if it’s hard work just thinking about it, don’t do it. if you’re trying to write like somebody else, forget about it. if you have to wait for it to roar out of you, then wait patiently. if it never does roar out of you, do something else (Charles Bukowski)

Bukowski is a writing hero of mine but a very acquired taste. He, and his character, was a womanising, drunken gambler and worked in the Post Office in the USA. He writes in a shambolic way – not always recognised by his peers and when he does reading tours round the unies, they seem to turn into excuses for womanising and drinking. Eventually when, in real life, he reached 64 he married a woman exactly half his age and cut back. On the drinking. I’m not sure why he’s a hero of mine. 😛

His stories are good but don’t expect happy endings…oh hang on. There is one with a happy ending but in case you’re sensitive, I won’t tell you which one it is. Or what is done to achieve the happy ending.

No, dear listener, his words come from a poem of his called You Want to be a Writer but an awful lot of it applies to people who would rather not do anything with their lives (like relax) but always find excuses or prolong reasons when in actual fact they have so much to offer. I think it may be something to do with the kinda work I kinda do and have kinda researched recently. Where I leave the projects smiling cos there’s a lot more good news than sometimes the bad stuff I tell.

People get flats of their own, get jobs, get access to their kids and clean up their acts.

And I think I’m okay with the ghost of a few weeks ago but there’s a new nuisance. Like most buildings these days there is CCTV on entrances and hallways – nothing intrusive. On one of the cameras the other night I couldn’t help but notice the existence of a spider’s web and see when the spider walks across the front of the camera……. JEEZ!!!! I’ll swear it turns round and smiles at you…..after five minutes gibbering as only a wreck can, I went out with brush and went for it…….I didn’t kill it. It may have had family….it would have been all over the world wide web….. 😦


Unless it comes out of your souls like a rocket, unless being still would drive you to madness or suicide or murder, don’t do it. unless the sun inside you is burning a gut, don’t do it.

Wise words in sooo many ways other than just for potential writers. They’re getting me through a lot just now.

Job apps are going in but there’s a sense of punting at the bookies when I do one. (When I say ‘when I do one’ there are so many connotations involved in that phrase) I mean place a bet. I’ve studied the form; I’ve filled out the bet app form; and I’ve handed over the money. Goodnight Vienna.

Going back to the spider! Does anyone out there remember sweetie cigarette cards (American based) in which giant ants and beetles and spiders took over the world until the world got its act together and fought back successfully? Hey, I was aged single figures and had touched nothing stronger than that vile red stringy liquorice but I did have early hots for Andrea Stuart….(that’s a woman’s name, btw, and not a typo…….)

Who IS Lampwick, btw?

I’m about slag the BBC but before I do so can I lay millions of praise upon A Very British Murder with (the lovely) Lucy Worsley, a woman who could make a pair of grey stockings come alive with a Jolly Hockey sticks smile but an academic bent. (Not a description she may wish to put on her CV) but if you get a chance, watch her…….and the programme.

Eat Sleep Rave Repeat…..Eat Sleep Rave Repeat…..Eat Sleep Rave Repeat….

Not Bukowksi but Flat Boy Slim. 🙂

And finally, I did watch the Gazza prog. It was sad. There is a convention that stops me doing personal comparisons so all I’ll say is that he needs a routine, and a focus, and a daily re-hab group offering a range of ways of help would be good but maybe his ‘management team’ and ‘friends and family’ keeping him out of the media would help more than anything else.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Polishing up for the job interviews even as we speak.

Johnt850, who is really worried about Lampwick and the spiders.

So I suppose I done the serious bit in the Gazza strip there.

And I done a wee bit of what inspires me as well in the Bukowski writing so before I do my own usual music link I want to do another.

We have so much still to understand about the terrorist attack by terrorists (not ‘militants’ as the BBC wanted us to believe they were so we could understand more about what motivated then, it was reported) terrorists who cold bloodedly killed anyone who moved, regardless of man, woman or child or religion…..

Anyway this BBC link (ironically) tells the story of some of the heroes of the siege. Read it and then read Bukowski again and then change your life for ever but with a smile on your face…..I am around if I can help.


A bit of a ramble this week but fresh air’s good for you. As is rail travel and this is a smashing mash-up of the old and the new and it is Public Service Broadcasting…….anyone interested in Public Service Broadcasting should watch this and my thanks to Ken Garner for drawing my attention to it.



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