That Was The Week That Was (the lovely Millicent Martin)

And so, dear listener, sometimes it’s hard to make a quiet week interesting and this has been such a quiet week. It’s going to be a struggle but stick with me. 😦

I mean, at one point, the most interesting thing was Kenny the Shed Pimp coming over to remove tiles in the kitchen and more importantly sand down the surfaces. I’d removed a lot of stuff from the kitchen and he’d put down dust sheets but the white powder went everywhere – including up my nose. And I couldn’t stop sneezing – a wee bit like the last time. Actually, that’s probably what caused the bleeding.


Aye. I’ve started painting the kitchen (slate grey but it will need two coats and not fifty) and one night suddenly the nose (right nostril) started to pour blood. So obvs I lay on my back in the front room (tbh the only room other than the kitchen downstairs). I happened to be txting Buttons at the time and we agreed that bleeding and painting at the same time was not good. I should pinch my nostril. So I got up and made for the kitchen sink (not for the first time in my life) dripping a quantity of blood onto the carpet in the front room and pinched my nostril and then the phone rang.

It was Son Brian. Could he pre-register my name for the Hydro for ticket sales for Still Game in a year’s time – two tickets; him and me; my credit card – and yes, pinching nostril is good to stop bleeding. His wife (my daughter-in-law!) is a nurse. She should know. So I went back to the sink and dropped more blood. And rammed half a tube of Vaseline up my nose.

Vaseline in the kitchen? Don’t ask.

So it stopped. So I stopped painting and sat down to watch TV but it’s not working, is it? I’m getting sound but no picture. I got the Virgin engineer out and he done everything he could. Installed a box to stop power surges. Fiddled about and then said, ‘Your TV is fu**ed. Mind you,’ he continued, ‘I’ve seen them with picture and no sound, but never sound but no picture.’ Sums me up I thought. 😦

So Son Brian told me what to buy (my credit card) and the next day saw me down at Tesco in Maryhill where a very nice man sold me an Elsie Dee, smart, all singing, all dancing Facetube iPlayer 22” box. A steal at £89. When I say ‘steal’………the car park is still Tesco, isn’t it? 😛

Anyway Son Brian will help me plug cables in on Monday night. I will provide food (my freezer)……so I’ve been listening to TV. One night, many years ago, when cable was new and not so highly developed, I came home at 3 in the morning having produced a prog for Radio 5, and channel surfed. I found a porn channel with no picture but only sound. Like staying in a cheap hotel, it was.

So a quiet week? Yes.

Oh, and I met uni-Sharon. We had pleasant toastie-type lunch in Paisley. In a café which promised cous-cous with our toastie-types. Only the cous-cous never came. But we did get crisps on the plate. And greenery. 🙂

And this week’s rant of the Month? Would all the people who commented on how we should improve our eating and save on throwing out stuff by not buying salad in bags and buy fresh, like to visit the ASDA in Summerston? The staff are brill but the only way (and this is going to sound soooo pretentious)…the only way to buy fresh rocket is in one of those bags…..and the fish is in packets as well……I work in a project where the nearest food shop is Iceland (as advertised on BBC Two this week)…..Grow up and get real, foodies! (angry icon)

Actually I was in that project the other night and I would like to thank the young man, who said, ‘I hope I have a head of hair like yours, when I’m your age.’ (The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh) but he guessed at eight years younger than the alter ego’s age……. 😀

Back to quiet week……

Saw the rainforestriverman this week. He was up from London. Listen, rrm, just saying ‘Iain Duncan Smith’ winds me up. There is no skill in that. And I’m sorry. I don’t know coffee shops in that part of town. Only pubs. Give me notice, the next time.

And finally, this is being writ before the Celtic game for all sorts of reasons. I will say nothing about why we’ve been moved into the main stand (which is wooden and has been given to away fans this year and very successfully) just cos the Celtic fans have a recent history of letting off flairs at Firhill. Efficient policing would help stop that. But maybe Police Scotland is too busy closing down licensed saunas in Edinburgh. As I say, I will say nothing.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and maybe next week will be busier, with some news?

Johnt850, living in a house where the only thing in any sort of order are the CDs still in alphabetical order.

So, as we enter Movember and men, and possibly some women, grow moustaches to raise money for male cancers such as prostate and testicular, can I just say that I had my PSA taken the other day?

It’s a simple blood test and it’s only an indicator of how things are but I am very pleased to announce that it’s 0.7. Last time it was 1.3 and whilst that is still low it was upwards. This is back downwards and is my lowest ever. What seems a long time ago now, and pre-dates AJ and RJ, I was due to get the result of my first PSA post-treatment and I’d to go to the Health Centre to get it. e very kindly came with me. It was 3.5 and was well down on what I’d had before treatment. Now it’s 0.7. As I say it’s an indicator but it’s a nice one.

And I am lucky. Not everyone has that kinda reading. 😦

Here’s Jack and Victor – so genteel……


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