Placedos belong to that twilight world of medical science that has never gained respectability (Gossop)

And so dear listener, I have a confession to make. Not the first time I have used this show to talk of my past and the mistakes I have made – many of which go back to my BBC background. This one, however, will fill people full of disgust because it does seem to go against the milk of human kindness from which I occasionally drink.

To my shame, I cannot stand Children-In-Need. 😦

To be honest I’m not mad keen on giving to any charity where you don’t know where the money is going to end up. Now I’m not suggesting anything nefarious as may be suggested in the oft-postponed Panorama which is looking at the affairs of Comic Relief and some others. I give to cancer charities – not a big bucket.

No, it goes back many years to one week when myself and the team took a radio programme around various railway stations in Scotland – in mid-November. No. The person whose idea it was didn’t come with us. Why do you ask?

Stirling wasn’t too bad; Aberdeen was vast and empty; and Inverness was freezing – the only relieving factor was watching Radio One’s team suffering as well. Then came Edinburgh Waverley and the presenter who wasn’t ‘paid to run’ and the annoying Balloon Lady of Edinburgh Waverley. No. You don’t see much of her these days, do you? I had ‘friends’ in those days – even in the East. One day it may be an Iain Rankin novel. 😉

I know it brings fun to boring offices and call centres but I so much preferred it when it was a BBC staff charity. However I did eat a very nice C-i-N cupcake and a Pudsey gingerbread man. Two pounds well spent. Thanks AJ.

This all came back to me when I was in the BBC earlier this week to be interviewed for Good Morning Scotland on a new drug called enzalutamide which is designed to help add quality (and approximately 4-5 months to the quantity) of life for men for whom prostate cancer treatment can no longer help.

The interview bore no relation to any competency based framework interview I had undertaken recently. Me and the doc arrived at 7 expecting coffee at least but the preceding interview was with someone in Thailand and the line was bad. We were thrown in. Five minutes later we emerged with the Scottish nation (and anywhere else in the world with access to iPlayer for Tuesday 12th November 72 mins into the prog) aware of the wonders of this drug.

And yes, I do talk quickly but by ‘eck, I sure as hell get the message across…….unlike competency based stuff.

And, yes, it was like a time-warp. Salli is still doing the meet’n’greet and Ken Garden was on the desk. Salli is one of the best known BBC ppl known to all those who have ever turned up to do a radio interview. I even mentioned her name in the Paisley Uny the other day (I still drop in from time to time. No. No reason, Well no, no’ really) and the lecturer knew her.

Do you know that the uny used to do Inebriation Workshops to explain the effects of believing that you were drinking alcohol but you were the one on the water (placebo)? Where , I asked, would I fit in? I’d be the barman.

(This is quite a serious blog but next week’s won’t be and we’ll soon be at the special, Christmas editions)

And finally, John Lewis, there is a reason why bears hibernate; and my local urban fox has damaged one of its paws. I know you’re not supposed to but one of these early mornings I stood for a wee while and spoke to it. It’s not that long since Summerston was farmland. Now the four and five bedroom houses extend past what was Blackhill Farm. And very soon they will stretch out toward Kirkie and Torrance over the Balmore Road, where there are a few bodies buried. But not the Balloon Lady. She’s…..

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yes, but will I wear either of them on Wednesday?

Johnt850, thoroughly looking forward to Wednesday 😀

So I was supposed to be going to a funeral this week. I changed a hospital appointment; I had liaised with relevant ppl; I had dressed appropriately; and I had left in plenty of time. It was in Daldowie to the north of Clydebank. I drove out the Great Western Road and missed the turning on the left but was not worried cos I knew that if I continued across the Erskine Bridge I would reach a large roundabout, swing back north and make the turning on that side of the road. No. The road off the roundabout was closed. I got lost and never made it.

The purvey was south side of the bridge as well and I know some ppl who had difficulty finding the hotel. I was sooooooo angry with myself.

So all I will say is that Margaret was the kinda matriarch of a well-known family in the Bearsden area. She was a great-grandmother of at least two…….I’m not sure about the American branch…but as far as I am concerned her, and her husband’s, influence was reflected throughout the entire family who are the most welcoming bunch of ppl I have ever known. Going back many years. And that goes for my son and his mum and my daughter-in-law. I will miss her.

I am so angry with myself.

I’m not sure about whether I like the cone on the statue of the Duke of Wellington – not when it costs £100 to take it down but, this as many people now know, is how the cone gets there. 🙂



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