 7.15 am and as you go up Alderman Road there are lots of wee traffic island things with bollards on top that are filter lanes for bikes. There is, however one where the bollard is not only broken but the shards still exist on the island so that if you drive over it cos you don’t see it cos the bollard is not working…….then you rip the f**k out of both your nearside tyres. A claim, complete with pix, has gone in to the Chief Executive of Glasgow City Council for the tyres that I had to get there and then.

And do you know what was really annoying? (Well you won’t until I tell you). Everyone involved kept asking me if I’d be late for work. Aaaaaaargh! I just wanted home to my bed!!!!!!!! 😦

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yeah, but you can’t see it for my long hair.

Johnt850 for whom it’s no longer Mr Nice Guy!!!!!!

And so, many years ago, I was kinda ‘teaching’ (I shared knowledge with the students) at a college in the city centre and the lecturer – who was later to bad mouth me (with one other) as ‘scum’ cos I’d an alcohol problem – took me to a meeting in Stirling of some kinda association of media studies teachers. And I realised that they knew little about the real media but they all wanted to be part of Glasgow University’s Media Unit and pontificate on the media (Bear with me – there’s a point to this….).

Media Studies should be about how TV and radio and newspapers are put together and where stories come from and how often the news agenda is dictated by the availability of interviewees or a ‘live’ line to London going down (I can bore for Scotland with stories about the problems associated with live broadcasting)

It would involve at least one legal day – even more important with the advent of social media – and particularly relevant with the tragic death of young Mikaeel Kular.

It would emphasise the difference (in Scots law) between being detained, arrested and charged; it would emphasise that once charges are brought in a criminal case, no public comment can be made about it; and it would emphasise the need for proof in court or tribunal. Even using the word ‘allegedly’ must be substantiated by, at least, saying who is making the allegations and where.

This was why I never made any complaints about the lecturer and his line manager – I have no proof that they claimed that alcoholics (always used in the third person) were scum and couldn’t be trusted. There were no witnesses. No corroboration. It’s how sex pests and office bullies exist.

On a happier note this is a song I first heard on the great John Peel’s show. It’s spiritual. You may even have sung it in your church or chapel and if not – why not?

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