Hey, ref…he’s caressing you! Are you going to let him away with that? (Me at the 1-1 draw against Kilmarnock)

And so dear listener, it has been a busy week and, yes, I did have a job interview amongst other things. My biggest worry was that I was colourly unco-ordinated in many shades of black (Jack White reference) but what was actually picked up on was that I was wearing brown shoes……but, yes, if I don’t get this one I will keep knocking on doors but I think some updated shopping is required for my smart but casual/interviews’r’us wardrobe – which is actually the same as the t-shirt and jeans wardrobe.

I did an okay interview (and thanks, e, for your help with the Powerpoint presentation) and it was the first time I have felt comfortable with competency based framework questioning because I felt those interviewing me were comfortable with it as well. I had to use a Smart-board for the presentation and even tho’ I was only tapping on it to move my slides forward, I can never use without one thinking I am Grissom or the ginger-haired one in Miami. 🙂

How do they do it from one sliver of paint that they never noticed on their first visit to the crime scene?

(and a quick word to my friend Becky – the Miss Marples of North London – maybe you should get one to keep a note on all the comings and goings across the road. Does she have a back door?)

Moving swiftly on……….

And I was in court the other day to be called as a witness –same garb but different shirt. And underwear. And socks. But no slasher hat. 😦

It was something that had happened in one of the projects where I work where a young man had had too much of some substance or other and left the building with ‘some persuasion’….(where’s David Nutt when you need him?) The police were called (999) and arrived forty minutes later and took him away.

We were not called as witnesses because he pled(sp) Guilty and will be sentenced in six months’ time depending on his behaviour – a good result for everyone. So we went for coffee. Isn’t it interesting who you meet in these places? Why, one of my former lecturers……I’m not sure why he was there but I can guess. I did try to read the sheet of paper in front of him but my newsagent reading skills seem to have left me. 😦

And Kirsty Young is a lovely person. Not only did I know her but I danced with her. Once. 😀

And it’s time for This Week’s Reason Why I’m Poor. I mentioned to someone that I needed to pop in to B & Q for some masking tape and she said, ‘That’s quite a trip to B & Q for just masking tape.’

To which I replied, ‘Aye. I’ll maybe buy some other stuff when I’m there as well.’

‘Do you need anything else?’……’No. No really.’

I should stress that there are other D-IY stores available but I won’t in the hopes that B & Q send me a voucher. 😉

And wasn’t it good to see Vic and Bob back? The wee DVD sequence was soooooo much funnier than anything I have ever seen in short bursts of Mrs Brown’s boys……I will watch it soon time again on BBC iPlayer……

And finally, maybe I’m getting old (I’m not) but in my day legendary numbers attached to football shirts were Numbers 7 (Clydebank’s Davey Cooper), 9 (Clydebank’s Ken Eadie) and 10 (Pele, Eusebio and Law). Now we have the legendary Number 25 at Celtic for the world famous Stefan Johnesen. What next? The legendary Number 23? Kalum Higginbotham of Partick Thistle? Actually, now there’s a player. 🙂

Cya, (keep)ing it fun and still wearing that badge? Not to court. No.

Johnt850…..Doo doooo d’doo doo…thanks for your help with the spelling, blogmeister.

So recovery has been very much on the menu this week and my thoughts that addiction is not a disease are not new-fangled; they go back to the Sixties at the very least (Davies D L 1962). It is a pleasurable habit that can lead to dependency and the need to prevent withdrawal by taking in more of the substance; in my case ASDA own label whisky. Well supported work can help make the necessary changes in behaviour leading to recovery (cf me)

Anyway I have spoken many many times of how going to watch Partick Thistle has been a major part of my recovery in that a brilliant bunch of guys did not stereotype me; allowed me to go drinking with them as long as I stuck to something soft; and gave me an additional interest – the football – not the guys.

It was almost too much too soon. It was Craig who reminded me of this last week as we endured a three-three draw.

Some time back, there had been a game down south in Dumfries and I was going – not in the train with the rest of them cos much drink might be consumed – but by car with Eric the Floodstalker ‘cos he was covering the game journalistically. But I was to meet the crew in a pub near the ground.

When I got there, they were out the back in the courtyard – the no-smoking area with all the empty beer barrels. They were having a whisky tasting contest. According to Craig, my face was a picture – contorting through every emotion known to man…..or woman. I looked for help but David Nutt was nowhere to be seen……

After a thankfully short contest, we left. I had come through one of the biggest tests of all. I had not lapsed as some had expected altho’ I was tempted. And we moved on…….. 🙂

The danger with calling people ‘addicts’ and talking of ‘addiction’ is that there is a danger that we reinforce stereotypes and give people little encouragement to change. Calling it a serious problem and people might just be tempted to come forward for help.

I think I’ve solved the mega-hyper-link problem. Here’s Jack white and the Raconteurs and Many Shades of Black


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