All that you desired, when you were a child was to be old, was to be old Now that you are here, suddenly you fear you’ve lost control, lost control (Bastille)

Concepts of mortality beginning to kick in.

‘cos yes, it’s been a busy few weeks….a time for reflection – a time for maybe growing up and counting my blessings and the good things that are happening….a realisation that I’ve achieved a lot and maybe I should set myself realistic goals….. (*wistful music*……maybe Kris Kristofferson or Barbara Streisand…….maybe get my hair cut short…maybe…..AAAAAARGH!)

Stuff that for a game of sodjers! Skippy, fire up the Renault Clio! Vampire Slayer, what’s happening? World, I’m back, I’m definitely back! (the great Charlie Endell played by Ian Cuthbertson, I think)

And, yes, I have been told by someone I trust implicitly that diets always start on Monday, so I’m starting mine on Sunday evening bout 7.45 and that’s a sign of my continued rebelliousness ..…but it’s not mid-life crisis.

And, yes, I did have a birthday last week and good friendships can be harmed by being reminded of what the next one is. I plan to spend more time in the universe that is parallel to this where my age remains constant and for ever…forty-two…

So the wedding of this and any other century did happen. It said so in the Herald of Glasgow personal announcements. So I asked Son Brian if that meant we were doing it all again this week. I got one of those looks I get from him down a phone line by text. I can hear his voice on text; others I’m learning and I kinda expected the phone call, Buttons, between the Men’s semis…….. ‘the Men’s semis’…what kinda image does that portray for day-time TV? What’s your favourite bit of Wimbledon? The men’s semis.

And, yes, the only reason I ever watch the Uni-boat race is to hear the commentator talk about the winning crew throwing their cox in the water….No. No reason…..but see below for my own childish laff of the week.

I have, somewhere on cassette (small plastic box containing thin tape), an ad for apples that never made it beyond being recorded. It was only in the recording that they realised that ‘French Cox are bigger than English ones’ was not a winner.

And this week’s Con-Dem MP Taking his Duties Seriously of the Month Award goes to Immigration Minister Mark Harper who has gone on a visit to Algeria despite breaking his foot in a Soho dancing club. ‘The Tory MP took a tumble while strutting his stuff on a table during a night out in the trendy London district.’…

But thanks to those of you who helped mark my birthday with cards and congrats and stuff. My favest memory? Discovering an exhibition of Ronnie Woods’s paintings and Bob Dylan’s line drawings in a wee gallery in Prince’s Square in a poverty-stricken part of Glasgow. That, and being tempted by my lunch partner. ‘s beef bourgignon. (Skippy, did that work? Yeah, breaking the sentence like. That?) But many thanks Buttons. I chilled.

(I’ve got two notes here that say ‘Sharon plus feet’. No. No idea)

And I like the idea of a wine and Maltesers night….

And the domination degree draft has been sent to my supervisor. I had had a conversation with a woman in the chemist who said ‘well, if you’ve reached theoretical saturation then maybe you should submit the draft and see what yir man says.’ Seriously…….we are well read in Summerston.

And finally, I phoned up the spiritual leader of Tibet. He sent me a large goat with a long neck. It turned out I’d phoned Dial-a- Llama. (M. Jones)

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? It’s happy in the sun like most of us!

Johnt850, still showing that photo, e, to ppl; y’know that one where you can’t tell where the carpet ends and the kilt begins.

So I know people who hate Facebook and I understand why. I used it a lot recently to keep ppl posted on the wedding and was happy to do so. That for me is what it’s about. My security systems are poor but I would never broadcast anything about being away for a week and the key’s under the mat.I like the randomness of it

Following the fb publication of that pic (the carpet and kilt one) this came in from an 82 year old aunt of the partner of a friend of mine – a good friend from PR days;

‘John, did this really happen to you? My husband recited a rude poem

In days of old When knights were bold And Scotsmen wore no britches They dragged their cocks across the rocks Those hardy sons of bitches…..’

I laffed. A lot…….It came in at about midnight after one of those shifts when you’re glad your co-worker watches the CCTV when you go investigate a missing phone. Just sayin’ that’s all.

Here’s The Proclaimers…Were they at the wedding? Or did it just seem like it?


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  1. Vanita Says:

    Zelda turns 25

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