Because maybe You’re gonna be the one that saves me And after all You’re my wonderwall (Oasis but no…no reason)

And so dear listener, it’s that time of year again: when women look out their finery, men look out their frippery and Skippy the Invisible Bush Kangaroo looks out the window. To see if the limo has arrived. Yet.

Yes. It’s the Sixth (!) Annual Blog Personality of the Year Award Ceremony. Who would have thought……? I know it’s a nervous time for soooooo many of you who await the results in reverse order wondering whether this time………

Skippy, have you heated up the vols-au-vent in the new Microwave? Have our clothes dried yet on the new clothes airer? Have my graduation photos been distributed? (and if anyone out there wants one, just say). And if there was a Book of the Year Award it would go to Hogan Sinclair for her book ‘The Underclass: A quiet uprising’ available through Amazon but not ASOS (home of the hunky calendar for women) – but I’m not introducing a new category this year, just cos the book’s well worth reading. 🙂

Skippy, let loose the Fanfare of Strumpets.

Let’s get the easy one out of the way:

The Team of the Year Award goes to my colleagues in last year’s (UWS) Paisley Masterclass in Alcohol and Drug Studies and the backroom boys in the lecturers’ offices who are dab hands with the wet sponge. (Younger listeners, please be careful when you Google/Bing ‘wet sponge’). Facebook viewers will have seen the team photo (minus two of the team) but the smashingest bit was that we’d all kinda kept in touch thru various forms of social media but with odd exceptions we’d not met…….the joy when we did was manifest to see……..those going onto PhDs ‘good luck’ (and a slight envy on my part) 🙂

Lifetime Achievement Award goes to me. I’ve thought about it – long and hard (which was one of the blog’s first innuendoes and still one of my faves…….) No. I’ve spoken to a few folk about it and it’s only recently I’ve fully realised what I’ve achieved (with soooooooo much help from sooooooo many people) over the last seven years. I tend to underplay my recovery (from cancer and drink) on the basis that these things are possible for most people but the last six months have been sooooo amazing and made it all so worthwhile. I could easily have gone to various forms of self-help groups and spent the last few years feeling sorry for myself and enjoying being a victim. I didn’t. I have an ego and I have used it. To good intent. Thank you. I have two ambitions for this year; one is a full-time job or similar; close friends know the second (or can guess it).

(Controversial, eh?) 😉

So…to the Personality Award itself (which has only ever been won once by a person)

Can I just say there was a late run of money on my bleach bucket once I’d revealed that I had one but I thought everyone had such a bucket in which you steeped whites in a …oh never mind. Moving swiftly on.

In Third Place is Binky the Rabbit. Not only did Binky’s owner play a small but fun part in my life mid-year but we had to take Binky to the vet in Linwood on two Sundays. Both times we turned up for our appointment on time but on the second Sunday we had to wait. The vet had an emergency on his hands. It was a dog that was the only friend and companion of an old man. The dog died. Not everything is under our control. No matter how much we try to take control. We gotta roll with it. I plan to keep rolling……Hope you’re okay, Binky. 🙂

In Second Place is the phrase ‘No. No really.’ In the early days of this show one of the best known phrases was ‘No. No reason.’ The rainforestriverman loved it. This has replaced it. For all sorts of reasons. This is not the place to divulge the question that prompted this answer nor the circumstances but those to whom I told the story swiftly divided themselves into two camps; those with a romantic bent and some imagination appreciated the wistfulness and thought that had gone into it; those without such a bent and imagination had obviously worried that Brief Encounter’s Trevor Howard might miss his train. Sometimes there is no further point in rolling other than sheer bloody enjoyment. I plan to keep rolling 🙂

And finally, (and Skippy tell those strumpets to do the full fanfare) the 2013 Personality of the Year Award goes to:

The Black Watch Tartan.

I had never worn a kilt until this year. Most family tartans were invented by the Sobieski-Stuarts to make a profit; they were worn at Highland Gatherings where the poor underlings of the laird had to entertain him/her and his/her guests; or they were worn without a true understanding of the history of the tartan and the part Walter Scott had played in our subjugation.

Until this year.

I wore the full Highland dress with the Black Watch Tartan to Son Brian and the lovely KT’s wedding in June this year and I wore it to my own graduation in November; and if I could have worn it to help Son Brian and KT move into their new home this weekend, I would have done so. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing it. I was happy and proud to do so at both events and was happy wearing black with black socks. I would hate to be a Rupert the Bear……

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Black Watch Tartan 🙂

As I said earlier it has been an amazing six months. 🙂

I’ll stop there. The keyboard’s kinda damp. There is a long walk to be had. Skippy load up the MP3 player.

Have a great New Year….and do I plan to change my ways in the months ahead? No. No really. I’ll just keep rolling.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun, and still wearing the badge? Yes.

Johnt850. Morning, Glory.


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