I just do what I’ve been told; penguin’s bums are always cold (A US Marine…apparently)

And so dear listener, it’s done. The Master’s is finished and over and I accept the adulation of the crowds. And, yes, it wasn’t self-deprecation…..I really had my doubts up to the very end but it’s passed and I am Master of something. I used to do a lot in student politics when I was at uny. Previously. I spoke a lot…….a real master debater I was.

That’s really weird….I’ve just realised. My first degree was at Glasgow Uny; my first Post Grad was at what used to be known as Jordanhill College but is now known as ‘another prestigious West End housing development’; and now I have another Post Grad and a Master’s from UWS (Paisley). Bet none of you knew that in the days when I talked about the primary school in Paisley, I was talking about the uny……?

But there is now a void. Those of you who remember the previous void of just over a year ago (June/July) may be apprehensive but worry not. I learn from my experiences (no you don’t – Skippy). I have taken a few days to myself. Lunch with a good friend; a haircut; and a football match – but not all in the one day. I am pacing myself but not walking too fast before I can run…….as they say down the ASDA.

I’m still reading the book I mentioned last week – the Hunger Games – and I don’t feel guilty. Okay, as a counterpoint, I’m doing a big tidy up of the house, but at least the CDs remain in alphabetic order, altho’, tbh, all I’m playing are The Yeah Yeahs and Various Artists. But no, no ZZ Top.

And also last week I mentioned a very lovely Zorastrian Iranian lady who swiftly became a Facebook friend………are you out there, Naomi Campbell, Louise Lear and yes, indeed, Felicity Kendall? 🙂

Anyway I did do a sorting out of some of the books and photocopied articles from the drink’n’drugs course (oh, Michael Gossop you have no idea how many views I attributed to you and ‘Living with Drugs’ and what was I doing with ‘Not to Be Toyed With’: Drug Addiction, Bullying and Self-empowerment in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Journal of Media and Cultural Studies (2002) 19:1 85-101?)

And will I ever stop writing like that? Well, maybe not. I have an idea for a book, but a different one from the last one I wrote. It was very personal and did the rounds of agents and publishers but unfortunately the only publisher who showed interest was made redundant soon after. The library ladies have been warned. 😉

Incidentally, Buffy is not this blog’s Vampire Slayer. Ours is much more effective and attractive. And the Greek Islands are much safer now than they were before (well one is). Just ‘cos.

No, I was reminiscing with Jo the other day and one of my favest memories is/was Monday mornings when many of my mates would have been at their work desks from eight o’clock broking stocks, marketing, lawyering, lecturing and walking the corridors of power. Me? I was having my first coffee of the day with Jo, uni-Sharon and Study Buddie Fi before ambling round to the lecture theatre with the conservatory (perfect for growing certain plants) for what was our first and, technically, penultimate lecture of the day. 🙂

I will miss it but will return from time to time (probably when the new Post Grads arrive. No. No reason.)

Anyway time to move on. Football. When stuck…….And a big annoyance this week was the STV sports reporter who kept referring to Celtic’s group in the European League of Very Profitable Football Matches as being the Group of Death on the day when the House of Commons was debating whether to bomb Syria cos the Syrian government was poisoning other Syrians. Jeez.

And finally, there will be a graduation in mid-November and if the rules allow – which I’m sure they do – me and the Black Watch Tartan may meet again. A wee twirl in the Library foyer – just to let some people see what they’re missing. 😉

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? I actually wore it to Post Grad Induction two years ago and got some strange looks.

Johnt850, a proud part of the Maryhill Army. 🙂 🙂 🙂

So this month’s most asked question of the week has been, ‘am I doing a PhD?’ No. I’m not. I stretched myself academically and I have little left to give down that road. Some folk arrived on the Post Grad with their route maps marked (Honours, Post Grad, Master’s, PhD) and some were spotted quite early on for their potential and asked to consider a Master’s.

I was in neither group. I had a void to fill and a question that was nagging. I have some answers but it is significant that no-one has asked me to consider a PhD. I know my limits (no you don’t – Skippy) No. No limits. 😀

This is/these are the Yeahs Yeahs…….You have Buttons to thank. 😉


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