I can be wilder than the wind,119 miles an hour, I’m in a whole other dimension, Dancing doubles on the floor, You think I’m crazy, a little bit hazy, But I’m stone cold sober (Paloma Faith)

And so, dear listener, I write this after a lovely day working in one of those housing projects for the homeless where I work but never name. This one is en route to a very scenic part of Scotland but is not on the route of most holiday-makers or day-trippers. This is one of those areas where you instantly recognise you got in the wrong lane at the last roundabout but I like it. 🙂

Don’t worry I’m not in too contemplative a mood but for most of the shift I’ve been staring at a poster called ‘When is Ecstacy not Ecstacy?’ Hopefully all those people who have headed off to T in the Park have read well…..And altho TITP itself is zero tolerance towards drugs, it does allow drugs workers and trained paramedics on site to deal with drugs-related issues. Maybe one day it’ll allow labs to check the quality of gear purchased.

Just a thought….meanwhile back at the ranch.

John Inverdale – a man whose ego is so big that it was once said he travelled the world not so that he could see the world but that the world could see him.

And I’ve received some word on the dissertation degree draft. A txt arrived suggesting just one area that needed improved. I was soooo chuffed………a couple of hours later the second txt arrived. No. There is quite a lot still to do. 😦

And I’ve done that bowel cancer test screening thing – or poo sticks as some ppl call it. I’ve sent it off but I’d give that post box another ten minutes if I were you. No. No reason.

And I’ve railed (sp) before about how easy it is, in modern day society, to complain but word reaches me that forty-two years after its release someone has complained about the Railway Children (yes, the one where Jenny Agutter saves the train from crashing by waving her red bloomers at the train but I always preferred Sally Thomsett and no-one can remember the name of the wee boy anyway) on the basis that it encourages children to play on railway lines. Serioulsy.

So praise where praise is due. I would like to thank the lovely Buttons for helping me to tidy up the mess that is my CD collection. Next week we put it in genres…..only kidding!

Actually the previous night we had travelled down to Largs (and very nice it was) and watched a man whose car park ticket kept being rejected by the pay station machine whilst everyone else was able to put theirs in and get theirs back out. It looked, for all the world, like one of those candid camera (for those of a certain age) stunts which is why when I went to pay I made sure my hair looked good and I was smiling. I smile when I open my fridge door only the wee light is broke and some of the shelves are held together by gaffa tape, so maybe it is time for a new one…….

And thanks to e for the wee stroll on Thursday from the far side of the Botanic Gardens all the way to John Lewis at the top of Buchanan Street to collect pram wheels and back again. I done okay and I bought two colourful t-shirts from Officers Club on the way back. That is ‘colourful’ as in ‘not black’ but there are many shades of black and they’re all nice. 🙂

Oh, and I had my PSA test done last week (that’s the one where they check to see if the cancer might be back).It’s gone up to 1.3 from 0.9. Which is meaningless to most ppl and worries me a touch but it’s not that long since a nurse stuck her finger up my bum, so I’m cool……

And a big thanks to Scottish Water after last week’s mains burst for coming to my house so quickly altho’ it was just an airlock. They marked me as ‘urgent’ which was very nice of them but I won’t tell you, the world, why just – in case you do it…….that’s plain brown envelope stuff. I did get in touch with a friend whose house had been featured on TV and it sounded bad……Missie K who knows about these things tells me the road will be closed for some time and then she told others cos she does traffic news on the radio. 🙂

And finally, yes, the pub along the road from me (The Scotch) has been closed cos there was too much cocaine dealing on the premises. By the management……

Cya, keep(ing) it fine and still wearing that badge? Polishing it up for the new season even as we speak

Johnt850 – contriteness personified. No. No reason.

I shall say nothing of Alex Salmond’s embarrassing, egotistical, ill-advised, crass and naff attempt to flag-bomb David Cameron and thus draw attention away from Andy Murray’s amazing victory last Sunday nor his claim to have seen Andy at the last ten Wimbledons although Andy has only played at eight nor his hypocrisy over not attending the Open at Muirfield this year cos it’s an all-male club when he attended an Open in England two years ago at another all-male club and sending Fergus Ewing instead and maybe the real reason is he’s attended too many freeby sporting events this year anyway.

But as I say, I shall say nothing.

Instead I want to quote the much-maligned Andy Castle;
‘In the sunshine, raising the trophy, we think about his town, Dunblane, we think about his background, we think about his family and we tip our hat. A Scottish champion at Wimbledon.’

I don’t often watch tennis. I did last week and thoroughly enjoyed it but sometimes, like so many things, it depends on who you watch it with…..as I say I enjoyed it. 😀 😀 😀

Here’s Jack White and the Raconteurs; there, indeed, are many shades of black.


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