There’s a bird that nests inside you, Sleeping underneath your skin, When you open up your wings to speak, I wish you’d let me in (Counting Crows)

And so, dear listener, it was on Wednesday that I found myself inside a children’s play park with my mobile phone on camera and several mothers keeping a wary eye on me but it was for extremely legitimate reasons. I can explain.

First, (and I don’t like the use of ‘firstly’) I had been invited in by young AJ to bounce up and down on the embedded trampoline……as long as you’re with someone….and I spotted a grey haired old man (actually, okay for has age) and no, it was not a reflection. It was a celeb and I was jumping up and down (literally) because I had worked with this man years ago – and now here he was sitting outside the same play park that I was in. 🙂

Discretion played the better part of Valerie here and I thought it best not to re-introduce myself to him in this situation.

But I do hope all those mums who were wondering about my agitation were watching Question Time when David Dimbleby introduced it and his audience of 16-17 year olds.

Yes. He was wearing a brown raincoat but he seemed to be with friends and he never turned round all the time I was there…I have photos of his back if anybody is interested……(wearing the brown raincoat).

Secondly, (from now on the suffix ‘ly’ is acceptable) e and I were recovering (with RJ) from a very long walk which had been my idea using both sides of the Clyde Walkway – but unfortunately we had to go through a part marked Private. No Access. I, being swollen headed and arrogant, thought we’d be fine. Until we got to the gate that has no lock nor handle that we had to climb over with baby RJ and buggy…. 😦

I’m sure my Keep-Fit guru Jeff Zycinski, once talked about being able to run to Glasgow Green and back using both sides of a sheet of paper – sorry – both sides of the Clyde walkway. 😉

We were discussing school sports days –not me and Jeff but me and e – and I well remember one I went to with Son Brian – it was when his primary school was next to the church where he and the lovely KT are getting married. Two weeks now but you’ll know that.

Yes. There was a dad’s race; and yes, it was a sack race; and yes, I was the first to take to the field; and yes, I was exuding (sp) confidence……but those primary school teaching bastards gave me a duff sack! I fell over early on!

Obvs I didn’t quite explain it to him in those terms.

And on Tuesday, I put my car into get serviced (lucky car) and I had to explain why I felt it needed thus;

Hell Mr Thomson, what can we do for you today?

Well y’know how the last time I brought in I explained that it had a new front end cos it had been in a crash? Well, it’s also got a new back end, cos it’s been in a different crash since then, but that’s nothing to do with the new suspension spring you had to put in when the AA (Automobile Association) had to tow it round and while you’re doing that can you replace the shattered passenger wing mirror (no. I don’t know what happened there but you should see the other driver) and the driver’s door needs re-hung…..hello, hello, hello……

But they did –at a reasonable cost.

Nationwide – with David Dimbleby. Long time ago. I was vaguely connected with the idea on the TV prog to put two men in a panto horse costume in a field of rutting stallions. The helicopter doing that filming got them out just in time…….Risk assessment? What risk assessment?

Which is a good point to mention a good friend of mine down Dumbarton way (Hi Mo) who describes my hair as salt’n’pepper and say she’s going to get it cut as short as mine. Eh? Remind me to show you my Driving Licence and the pic on it. I have no idea what I was on when that was taken but I don’t do it now…….as I was explaining to Sunny D in the ASDA the other day…..but that’s my hair – when it was short.

And finally, I have a bathroom bulb that is haunted. Or is about to die. It does however seem to work during the day but goes to sleep at night. I’ll miss it when it goes.

And double finally, for those who know what I’m talking about, Maria wished me Good Luck. Wasn’t that nice of her?

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? I may hide it for a few weeks….better to be careful.

Johnt850, aka Dr Smooth, for reasons that are best known to uni-Jo.

So I fancied an alcoholic drink this week. Not cos it was warm and sunny and a cooling pint; not cos I’d had a bad few days and needed help in coping. No. It was cos I had a lot of good things going thru my head and I needed to help my head chill. One decent sized whisky and then crap TV ws all I wanted……(‘one decent sized whisky’ – and if this was TV, then it would now be all cloudy and wistful)….one decent……

But I didn’t. I fired up the MP3 Player and went out. Twenty minutes was all it took. And then I came back in and watched a damn fine and excellent programme presented by Dan Snow on the D-Day landings and felt good.

No. It doesn’t prove that it’s a disease. It proves that I am capable of weighing up the options and coming to a good decision. I was talking to a young lady the other day, still going thru difficult times. She, too, had to weigh up certain options before making, what I felt, was a good decision but it wasn’t so much the decision that made me proud of her – it was considering the options….

This is for her, altho’ she will never know


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