Catch a cannon ball now to take me down the line, My bag is sinkin’ low and I do believe it’s time, To get back to Miss Fanny, you know she’s the only one, Who sent me here with her regards for everyone (The Band)

And so dear listener, it’s been the week when broadcasters talk about ‘the world returning to work’ totally ignoring the fact that they, and many, many others, have been working all the way through the holiday so that we can buy bread, care for others and, yes indeed, watch TV. I was one of those but only in my relief housing support worker kinda way – around about Christmas – and then in my self-employed editing kinda way up to and through the New Year. It paid.

But it wasn’t all bad. Sometimes I paint a picture of the housing support work that isn’t always good – but without giving anything away that is confidential, sometimes you do have to unlock doors without knowing what is on the other side. And there have been a couple of occasions where I have been glad that my co-worker has been watching my back for me. But nothing too serious. Although I do have a court appearance, as a witness, coming up this week….

But, as I say, it wasn’t all bad. One of the projects has a number of asylum seekers and refugees and they’re here learning English and wanting to work and update qualifications. One of them was cooking some food for herself and some of her fellow residents and brought some through for me and my co-worker. Basically it was a Sudanese pudding and very ‘filling’ it was…..but often it’s the thought that counts. And it was appreciated.

And there’s other good stories from there and other places where I work. 😀

I mention this because of the furore over Benefits Street – a programme which looks at the lifestyle of a number of people in a street in Birmingham. It was interesting because, at the same time, there was a lot in the press about the anticipated return of a programme which looked at the lifestyle of one family in a part of London who worked without declaring, who had a range of money-making schemes, who spent a large part of their lives in the pub and who poured scorn on those who tried to earn money legitimately. As one of them put it – ‘why do only fools and horses work?’

(Rant warning – there may be another couple later in the prog… fact, as today is being pre-recorded I will stop just now and walk away for a wee while……I’m not sure why I’m in a mood. Uni-mate Jo was in touch about a couple of things today and I said I felt that I was chasing my head and hoped to find it when I got home….maybe tomorrow I will)

Right, Skippy, I’m back…what I’ll do is a kinda gratitude list where you look at the good things that have happened (not that anything seriously bad has….)

The Vampire Slayer has arrived in Italy (did I say Milan last week?…obvs to throw you off the trail) and has established cover at a very high level…… 😉 and for the first time in some time I, with e, aj and rj visited the Art Galleries, and children and people recovering from substance use issues (my last visit) do ask questions that some of us ignore 😉 and Son Brian never ceases to amaze me cos he told me that his hard drive on his laptop had died but using some very pink cable he has been able to hook up the e-notebook on which I wrote my (sadly unpublished book) to the laptop and has a functioning PC 😉 and I thought my washing machine was leaking but a very nice man from AS Electrics (St George’s Cross) came over and reassured me it wasn’t 😉 and Partick Thistle only need a few home wins to be back in with a chance of Europe 😉 and all credit to the St Mirren Board for not jettisoning Paul McGowan who obviously has drink issues but they’re willing to work with him 

(Incidentally they were meant to be semi-colons 😦 )

And finally, the Christmas tree is down and I miss switching on the lights in the morning so maybe it’s that that’s put me in a weird mood or maybe it’s the amount of pleasurable chocolate I’m eating. 😦

See below…….

Cya (keep)ing it fun and still wearing that badge? Yup and I hope it brings me luck later this week

Johnt850- ‘oh so celeb’…

So, rantishly, let’s talk about sugar. 🙂

Regular listeners will know that I have a thing about sugar as being potentially more dangerous and deadlier than any other white powder we get concerned about. Most cocaine deaths occur cos of the fight to gain control over a profitable and illegal business. Selling sugar is totally legal despite its health risks and is sold legally by dealers in cake and similar products like Greggs, Bradfords, ASDA and Morrisons…..mmmmm, particularly on the counters of bakers with those four-for-a-pound tasty treats….mmmmmm

(Remember the Christopher Morris spoof where prominent celebs were told of the new dangerous drug on the streets called ‘Cake’ and how they all condemned it without realising it didn’t exist?)

And now boffins in white coats agree with me (altho’ I think they have more scientific evidence than me) Amongst the dangerous products they have highlighted are Dr Pepper, Lucozade and a 100g Go Ahead Yogurt Break bar…sounds healthy but with the equivalent of ten teaspoons of sugar….the problems associated with alcohol are well known, especially in the demand made on health services. How long before the same strains are put on the health service by people with a sugar dependency showing it by their size and their clogged up arteries.

And at this point I feel I must say that I do know people (esp one good friend) who have recognised the problem and are doing something about it, but what are you doing about it?

Coming next week; Why Angry Birds has been replaced by Candy Crush as another big ‘addictive’ issue and I’m sorry, BBC Radio Scotland, but an otherwise excellent programme on Addiction, was spoiled by the ‘shopaholic’ woman. She uses the term ‘addiction’ as an excuse/cover for her behaviour……..oh, for a live topical discussion programme in which her views could have been put up against saxophone-playing Emeritus Professor John Davies….the author of The Myth of Addiction, quoted muchly in a recent Masterful dissertation on the subject……(MINE!)

Skippy, get me off this machine, before I tell the truth about…………

Here’s the Arctic Monkeys (and just a reply to some of my messages (from some people – in any state) would be enuff) (wistful icon)…..those that do know it’s not you 🙂


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