That holds the first and I’m the last; I wasn’t good at arts and crafts. Move, my mood. You’ve got the thirst and that’s too bad: I’ve got the water and it’s the last. Move, my mood (Red Light Company)

Red Light Company there, dear listener, and about five years ago, not long after my radiotherapy had finished I went down to Balloch for what was loosely called a music festival. Basically I wanted to see Alabama 3 and found myself with a small crowd watching Red Light Company. And enjoying. I was standing at the back. A young lady stood next to me; listened to the band for a few minutes and then she turned to me…..

‘That band there? They your boys? They’re shite.’ And walked on. I am soooooo glad I am not involved in rock band management…and that, dear listener, this week’s calming paragraph. Because….

I’ve done it! I’ve fu*king done it! I’ve passed my Master’s degree at UWS (Paisley) in Alcohol and Drug Studies (which is a real department altho’ some people take some persuading). I feel so dominant. No more vanilla for me! (I think I’m mixing up my own messages here…..) but I ain’t doing no PhD. 🙂

I think I did a little bit more than just make it; but I realise that I reached the end of my academic limits there. But I am chuffed and my thanks to all those with whom I shared it on Friday night – altho’ running naked through the streets of Summerston, shouting Eureka was maybe too much. I do it too often; it dilutes the massage.

I think tho’ my fave day was Tuesday when I handed it in personally. I sooo much wanted to be there when it was handed over, if you know what I mean?

Can I say that Robin the bookbinder in Partick opens his doors at 7.30 altho’ I don’t necessarily think he expects customers at that time?

Straight over to Paisley where I went to the office but Alison was on the phone. So went down to the library with chox for librarians and who was on the desk but…………see last week for very little detail…….so I handed them over. Yeah, attractive female librarian person, me nice guy….born loser.

Handed over miniature of whisky to supervisor and then Ewelina arrived to hand hers over. Typical Pole. Comes over here and steals all the addiction worker jobs. So we went for coffee. She had two friends. One just about to start uny so I should maybe apologise for some of the things I said but maybe she shouldn’t say she’s doing Social Sciences just cos she couldn’t get into Primary School teaching. 😦

The other? Possibly the most beautiful female Zorastrian Iranian I have ever met. Yes. In Paisley. She has nine cats and eleven dogs. Yes. That’s Paisley. And has a mango orchard. Okay, that’s maybe more Johnstone than Paisley. 🙂

And I felt sooo pretentious for when she was talking about Camus’s Outsider. I just had to say that I’d read it in French and L’etranger was so much better as a title than the translation. I used to read Asterix the Gaul in French as well. Now I read books about drink’n’drugs altho’ e has lent me The Hunger Games….I’ll be fine.

And then home. To worry. As I think I said last week, I was doubtful…..lots of good stuff but the message has to be got across in a certain way……but I did it. During last year’s Post Grad, I avoided telling people what mark I got but cos sometimes you forget how public facebook is, I did tell people in one bit of correspondence…….Let’s just say I think it was an accurate reflection but I ain’t doing no PhD……(Yes, Skippy, there is a large cock outside waiting to crow. It ain’t getting the opportunity.)

Em, that’s it.

Not much else of note. Oh hang on. The rainforestriverman was in town and he likes to go out for a late afternoon drink and expects me to know places to go to….So we went to St Jude’s, which at one time was marketing itself as Groucho St Jude’s after a place in London…so we sat there with our first drinks – orange juice for me since you ask, Kirin for him – and the barmaid came over. She had made up two cocktails by mistake and would we like them? ‘Yes’ said the rrm, and then pointing at me, said, ’It’s okay. He doesn’t drink.’…….and got them both……..Can I stress that I do take sugar and that I can stir it for myself? But not as often as Buttons stirs her sugar…… 😀

And finally, this week’s Football Story of the Month. Aston Villa have a new Spanish full back called Antonio Luna. Apparently his nickname is Tony Moon, but Villa ‘gaffer’ Paul Lambert admits he has no idea where the nickname came from. Antonio. Luna. Antonio. Luna. No, Lambo, it’s got me beat as well.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yes and with a sense of achievement.

Johnt850, currently resting his neurons.

Music, as many people know, has helped me a lot through the last few years, altho’ my choice is not to everyone’s taste. I like it loud and I like it with lots of BPM but I am open to offers and well remember the early days of the blog when pop-pickers like Heather C and Emma J suggested music. It added a lot to the collection.

And so on Friday night, as I lay there in a state of shock, at about 10,30. there, on BBC3, as if by magic, was one of the three bands who, more than any, have seen me through the last almost seven years; Alabama 3, Gaslight Anthem and Green Day……..This song has helped me through a dark place on many, many occasions


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