And it’s going trouble since I was seventeen, they say hey! Cause the hurricane trouble is my middle name But I don’t look for trouble Yet the trouble looks for me. (Neon Jungle)

And so dear listener, the deed is almost done. The domination degree dissertation is finally put to bed. Or at least it’s with Robin the Binderman in Partick. I just went there to oversee it. There was a woman in there getting a massive bible re-bound in new leather as a present for her dad. I’m glad I went. Much more fun than sending a pdf to a place you don’t know.

I go in on Tuesday morning to collect it and will deliver personally to the office. It’s a mess. I am over the word count; I see typos; and I forgot to put in a date…….it’s a mess. Guys, I apologise if, at the end of the day, I don’t get it. I gave it a go. There are some good things in it – don’t know where some of the words came from tho’ – but I have shown little mastery of Social Science and that’s what it’s supposed to be about.

I am not being self-deprecating. I reached a limit. Maybe I should have stuck at Post Grad. I just believe that we are ignoring the whole question behind addiction and just not helping as many people as we could….ho and hum.

I heard Princess Kate a few months ago talk absolute codswallop about addiction. I should maybe send her a copy.

Good that she’s getting back to work after just seven weeks. Em, she’s attending something with Wills. That’s work. Good to see well known swordsman, Prince Philip up and about……even if he didn’t seem to know where he was….but he did joke about it.

And whilst I remember I must get chocolates or something for the very patient library staff and don’t they say ‘no’ in a very nice whimsical, sweet and regretful way…….or am I just putting a brave face on the knockback?

But I’m coming back to the real world. People have got new jobs whilst I’ve been procrastinating. Well done to both uni-Sharon and Mo from down Dumbarton way. Sharon I met on Thursday; Mo you are on the list…as it were…..

And there’s this independence debate. I was trying to explain to a friend (down south) that every time the BBC News opens with a health or education item and the words ‘this applies to England and Wales only’ ..well, that’s a vote for independence. He disagrees saying that 50 million people live there so it’s of interest to the majority of UK people. I explain it’s perception.

Like the new BBC puppet show which, apparently, featured ‘five talking hot dog sausages, swathed in tartan, talking in Brigadoon accents about Partick Thistle and deep-fried foods’. What kinda perception is that? (For the truth ‘bout the Scots diet, i-Player the gorgeous Samantha Polling in Scotland the Fat from Thursday night)

Or the ‘Scottish’ Sun, who this weekend, did a consumer feature on new school clothes…eh, the vast majority of Scottish schools went back last week. Yes, I will be voting for independence and confirmation that we are a separate nation.

Incidentally my ASDA in Summerston has intro’d a lot of new Self-Scans calling them The Fast Lane. Boy, am I looking forward to doing some tailgating in The Fast Lane and seeing what happens. Actually it might be a way of meeting someone.

Talking of gorgeous women (as I do) Happy Birthday to Dr W (who I use to refer to as gorgeous until I met…anyway). The acid reference was about stomach upsets. What did you think it was? Or, maybe more importantly, your children?

And I was glad to see that the British Government has decided to change its policies on covert surveillance. Shows they’re actually listening to us, doesn’t it?

And I got a letter recently which suggested that if it wasn’t delivered it should be returned to the Central Fulfilment Unit. One day I’d like to be fulfilled. Now I know where to go. BBC Scotland has a group of people called the Content Processing Unit. Maybe one day they’ll progress to being the Happy Processing Unit.

And finally, I was in Mothercare in Anniesland on Thursday (worrying about my domination degree) and I spotted a sign that said for every pair of worn shoes donated, Mothercare would donate an exercise pad and pencil to a charity……One day I will make help fifteen African children to do a lot of writing. Maybe one of them will be an academic. I ain’t. So no PhD for me.

Cya, keep(ing) fun and still wearing that badge? It’s blinking in the sunlight it hasn’t seen for a many days.

Johnt850, not a material man but I do like material things

So I’d parked the car in Partick close to Robin the Bookbinder and also close to a certain church in Partick. I got back to the car at 5 to 12 (noon) and saw a very varied group of people standing round the back, having a fag before going in…’round the back’.

It was an A.A. meeting and just for a second….cos there is nothing to stop me attending one….I didn’t. I just sat there quietly and thought. Y’see part of the diss is about stereotyping. To most people, alcoholics are a type but this was a varied group of people seemingly going to a church group…on the surface. But are they, and their view that alcoholism is a disease with no cure, contributing to the stereotype?

It’s one of the questions I ask. If I fail (and I don’t think I get a second chance) I’ll publish it on the ‘net and you can make your own mind up.

I may have played this before but it’s Armando Iannucci’s views of television, except for viewers in Scotland. You can find Part 2 for yourselves 


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