I’m headed for somewhere else, I’m guessing the time will tell. Cause it’s a long way home. Courage to carry on. And now I got to be oh so strong Cause it’s a long way home

And so, dear listener, RJ has been named. ‘But,’ I hear you cry, ‘RJ has been named. She’s called RJ.’ Ah, dear listener, if only it were that simple. In my young day, just over forty years ago, I was christened. A man in black (No. Not Johnny Cash. If only) poured some water over me and said, ‘I now pronounce you Johnt850. For better or for worse.’ Or similar. 🙂

No. RJ took part in the Humanist Alternative to the religious service and was ‘named’. A similar ceremony in many ways with a celebrant, a guide parent and some food and drink………and oh, those cupcakes….their baking timed to perfection.

And it all went well, and, yes, it did take place in the same castle as AJ’s (approx three years ago) and this time I managed to avoid parking in a rose bed, banging into the car parked behind me and driving home across the lawn. If you want to know the exact date, it was the same day that Dennis Hopper died. Karma.

And I did have a slight parking problem. Again.

Now if only there were an alternative to Humanist services………oh, and I met a friend of yours uni-Sharon… 😉

And not the only birthday on the horizon. Son Brian celebrates his this week and Buttons’s youngest celebrated hers just the other day. She and some others have, I understand, just been to Celtic Park for the Stan Petrov testimonial – apparently she’s very interested in how the referees are currently interpreting the offside laws in terms of an offside player having an influence on things. Oh, hang on there’s a voice in my ear…..ooops…apparently Louis from One Direction was due to be playing….and very well he did too until he was tackled. 😦

I’m not a great fan of testimonials. But I do have one memory of Ken Eadie’s for Clydebank against Rangers several years ago at which I had the privilege of being the announcer and it wasn’t the fact that, for the first time ever, I saw the player whose testimonial it was miss the penalty they’re always given……..

After twenty minutes Richard Gough, Andy Goram and similar came off and I got them taxis back to Ibrox. One well-known name stayed on in a match where eventually the Rangers’ reserve reserve keeper ended up playing centre-half for them – Gazza. Paul Gascoigne doing what he loved best. I make no other comment.

Apparently you can get One Direction Love Hearts…… 😉

And I can’t have been the only football fan in Scotland who wondered when they saw the headline ‘I can fill Kenny’s boots’ attributed to Jamie Mackie. I refer m’learned friends to the case of McCall v Stainrod as often discussed on Off The Ball.

Oh, and in a week when politics was to the fore, can I say well done to Michael Gove (top Tory) for standing up against the Bedroom Tax by saying that to allow children to flourish it is crucial they have their own room.

And like any other blogger and commentator (and I’m afraid that this week’s is just like any other blog for which I apologise and more of that later) I did watch Jamie Oliver, ready to slag him or commend him – either cos of the size of his kitchen which I have seen rarely elsewhere or for the common sense he spoke (I went out and bought a jar of capers the next day), but see all the stuff about us relying on convenience foods……Bob Preston, an hour later, in a lovely little programme (1/4) about the changing nature of shopping nailed it in a oner. A few years back busy working women didn’t want to spend time in the kitchen, so Marks & Spencers catered for them……Two chickens kiev for £1.99 and they’re still doing it today with their Saturday Night In dinners for less than a tenner. Watch and learn Jamie boy! 🙂

And can I add one name to last week’s Naomi Campbell list? Countess Helen of Rosslyn. No. No reason.

And can I say a big thanks to those who sent me Congrats cards on the Master’s…not always from expected sources….

And finally, I met up for the first time for some time with the blogmeister. He’s working for the Yes Campaign. We met in a pub called Waxy O’Connor’s which is one of my favourites. Now it might seem strange that someone with my background and current status may have such things but I do. One of the things I like is that it’s like entering the Tardis. So many areas for the drinking and whilst the Caffreys Cold looked okay, can I say a big wow for the orange juice but like St Jude’s a couple of weeks ago with the Rainforestriverman, there’s a limit to my consumption. If only someone could invent the equivalent of a non-alcoholic shot or short.

Cya (keep)ing it fun and still wearing that badge? Yup. You should have seen the looks the blogmeister got for sitting with me,

Johnt850 or Count John of T850 Towers…….. Count!

So, yes, I think it’s obvious from the above that I’ve not been doing much. A slight misunderstanding with the Housing charity means that I’ve not been getting shifts but that should be reconciled. It was not irreversible. There was a cure.

And some of you will notice a physical difference the next time you see me. That’s all I’m saying. But post Master’s a void has appeared and self-doubt has started to creep in, particularly as I start applying for jobs. Again. Would the year have been better spent doing the housing shifts and looking for work? In many material ways, yes, but so many people believed in me once I’d started I just had to finish. And I’m so glad I did. 🙂

So it has been so nice, not just to get the congrats cards and other messages, but also the people who have spoken to me about the need for me to ‘fill the void’ and in one case said, ‘you’re quiet. I’m worried.’ (anon). I’m fine. But it’s so nice to know you’re out there. Thanks.

I’m taking no sides on the Badger Cull debate but here’s a short snippet from the Save The Badger Badger Badger video……..longer versions are available, courtesy of those bright young things from YouTube.


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