Does anybody need to be told over and over / Spitting in the wind comes back at you twice as hard. (Lou Reed)

And so dear listener, this week I entered the jobs market in that I had three job interviews – one knockback so far 😦 and obvs it was the job I wanted least 🙂 I won’t say too much ‘bout them; suffice to say it has been reassuring to actually get interviews. We’ll see.

But it’s been weird. All three have been based upon something called Competency Framework where basically you’re asked ‘can you give an example of…..’ and then a whole load of words such as commitment, values, team-working get mentioned and your answer has to exemplify how you used them in what your example is.

And then you have this situation where each candidate is asked exactly the same questions so that answers can be compared without any follow-up to your answers which I think is wrong. Maybe that’s the journalist in me. One day I’m going to drop in something like, ‘and that’s when I shot the giraffe’ and see what’s said 😀

And apparently I seemed to misunderstand one of the questions. Well I did. Is the natural inclination, if you’re human and sensitive, not to say ‘I’m sorry jt, but you seem to have misunderstood what I am asking. What I mean is……..’?

Or am I justifying my poor performance? All I know is that by the third, I was competency frameworked out of my nut. Second coating the kitchen has been therapeutic.:)

But it’s been a difficult week. Rumours reached me (thanks Karen Murdoch) that Skippy was on the menu in the BBC Canteen (or Food Court) and I checked. Yes. It was kangaroo but not my bestie. She emerged a couple of days later, having had an unauthorised overnight or two. Jacket. Shoogly peg. She has a form to fill before she can do that. I haven’t told her. About the kangaroo steak. Yet. 😦

And then it was Hallowe’en. And I did get some things in. But I was up a ladder. With the radio on. Honest. The letter box was rattled. It’s a nervous kinda letter box. So I did hear it but by the time I’d climbed down the ladder, put my brush safely aside, wiped my hand (like I was going to shake hands?) and reached the door, he/she or they had gone and no-one else came to the door.

I feel as if I am now known as the cruel, heartless bastard who lives at Number 3.

(Will it need a third coat? I can’t believe I’m spending a Sunday afternoon literally watching paint dry)

And can I say a wee word to all those who complained thru various social networks about the amount of coverage given to the St Jude’s Storm as compared to our own Hurricane Bawbag of two years ago. It wasn’t the English bias in the coverage that annoyed me. It was the way the English based British Broadcasting Corporation and Sky and the others were more concerned with the problems faced by commuters than the people who died.

For those who never saw it, this was the defining image of Hurricane Bawbag;

Gosh that’s a long link. As the actress said when she looked at the Bishop’s sausage. And the English equivalent was a marquee. Says it all. We are different nations.

(The woodwork will be black but I will need a splashback and some dowling)

And can I also say a big thanks to all those adopting ‘taches for the month of Movember? No. I don’t. What I do is the help spend the money people raise. The quality of literature and information that Prostate Cancer UK supply is brilliant, altho’ the best is still the wee Z-cars that are given out.

And it’s working. The news that deaths from this cancer have fallen by a fifth in recent years is brilliant news. Some of it is down to information and awareness; some of it is down to research; and some of it is down to improved medical matters, but in a week when the BBC, yet again, postpone a Panorama programme telling you what happens (or doesn’t happen) to Comic Relief money, isn’t it good to know that your money does help.

Oh, and spot the sixties cop series mentioned in the above. By mistake 😉

(And the paint edger was worse than useless. I’ve some bits to emulsion later and then can start putting things back once they’re washed. No. I’m not getting a lot of shifts. Why do you ask?)

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Only this month it’s the new Prostate Cancer man badge and, yes, sometimes some of the money is spent on re-branding but it’s worth it.

Johnt850, waiting for the mail and the phone call

I know that not everyone looks at the closing video at the end of the show and my thanks to all those who pointed out that I had used the Jack and Victor clip before. One person but it’s reassuring.

This is a version of the Beatles Let it Be sung in one of those ensemble groups with lots of well-known people singing a phrase or a line. What makes this so different is that many of those participating are dead. See who you can spot.

Bergerac, Milli Vanilli and Norm from Cheers all share the stage with Bud Bundy, Glenn Close and some Norwegians!!!!!

As Dr Paul, the world’s greatest Pub Quizmaster said, ‘it’s a king-size wtf…….


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