People tell you not to take chances And they tell you that there aren’t any answers And I was starting to agree But I awoke suddenly in the path of a lightning bolt. (Jake Bugg)

And so, dear listener, in a week when everyone (?) was wondering how well Michelle McManus would do at the Mod in Paisley, can I begin this week’s show, by saying congratulations to a friend of mine, originally also from Peterhead, who, in her first season of teaching herself the clarsach, won both the Elementary Solo Cup and a half share in the Clarsach Duet Cup. Step forward, Anne Stephen, and well done. 😀

(Skippy, what’s a clarsach?)

My parents wanted me to learn to play the piano. My sis had done so. Therefore it was kinda expected I should. My parents worked that way. However, I wanted to learn to play the guitar. Even at the age of seven, I wanted to be the axeman – keyboard players never really made it up front. That’s where I wanted to be. I tried to learn the piano. I enjoyed the chats with the woman teaching me, but I now realise she was married and it was doomed never to go anywhere, altho’ the age difference might also have played a part. 😦

But I never ever thought things through.

(Thankfully very few of my sister’s clothes fitted)

But I did notice that this blog’s favourite Gael, Catriona, and her husband BBC Al, the blog’s bad taste pal, chose this week to go to Stornoway……..mmmmmm

I was out at the school library this week to pick up some articles I’d ordered only to be told by a librarian (yes, that librarian) that they’d been forwarded to my mail address. I realised that I’d not read through the Blackberry message telling me that.

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘that just sums you up, doesn’t it?’

(Said with a smile,tho’) 🙂

It’s been interesting being back at uny but without the purpose of the last two years. They were good fun, and some very good friends emerged. And I still can’t get away from the image that was Monday mornings. When all the rest of my friends were making major marketing decisions, defending murderers and passing laws, I was deciding whether or not to get a second cup of coffee for that morning’s lecture in the company of Jo, Study Buddy Fi, Audrey and uni-Sharon……now I spend time arranging gowns and highland dress and so on for my graduation…….(when I say gowns, that has nothing to do with those of my sister’s clothes that did fit, but I did use to do ‘drag’ in my student days for charity)

And I still work in housing projects on a relief basis where one night recently, I opened the door to one resident who said, ‘You might as well leave it open. The police are two minutes behind me.’ And they were. But it got easily settled. Honest. That’s the project that I thought might be haunted.

I’ve just seen Sir Tom Hunter on TV. I was his first PR and I did a good job for him. He’s just said that the story of Andrew Carnegie, millionaire and philanthropist, should be taught in the schools. Fine as long as they mention the fact that he broke strikes by using the hard arm and murdering tactics of the Pinkerton’s Agency and bussed in scab labour.

And finally, continuing to name drop. I was delighted to see Andy Murray getting recognised by royalty but even more delighted to see that BOTH his parents were able to attend. Judy, who’s not a pushy mum, gets a lot of publicity but Will, his estranged dad, has put a lot of effort into helping Andy as well. Now who do you think I empathise with? And I wonder how many tickets Andy got? Did he have to get extra from a ballot and pay £10 each for them? Wonder what kind of purvey the Palace put on?

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Beginning to shine it up even as we speak.

Johnt850, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger

So I’ve been aware for some time that the blog has been lacking the cancerly and alcoholically stuff which was, after all, the original rationale for it – particularly the cancerly stuff. It was to be like a newsletter to folk but since then it has taken on a life of its own. But the mentions are about to happen naturally.

We move into a time frame when there are anniversaries and cancer conversations (not check-ups) and the tears when I graduate (and my ‘thank you’ speech that the UWS ‘heid’ bummer knows nothing about just yet). But we move also into the world of PSA tests and Movember (I’m helping with a fun run on a Saturday morning in Movember).

I was with Doctor Fiona just the other day getting repeat scripts (I occasionally use a sleeping pill called Zoplicone and I need to get it personally) and she took two bloods – one for the PSA and one to test for Diabetes which happens every second year. It was just after the Schools Week exactly seven years ago that Dr Fiona took another blood – ostensibly for Diabetes – but then contacted me to tell me that I had too much alcohol in my blood system, and across a crowded surgery, spoke those immortal words, ‘Cut back gradually and we can help you. Whatever you do, don’t cold turkey.’

Hogan Sinclair says that she’s heard alcohol withdrawal is worse than heroin withdrawal. I don’t know but I do know I cold – turkeyed several weeks later without planning and it was Godawful….maybe if I’d planned it….but then as that librarian might say…’that just sums me up, doesn’t it?’ I never thought it through.

I’m often asked if, when I’m on a night shift, if I ever sleep? Of course not! Here’s Avici and does anyone know what I can do ‘bout the length of these links? All you have to do is click on the link. Go for it. And on the way out, ‘Wake Me Up’


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