Some say that I am dumb and think that I’m wrong for thinking outside of the box but there’s so many things I can achieve, I won’t let them put me off (Roll Deep)

And so dear listener, I have received a piece of paper from the uny, telling me that I have ‘satisfied the requirements for the award of MSc Alcohol and Drug Studies’; and yes, I am applying for jobs. Son Brian will be happy. Bridges still need to be re-built with the Housing Charity but I did do two night shifts this week and one of them was the most frightening experience I have known for some time. 😦

I won’t say where it was…just in case. But it’s one where the nightshift worker lone-works but there is another worker on a sleepover….just in case…..

It’s three o’clock in the morning and I have been through the two floors of the building and emptied all the bins into binbags (there are chores to be done). It’s quiet but there is no chance of me drifting off cos I took two Pro Plus earlier (I’m still trying to avoid caffeine drinks). I’m thinking of doing a wee tour when I hear footsteps outside in the close. I look at the CCTV covering the stairs and landings (and that’s all it does) and there is no-one.

The hairs at the back of my neck are rising even now.

There are still footsteps. Goosebumps. I am sweating. Let’s think about this rationally but I am not a rational person; I am an impulsive, slightly hyper, person. So let’s impulse…..I open the door onto the landing. Nothing and no-one. I close it. I check the floor I am already on. Nothing and no-one. Okay. Let’s go for it. I go onto the landing and go upstairs and check the second floor. Nothing and no-one. Now the scary bit. I go into the dunny where I put the bin bags. Nothing and no-one. Even look into the bit outside at the back. Nothing and no-one. I breathe easier and go back upstairs. I sit down, breathe out and hear the sound of a glass bottle being dropped in the close but not breaking.

I do not leave the office again until 5.30 when the sun rises; the Morton’s Rolls are being delivered to the shop across the road; and trains are running. Civilisation wakes up and I venture out again…….Nothing and no-one until my relief arrives at seven and I go home……..Vampire Slayer, you came so close to getting a call.

So it’s been a quiet week.

Interesting that I knew a few folk who went to Stan Petrov’s game last week (Buttons and uni-Sharon and members of their respective families) and I saw the indirect knock-on effect of the money raised when I did an info gig at a conference for Scottish voluntary cancer groups. Apparently I did it last year. I was recognised. Lots of people who give to charity assume it goes to helping research and people; a lot of it goes to the things that I and so many people do – increasing awareness……thank you. 🙂

And Buttons, once again, thanks again for this month’s Word of the Week…….No. I liked it sooo much I’m keeping it to myself. But it was with interest that I looked around my fellow PT fans on Saturday. Yup. @soulboydaviebee to a tee.

So it’s been a busy week.

Having achieved two Post Grads with the help of work experience in Easterhouse I was delighted to see it in a TV listing as a ‘Glasgow suburb’ Yes. Parity with Bearsden at last. I spent a whole day with the Community Drugs Rehab in West Dunbartonshare where some of the folk have been helping to refurbish a lovely building called Overtoun House – it’s massif and I couldn’t stop saying ‘Wow’ round every corner. I did some manual work. It’s over-rated. 🙂

Lloyd’s created a new bank – TSB – and I like the interpretation put on it by the rainforestriverman – Trusted Sister’s Bank…those of you who know anything about my financial affairs will appreciate that. Our dad started off in the Peterhead branch of the Aberdeen Savings Bank.

Son Brian and wee RJ shared the same actual birthdate which is the same date as the day some folk had to break into our mother’s house eight years ago. They knew she had collapsed but she had put her keys in the locks on the inside. I arrived just after they had gained entry. I gave Son Brian his pressie two days late. This year.

Moving slowly on…..

So I’m thinking a book. I have an idea. I told the librarian. She smiled but the lady serving coffee in Qwerty’s asked if that was me back for the new term…she didn’t actually say ‘perpetual student’…..just in case…and I’ve got a Post-It here that says ‘the ducks are almost in a row’….No. No idea.

And finally, despite the result at Firhill today every decent football fan will applaud the banner from the Aberdeen fans in standing up against those sick Rangers trolls who attacked one of Scotland’s top sports broadcasters……as it said


Cya, (keep)ing it fun and still wearing that badge? No I’ve been wearing the Prostate Cancer UK one… says soooo much

Johnt850 who has sooo much in common with Louis Tomlinson from 1D. Says Buttons.

It’s my hair. I am ‘preoccupied’ and ‘obsessed’ by it. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at an early age for this cancer. Even accurate stats say that. And I felt that when I started radiotherapy (or sandblasting as we called it at the time). Most of the men were short of hair. On their head. Not a consequence of the radiation. It burns off all the hair in that part of the body closest to the prostate. And very comfortable it is too. Six and a half years on.

Anyway. I made a conscious decision. I decided to keep my hair (relatively) long. It marked me out as different. As did my decision that black was my favest colour. And I’ve stuck to that ever since. It’s why people recognise me. One year on. And I like flicking it. Cos I can. That’s why.

Here’s my mate Louis and the rest of his combo. Of course I know which one he is. We’re like twins.



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