Every human action acquires a meaning when it is performed as a service (Mahatma Gandhi)

And so dear listeners, after the events of the last few weeks, the blog settles down to what it’s best at – mediocrity and mundaneness.

This week I bought a clothes horse/airer from Argos and erected it myself. Dead proud. 🙂

But I also needed a new printer. Now I know there are companies like Appliances Online which come highly recommended but I like PC World/Curry’s – just down the road there. Why? Because they’re just down the road there. In Anniesland.

So I went there on Tuesday and had a look; said to the young female assistant, ‘don’t you stock Kodaks anymore?’ ‘No’, she said. ‘That’s a nice looking Epsom’, I said. ‘It’s not in stock’, she said. I left. No. No sale. 😦

The next day I was in West Dunbartonshire. I went into the PC World/Curry’s in the Drumchapel Retail Park and was met at the door by a nice young female assistant called, according to her badge, ‘Marjorie training’ – altho’ I suspect that’s not really her surname. I said, ‘black printer…bout 60-70.’ She said, ‘this way.’ And I think dear listener that was about the extent of her knowledge BUT we narrowed ‘our’ selection down to two – based on looks.

I then asked the tekkie question; ‘how do you put the ink in?’ She said ‘I don’t know. Let’s find out.’

So we prodded. One of them she described (kinda) as ‘a bit of a nightmare to get into’. So I bought the other one. Marjorie training had made the whole thing a fun experience………enthusiasm counts for a lot. 🙂

No, it’s not up and running yet. I’ve reached the bit in the installation where my son gets offered his tea.

And now for the second and last in our short series: South African Leaders I Have Never Met:

Years ago I worked for BBC Scotland’s Religious Broadcasting…even presented church services on radio…..and one Sunday afternoon, having done my stuff in the morning, I was working in the garden when my then wife came out.

‘jt, there’s a Bishop Desmond Tutu on the phone for you.’

He’s too bloody late for this week’s show, I thought. ‘Tell him, I’ll phone him later.’ And never did.

So I watched the Mandela Big Day Out (Michelle Obama ostentatiously swopping seats with Barack after the selfies) and I spotted Bono and thought, ‘ffs, I hope he doesn’t start clicking his fingers.’

And I saw the hard-of-hearing signer and knew he wasn’t doing it right. All of us who watch the Sign Zone regularly on BBC-2 at half past one in the morning know that you do the tic-tac a lot quicker than that. Still he saw Angels. Seven years ago this week I saw The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and a whole lot more as I cold-turkeyed and look where I am today. 🙂

The last few years I’ve put up the anniversary on Facebook as a thank you and was always surprised at the number of likes and comments I got. Last year I think I done it for self-gratification. So I’ve stopped. Basically I don’t drink and hopefully never will again. Instead I go for walks, play music and make soup.

(But keep an eye on the Personality of the Year Awards in a fortnight’s time)

But I do pubs, etc, with my fresh orange. Last week it was a smashing time in Waxy’s with Anne and Jo from the Master’s class; this week it was the Hard Rock café with Missie K. 🙂

And finally, this story ‘bout the Queen getting so annoyed ‘bout her police people nibbling her nuts that she started to mark round the sides of the bowls to see if levels dropped? I would never ever eat nuts, etc, that were left out communally. You do not know whose hands were there before yours. Have you watched men wipe their hands on their trousers as they come out of the toilet? There’s a wee thought for you ahead of the Christmas party season.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yes, but can you remember what it says?

Johnt850, ‘cool’ and a ‘ledge’ according to Carmen – so it’s official (lol).

Aye, the party season.

Twenty-five years ago (round about now) the BBC Audio Unit Party (a big event paid for by unused bits of budget here and there scraped together from the bottom of a BBC barrel) was about to begin when news came in of a plane crash in the Lockerbie area and folk either grabbed outside broadcast vehicles and radio cars and reporters and headed south or started manning phones…..

I was at another function that night and didn’t hear until ‘bout 11. I immediately phoned in and was told I wasn’t needed BUT to go in ‘bout 7 and look after the non-News side of things; brief presenters on what they could and couldn’t say; check record running orders for records referring to flying; and liaise between the Newsroom and the rest of the coverage.

And then when the team came home that evening (cos the initial story was over almost immediately – there were no survivors) I bought a lot of drinks (with unused bits of budget). There was a lot of singing went on that night in Room 211 in Broadcasting House – a wee bit like the Mandela Big Day Out but unlike it, all the stories remain in that room……with the angels.

So here’s the Lumineers to cheer us up. Where’s the Lumineers? Under the lumin’ hat.



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