And those children who have never worked, like their parents before them, don’t have the self-esteem that comes with being productive and having the routine of work. We shouldn’t be angry with them. (Hogan Sinclair – author of ‘The Underclass – A Quiet Uprising’….and friend)

And so, dear listener, I am in the middle of my latest most momentous occasion ever in my young life – job search. And it ain’t easy. Despite what Ian Duncan Smith says. And the DWP site is the worst of them all. Impossible to be specific. Or maybe that’s deliberate. Heaven forfend that the lumpenproletariat should get the jobs they want. (It’s okay Skippy. I will try and keep the blog politics free. Worry not)

I want to work in the areas of addiction and/or homeless support and it would be wrong to say what organisations I have applied to without prejudicing my applications. However, I do think it safe to say that I may be at the turning point of my forty-two years and am about to rise, phoenix-like, from the hashish, sorry, ashes, possibly within the broad band that is the BT family. Or not. Maybe. 😉

I’d offer a prize to anyone who could guess the references, but uni-Sharon would walk it. But there are always alternatives – for me freely available most Fridays.

And some of the application forms are mind-numbing and I accept that they have to be as common-denominator as possible and the social care ones are fairly straightforward in most places but one of my previous employers has changed its name – the college where I worked – and one has changed its location – the BBC. And it can be very difficult to explain my self-employed status – . But, hey, something will turn up. 🙂

And I was over at the Beeb this week – my annual visit to a reserved parking space. And it’s nice to be recognised. By a couple of people. I was there to have lunch with someone I had not seen for approximately twenty-seven years – since Son Brian was born. And what was nice was that Chippy (as in carpenter cos she’s got a qualification in woodwork. I may think of a better pseudonym later but I’m writing this just after a busy Glasgow city centre busy night shift. Ah Campus Frat Bar, how I’ve missed you at 3 in the morning)…….sorry, what was I saying?

Aye, Chippy remembered that I had described the drive home from the Queen Mum’s with a several day old Son Brian and his mum as the most carefully I had ever driven in my life. And it was. And then when we got in we had gins’n’tonic and cheese sandwiches.

Last week Son Brian and my daughter-in-law KT came back from their belated honeymoon in Dubai and Mauritius…… 😀

And no, I have no intention of introducing the grandchildren word into any conversation cos of what that would mean for me but if that happens then my name would automatically change to Jay-Tee, Grandfunkfather. Thanks Chippy. 🙂

Anyway I was crap at woodwork. What was the point of making a chisel holder when my dad didn’t have any chisels? My one memory is of hitting a woodwork teacher with an off-cut of wood. Tbh, I was throwing it at someone else and the stupid teacher got in the way. And no, I have no idea why I was throwing at anyone in the first place. But boy did I pay for it……

Power-drilling – the new car maintenance…….

Can I make one political point, Skippy? Thanks. Why don’t we actually employ people to clean our streets, take on social care roles and build social housing, thus giving people wages and taking them off benefits and giving them money with which to spend and pay taxes? I know I did economics at uny so long ago that Adam Smith sat on my right and Karl Marx on my left but Keynsian economics still makes sense.

Thanks Skippy. I’ll resort to my usual pot-pourri of nonsense that disguises the good points I make.

Mind you job apps are like applying for Commonwealth Tickets, very expensive lottery tickets or bets in bookies; once it’s been sent off or the money handed over it should be forgotten, so that anything that comes back is a bonus, so don’t complain. Anyway I don’t think Uisean Bolt and a number of other top athletes will be there. He is already hiding behind the cloak of his coach deciding and as Scotland is not an independent nation – yet – how can we offer him the same tax breaks he and so many others received in London last year?

And finally there is actually no room for any pot-pourri. As the man once said, ‘there will be no pot-pourri in this blog.’ (Say it out loud to appreciate)

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Polishing it up for interviews even as we speak.

Johnt850, who was described earlier this week as being ‘like butter’ by a former student. Whatever could he mean?

So I suppose I should say something about the TamCowandGate affair. Off the Ball was the inspiration of a smashing guy called Alan de Pelette and I was involved in the original series which was presented by Greg Hemphill. I then produced, and wrote for, the prog on many occasions until I left the Beeb in 2004. Tam has been taken off presenting duties cos of some things he wrote in the Daily Record last week for which he has since apologised.

I’m not going to comment on what he wrote. What I will say is that Stuart and Tam were difficult to work with as an editor and producer cos they wanted to do things which were just not ‘on’ and it had to be explained to them why they could not be done. Once they accepted that they were brilliant and one day I may tell the tale of the programme’s part in the transfer of Rab Douglas to Celtic and the Saltire we bought him.

Anyway I feel Tam was badly let down by his Record Editor who should have removed the offensive paragraphs about ladies football but didn’t and then compounded that felony by two of the most cowardly disclaimers I have ever seen. Tam’s humour does seem dated and sexist at times to many (me included) but it does appeal to a lot of people but sometimes he needs to be protected a bit……and produced a lot.

And so for all of you who were at the Hydro to see Fleetwood Mac the other night, here’s Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac;


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