Accept that you might never be rich, or famous, or hugely successful but you can still make a difference (Hogan Sinclair – the author and friend)

And so dear listener, I have a date for my graduation and, yes, it is my graduation. Sunny D down the ASDA reminds me that there will be other people graduating and, indeed, I will know some of them. But for me it is mine. I will be the centre of my attention. Indeed, almost even as we speak, I am practising the one-handed hair flick for the moment just after I’ve been ‘capped’ whilst clutching my parchment for the on-stage photographer.

All I need to do is to pay for the event. Not the whole event but for me. 🙂

I remember my own first graduation in the Bute Hall at Glasgow University a long time ago. We assembled at about 10.30 in a wee room just off the big hall and Innes (but spelt in the Gaelic as is being spoke in Paisley this week) just happened to have a wee half bottle in his sporran and I had a very enjoyable swig before doing the business.

And what will I be wearing? I will quote Lorraine Kelly who says, ‘There is nothing finer than a bonny bloke showing manly calves in Scotland’s national dress.’ 😉

Meanwhile I still lack a full-time job altho’ this week I have loads of shifts at weird times. I may fall asleep at any time but I have more to do. But I do feel, in a small way, that I have achieved something which shows that there is potential in any one, even ‘scum’ like me, as I was once referred to by a college line manager – even if it was said in the third person. Proud but not arrogant. Me. He was just a coward.

And if I ever need reminded of what could have been I can go back to ‘The Underclass – A Quiet Uprising’ by Hogan Sinclair which contains some remarkable verbal images…… well worth a read and available from Amazon in various forms……

And whist I’m plugging things can I say well done to the new DG of the BBC whose first decision was to add a new presenter to the BBC. For those of you who haven’t heard the news, here it is;

And I don’t know why Youtube links are so long these days.

Elsewhere can I also say well done to BBC Scotland for commissioning Scot Squad, a comedy loosely based on the news Scottish Police Force. I saw the pilot and liked it. Nice one, Rab. 🙂

Can I also say a big ‘well done’ to those who have been accepted to volunteer at the Commonwealth games – the Clydesiders – and I do hope someone explains to them the historical significance of the term, altho’ I doubt it. People do understand that Clyde the mascot, who is a thistle, is designed to be a non-sectarian representation of the Glasgow footballing scene, don’t they? Skippy, what colour of tablets did you give me this morning?

And why are we commemorating the start of ‘The Great War’? There are good and bad reasons for doing so, but to suggest that it will be like the ‘Diamond Jubilee’ (David Cameron) is insulting to the many who lost their lives and does not recognise the social upheaval it led to, including the growth of socialism and a new involvement in society by women…….

And finally, in a somewhat truncated blog, can I say a big thanks to Mumsnet, for the most interesting post-coital discussion I have ever read. Me? I just wait my turn for the bathroom. For many people Mumsnet is the group of, well, mums, who brought down Gordon Brown and to whom Tories Clegg, Cameron and Milliband pay great respect. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then Google Mumsnet + penis beaker……

Penis Beaker? It almost sounds like a character from an adult version of Sesame Street doesn’t it?

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge……yup it’s the only thing keeping me going as I go from a back shift well out of town to an early shift well into town

Johnt850, practising my acceptance speech even as we speak

And not much to go below the line this week. I’ve kinda mis-estimated my time schedule. But good luck to all those going on holiday or planning to cope with the schools week by staying at home……..cya soon 🙂

One of the nicest things is when you tell someone an old gag and they’ve never heard it before and they’re a few years apart (mother and son) and they laff and they mean it. The gag?

Why are pirates called pirates? Because they aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr! 😀

I do think that people who read this on their phone or tablet miss the symmetry or balance of the blog. Here’s a band called A Quiet Uprising;


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