Send in your skeletons; sing as their bones; Come marching in……What if I say I’m not like the others? …..What if I say I’ll never surrender? (the foo fighters)

And so, dear listener, there is one week to go to the wedding of this, and any other century – the nuptuals of Son Brian and the lovely KT. I noticed that one tabloid newspaper referred to the wedding of Tom van Straubenzee (30) and Lady Melissa Percy (26) as ‘the society wedding of the year’….I think not. Even the surnames are daft, especially when compared with the dynasty that is t850. I am not nervous, but why should I be? 🙂

I take my instructions. I had Father’s Day food with Son Brian in a pub in Bearsden and it was good. I got a new shirt; he spoke a lot about his golf. I mentioned to someone else (of my generation) about the golf and she said ‘Yes. He talks about it a lot on his Facebook page.’ But I am not a Facebook friend of his, altho’ every so often he is offered to me as a potential friend. I decline. Him and Harriet Harman. She used to be offered to me. Like a ceremonial sacrifice I suppose. 😀

I have been told; ‘no waving to the assembled populace when you arrive at the church’ (as if); ‘no impromptu speech at the wedding’ (as if); and no running off with one of the bridesmaids (No. No comment).

Actually it is possible that I may have no need to do that but cards are being played very close to chest at moment but Largs was nice the other day….once I’ve worked out the appropriate psued, apseu, pen-name…….

But a quick word to uni-Sharon;

Yes. I agree.

Better to find our feet rather than to jump in with either or both feet; otherwise I might remain footloose and fancy free reading share prices on the Futsi whilst footering around with a foot long ruler. (There is a rude alternative to the word ‘ruler’ but not in the week of a wedding)

Where was I? Oh, aye there’s not much for me to say or do and I’ll be told where to go. e and c are coming along and I know lots of other ppl who know me and much about me. And if they’re new to me…..well let’s learn about each other. Son Brian said something very sage the other day bout the seating plan; ‘if they can’t sit and be nice to ppl they’ve never met, or don’t like, for two hours, then maybe they shouldn’t be at a wedding at all.’

And I’m getting a veggie dish and I must not make any suggestions to the minister at the rehearsal…I will keep you posted. Apparently the words to the hymns are going to be on Powerpoint type slides and, yes, Rainforestriverman, I will txt you with details of much of what the bride is wearing and bulletpoints of the highlights of the sermon and, of course, any jokes used at the wedding that you can steal, sorry, adapt, adopt and improve, for your own use.

I used to go formal university dinners and get pissed. There is no other word. Well, there are millions but you know what I mean – and I would wake up the next morning with scribbled words on a scrap of paper which were supposed to remind me of what the punchline to the gag was. No. Never worked. 😦

But Largs was nice. Only good thoughts unlike some previous times……I’ll move myself on. Swiftly.

But other than that it’s been quiet. The domination degree makes good progress. My own first draft needs a concluding chapter and then I can go back and work on it before submitting official first draft to supervisor. It makes for a good radio documentary but rubbish academic treatise.

(Incidentally, the editing work is quiet but I have just received a confirmation from somebody re some work they want me to do for them……’some of my supervisors tell me the sentences are in the wrong order.’ This could be a challenge.)

Shifts continue. And it adds a certain irony when I donate money to homeless ppl in the streets that it comes out of my wages for working with the homeless. I do like it when they say. ‘Truthfully, I won’t lie to you. I’m an alcoholic. It’s for drink,’ and I say, ‘So am I. Get a decent bottle.’……Sounds daft but I do. 😉

And World War Zeeeeeeeeeeeeee as I like to pronounce it has arrived. It sounds sooooo much better than Zed……I think the good Dr W is away signing autographs.

And I cleared out the shed……and a few memories – not all of them good.

And finally, I have paid £190 to Partick Thistle for my Early Bird (full-time student) to stand in The Shed (PT’s; not mine), only to find out that when Celtic come a-calling WE get moved cos the police don’t want flares exploded in the all-wooden stand that away fans go to……Why? It sounds to me like being in a club and a fight breaks out and the bouncers throw out the victim rather than the six guys doing the attacking. (It was a long time age; a long story; and I’m not proud of it.)

So here’s an idea. Why not let them into the old wooden stand and get Peter Lawwell and the rest of the Celtic board, who sing the praises of these fans, to act as stewards? If they are as good as Peter says they are, then it makes for an easy afternoon.

Cya, keep(ing )it fun and still wearing that badge? Maybe not at the wedding.

Johnt850, of the House of t850s.

So not a lot below the line this week. James Gandolfini died. He starred in a TV series based on Alan Warner’s tale of Oban Schoolgirls – The Sopranos. No. I never saw the TV series. Why do you ask?

Anyway, when I was coming thru the early stages of alcohol recovery b4 I started the cancer recovery, one band meant a lot to me and I did see them at Loch Lomond not long after my cancer treatment finished – a special moment, except they weren’t very good.

This is Alabama 3 and the theme to The Sopranos.


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