Let’s paint the town We’ll shut it down Let’s burn the roof And then we’ll do it again (Black Eyed Peas)

And a Good New Year to all my Chinese listeners when it comes (31st Jan and it’s the Year of the Horse, since you ask) which doesn’t explain all those fireworks we saw on TV from Shanghai on 31st December. :-S

Me? Quiet. A lot of housing project night and backshifts and then when things were getting quiet, a lot of students realised that if they needed to get essays to tutors before Monday, 6th then they had to get them to me last week……profitable but it did mean I missed yet another PT game when they played well but (every final third of the pitch cliché you can think of….) 😦

Oh, and if you know anyone who needs it then http://www.thewordprocess.net might be of help.

So I did see some TV. The last few years I’ve spent Hogmanay at a big house in Bearsden (I don’t know where the people who live there spend theirs but….) and it’s been on the background. But I’ve not watched it. I’ll pass on Only An Excuse as I still know too many people who work on it…….but the BBC TV Hogmanay prog died for me the moment Jackie Bird talked about getting the party off to a great start and handed over to the Bathgate and Uphall Pipe Band who opened with a dirge……It was crying out for something like The Hen’s March to the Midden if it has to be that kinda music if anything….

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJK12pqHBEQ (I used to know Phil Cunningham and his orig band Silly Wizard – they’d have killed that and made it their own and some hairstyles will never go out of fashion):)

I saw some other TV and realise now that when my parents told me that they’d once taken my alter ego to see Roy Rogers, they never told me Trigger was in town as well. 😦

Another disappointing TV prog which was made, I think, for a UK audience about old Glasgow variety theatre, concentrated on Danny Kaye and Des O’Connor without a single mention of Lex McLean, Chic Murray or the amazing Jimmy Logan – ‘the man who bankrupted himself for variety’ (thanks for the line Siobhan)

I once had the great pleasure of producing Jimmy for a series of programmes (I am not name-dropping. Stick with me) and was invited across to his big flat in the Southside of Glasgow to meet and discuss scripts and guests, etc…..an amazing room we sat in with memorabilia packed (Star Wars Speak has just crept in) and I had the pleasure of meeting his then wife, Pamela, and the twins he thought were his…….men don’t have a monopoly on being bastards you know…….we (generic-ish) can hurt as well.

Moving swiftly on.

Let’s do revolutions…..

I don’t actually do any because ‘assessment is a two-way and continual process’ (I have a job interview coming up) and my hope is for something with at least regular hours or a shift pattern and I was watching some TV news (on online dating for the over-fifties…No. No reason) and I did hear the reporter say one reason that people of this age group are confident in looking for love at this stage in their lives is that they have ‘established careers’. Either I have still to reach 50 or I am a failure (42 and staying there).

And many people know that I am registered with a dating site (Plenty of Fish) and am a regular user….all of two cups of coffee last year….but they have introduced a new algorithm which is supposed to help me meet someone with whom I am compatible and may wish to contact.

‘Dear Plenty of Fish, have you any idea how freaking far freaking Alness is from freaking Summerston? I’d be easier playing a round with a four-ball in Fife…….’

So we’ll see. There are priorities and yes, Skippy, I am more than happy to accept friendships with women I know if romance doesn’t happen. Check previous shows for examples…..and the best known example is…….from almost four years ago…..currently in catering and hoping to open her own place…….soon……subject to planning permission.

What’s that Skippy? Do I keep in touch with women like her in the hopes that something might happen? No. No really. I like people. I missed too many years of my life (approx five) to have regrets…..but I wouldn’t have been in contact in the first place (with some women) if I didn’t like them and there are some who I only ever saw as friends anyway…for all sorts of reason….the sad bit is below the line. 😦

And finally….no…..there is no ‘finally’. I believe I can say ‘never’ when it is me and only me that has control but ‘finally’ has too many influences.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Proof in itself.

Johnt850……matching the ego of Sherlock and raising it.

And so to the sad bit.

The Vampire Slayer is leaving the country – her job done. I mean; when did you last see a Vampire? She has been with the blog almost since its inception and the name was given to her by the blogmeister – so convoluted was/has been the thinking behind this blog. She has watched over us for many years now and has never let us down. And her secret identity has never been made known. To that many people.

She is, however, a very real person and has been an amazing friend to me and many others. Yes. There is a slight age gap but that has never really been a problem with her (or Missie K who spends her days watching over us on the roads). Every chat since we finished college (kinda at the same time but for different reasons) has been open and honest and mostly about drink, drugs, sex, rock and roll. We have learned from each other (but see that thing that you know about me that no-one else does, apart from the folk involved……) 😉

In all seriousness I will miss you and the various coffee bars we visited. 😦

Obvs I am not allowed to say where the Vampire Slayer is going but our loss is Milan’s gain.

Ciao bella x

Here’s Avicii for you….


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