All my time is gone, all my time is gone. So familiar, I hear the music in my head (Huey Morgan and Fun Lovin’ Criminals)

And so dear listener, I had three job interviews last week and have not emerged with a job. There was a time when I’d have been pretty upset and may have turned to substances known and unknown to get over it. 😦

Now? It’s a case of learning from what I did and didn’t do.

First, I got three interviews. I had been really worried that there was something bad in my app forms or personal statement or something similar or people had decided that at the age of 42, I was too old.

(Yes. I know they’re not supposed to let age be a consideration but they were still using quills and ink when I got my first degree…….) But I did get three interviews in three days so that’s encouraging. (As well as tight timing)

I learned a lot about competency-based interviews and one of my interrogators is going to go over how I did and give me good advice. And she’s going to be a referee for me. And one knockback letter said that I am ‘clearly a candidate well worthy of careful (sic) consideration.’ So all is good. 🙂

I continue to apply. I will get there. Wherever ‘there’ is.

So there’s kinda happy feel to the blog today……a kinda gratitude list of the airwaves. Naw……that’s too much. Even for me.

But I seem to be picking up on shifts again. If anybody is looking for me on Boxing Day afternoon I’ll be in the East End. I’d a pleasant wee short shift in one of the City Centre projects on Wednesday night and was well impressed with where the WPC displayed her poppy. But I ate chips on the way back to the train. If only I had the willpower of a Herbalife shaker. (I well remember the shakes I used to have….Herbalife they weren’t)

It paid for the lunch I had the next day with good looking lady in Buzzy Ware’s in the courtyard area of Prince’s Square. Easy come, easy go. With the money. But I was well impressed (that’s the second time you’ve used ‘well impressed’, jt…sorry Skippy) by the two dads (I assume) who were looking after two babies at the table next to us. Took me back to when Son Brian was that age. Now he can buy and sell me. 🙂

I never did anything like that with another dad. I did go to things like Mothers’n’Toddlers groups and got ignored. No mum, even those I knew, came anywhere near me. But did I and the weans care? No. We were too busy having fun. But, hey, I was the Playgroup Newsletter Editor one year. My son’s mum nominated me. And at the AGM that year I was the only man amongst fifty women. I got a bottle of whisky as a Thank You. What does that say about me and/or our culture?

And I’ve almost finished painting the kitchen and yes, I did do it with a brush (or two) so it does look as if I did it. Yes. I could have used a roller but ppl might think I’d got a man in. It’s defo me what dunnit. A wee bit more to do to it and then it’ll be open in time for Christmas. 🙂

And finally, I have a couple of hospital appointments this week; both of which are kinda cancer related but they are more conversations than anything else. One is in the Urology Department at Gartnavel which is where I was greeted, a few months ago, by a male nurse with the words, ‘Your appointment’s been cancelled. Did you not get the letter?’

The other is in the Beatson Cancer Centre also at Gartnavel. I know it’s a place that saves life but I am sooooo glad to go in and come back out. The memories are many – but mostly good.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Not for the month of Movember, I’m not.

Johnt850 – doIreallyspeakdeadfast? AndamIreallyhyper?

And speaking of Movember…..I had the pleasure to stand in the freezing cold and rain and hailstones and help stick flagpoles in the ground and inflate a Start and a Finish sign and to generally heckle and encourage approximately 800 runners who took part in the annual Movember Run on Glasgow Green. They were amazing.

Now I do not know why they were running; some do 5ks and 10ks and appreciate a slightly more competitive run; some may have been fundraising and there were a few who had t-shirts with names and faces on them. I have tremendously mixed feelings about when a well-known name goes public about a health condition – even when it’s as low-key as Billy Connolly’s was – because of the way it is reported.

So I don’t know what drove all those people on Saturday morning – even the wee kids who did it – but I, and the others there from Prostate Cancer UK, really appreciated it. Your monies will be well spent. Thanks from everyone who has come through that particular cancer (and the other male health issues) but your efforts make it so much easier for people like me to help create awareness, let alone fund massive research. You deserve publicity as well. 😀

Now where’s the Lem-sip?

And this is Elvis Costello and the Attractions with Shipbuilding. No. No reason. Well, no….no really.

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